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Welcome to Kids Think Wide!

Hi, I’m Lucy, and this is my passion project. I believe in the power of perspective. My website offers a captivating collection of carefully curated images that inspire students to explore different viewpoints and broaden their understanding of the world.

Thought-provoking discussion questions accompany each image, inviting students to delve into the explicit details, unravel subtle inferences, and imagine the depicted characters’ thoughts, emotions, and dialogues.

You can use the suggested writing prompt that accompanies each image or the power of AI to help craft a unique writing prompt tailored to your grade level and text type on our platform. Each writing prompt you create is editable and automatically saved for use at any time.

The site is committed to creating contemporary, engaging writing tasks that inspire and excite young minds and reflect their world. Features on the website are constantly growing and evolving!

One popular site feature is the ‘Adventures’ section, with ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ group writing prompts that promote teamwork and individual creativity. Each begins with an intriguing letter that sets the stage for a thrilling journey. Students collaboratively answer questions and brainstorm ideas to prepare for writing. The excitement escalates as they select one of three (or more) picture prompts to inspire their own narratives. It’s the perfect blend of group collaboration, independent thinking, and unleashing their remarkable creativity.

My platform is designed to make learning an enjoyable and engaging adventure for students of all ages. So, join me and let your imagination soar. Embark on this exhilarating journey of exploration, discovery, and self-expression. Together, let’s think wide, write freely, and unlock the incredible potential within each young mind.

Welcome to Kids Think Wide, where perspectives are amplified, and young thinkers thrive.


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