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Picture Prompt

Control Electricity Picture Prompt

You suddenly discover you can control electricity with your hands, just like the character in the image. Write a story about the first time you realized you had this power. What did you do with it? How did it change your life?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Describe what it would feel like, look like and sound like to have electricity in your hand.

What would you do if you suddenly found out you could control electricity?

Can you describe the moment when you first realized you had the power over electricity?

How did it feel to have control over something as powerful as electricity?

What challenges do you think someone might face if they had the ability to control electricity?

How would this electric power help you in your daily life?

Who would you tell about your new power and why?

Imagine a special adventure you could go on with the ability to control electricity.

What good things could you do for others with your power?

If you had the power to control electricity, how would you keep yourself and others safe?

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