New Year

New Year's Eve Time Travel Writing Prompt: A wintery holiday scene in a town square with people gathered around a central clock tower, snow falling gently, and festive decorations indicating a possible New Year's Eve setting.


New Year’s Eve Time Travel Writing Prompt Imagine a special clock in your town square that can transport you to any time in the past or future for one day but only works on New Year’s Eve. Where would you go, and what would you do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is a memorable event from

New Year Reflections Writing Prompt: three friends silhouetted watching a sunrise in the distance. Beautiful nature setting.


New Year Reflections Writing Prompt On the first day of the New Year, you and two friends make your way up a hill, eager to witness the day’s first gleaming rays. Perched atop, with the horizon stretching before you, you engage in a heartfelt exchange. As you think about 2023, you each share: 1. three

Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt: A paper crane appears to be taking flight from a person's hand against a city skyline during sunrise.


Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt In a bustling cityscape, a paper crane is gently released into the sky, a delicate symbol of peace and good fortune. Craft a tale about this crane’s flight through the city and how it changes one person’s day. Who finds the crane, and what message of hope does it carry

Genie Lamp Writing Prompt: a beautiful golden, old genie lamp that is glowing. It has wisps of blue smoke coming from the spout.


Genie Lamp Writing Prompt As the New Year approaches, a mystical lamp is discovered in the attic. When a group of friends polishes it, a genie appears, offering to grant each of them a wish for the coming year. But there’s a twist: their wishes must truly reflect their hopes for personal growth and the

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