Picking Flowers Writing Prompt: A single pink rose with dew drops on its petals shines brightly with sunlight filtering through its petals.


Picking Flowers Writing Prompt Should I pick the flower or not? Persuade me! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe the flower in as much detail as you can. Can you list some reasons why someone might want to pick this flower? What happens to a flower after it is picked? What are the benefits of leaving a

Robotic Bees Creative Writing Prompt: A swarm of robotic bees with metallic bodies surrounded by sparkles, flying in a green, lush environment.


Robotic Bees Creative Writing Prompt In a world where nature has blended with technology, write about the guardians of the forest, a swarm of robotic bees. What are their duties, and how do they interact with the environment around them? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How might these robotic bees help protect the plants and animals in

Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt: A single purple crocus emerging from melting snow, with sunrays filtering through water droplets.


Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt Create a poem from the perspective of the snow, watching the sun rise and feeling the warmth touch a single crocus, bringing with it the promise of spring. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does snow feel like? How do you think the snow reacts to the warmth of the sun? Can

Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a bench holding an umbrella during a heavy rain in a lush green park.


Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt Describe your perfect rainy day. What would you do, where would you be, and how does the rain make everything better? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of activities do you enjoy doing on a rainy day? Can you describe a place where you’d love to spend time during a

Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt: Urban environment with buildings covered in lush greenery, integrating nature into the cityscape.


Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt You are a city planner tasked with designing a sustainable future city. Prepare an information report detailing your strategy for integrating green spaces into densely populated places worldwide. Your report should cover innovative concepts such as vertical gardens, rooftop parks, and other pioneering green initiatives contributing to a more eco-friendly

Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt: Installation of a miniature vibrant green habitat with mossy terrain and a meandering stream nestled inside a bright room with large windows.


Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine it’s 2034, and advanced technology allows you to preserve your favorite habitat in a special room in your home. You can enter this incredibly realistic virtual world any time you like. It is a perfectly safe and customizable habitat. Describe the initial moments of stepping into your habitat—bring the

Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt: a young woman, wearing a holographic outfit, in a solarpunk city with lush rooftop gardens, soft and natural lighting, a low-angle view, utopian and peaceful atmosphere.


Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt Imagine a society where humans have augmented abilities thanks to technological advancements. Write a recount from the girl’s perspective, detailing her journey through this greenhouse of the future. What does she see, hear, and feel with her enhanced senses? How does this connection with nature impact her life in a high-tech

Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt: A group of children and adults in high-visibility vests picking up trash in clear bags along a sunny beach.


Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt While picking up rubbish on the beach, you stumble upon something unexpected and mysterious buried in the sand. Describe what it is, how you found it, and the story you imagine behind it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of items do you think people might leave behind on the beach that

Importance Of Water Picture Prompt: A large water droplet reflecting a city's skyline with calm waters and a few ripples around the droplet, depicting a serene urban environment.


Importance Of Water Picture Prompt In a bustling town filled with gardens, rivers, and happy people, something strange happens one morning: all the water disappears. The rivers are empty, the taps don’t work, and even the rain clouds seem to have vanished. Write a detailed narrative about the town’s journey to understand the importance of

The Last Plant Writing Prompt: A child's hands gently cradle a young plant with vibrant green leaves, symbolizing growth and hope against a backdrop of golden sunlight filtering through a peaceful environment.


The Last Plant Writing Prompt Imagine you are on a nature walk and find a tiny plant that’s the last of its kind, glowing softly in the sunlight. This plant is essential for the health of our planet. Write about your adventure to find the perfect place to plant it where it can grow. Describe

Water Cycle Journal Writing: An illustrative depiction of the water cycle. The scene features a bright sun in a blue sky, symbolizing evaporation, with its rays shining down on a vast body of water, like a lake or ocean. Above the water, clouds are forming, representing the condensation process. Rain is visibly falling from these clouds onto a green landscape, illustrating precipitation. In the foreground, streams of water are shown flowing from elevated terrain back into the body of water, depicting runoff and the cycle's continuation. The image is vibrant and educational, clearly showing each stage of the water cycle in a harmonious natural setting.


Water Cycle Journal Writing Imagine you are a water droplet on an epic journey around the Earth, changing from rain to ice to vapour and back again. Write a journal entry for each stage of your journey through the water cycle. Describe the different environments you visit, the changes you undergo, and the importance of

Environment Persuasive Writing Prompt: A distressing image of the Earth, entirely enveloped in plastic, symbolizing the dire environmental impact of plastic waste.


Environment Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive letter to your classmates, explaining why it is important to reduce plastic waste and sharing practical tips they can follow to help protect the Earth. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does this image make you feel? How does the image of the Earth covered in plastic reflect the impact

Habitat Informative Writing Prompt: A koala appears vulnerable as it sits beside an Australian road, with a eucalyptus forest, its natural habitat, visible in the background.


Habitat Informative Writing Prompt Research and write an informative essay about the importance of preserving the natural habitat of koalas (or any other animal). Discuss the threats they face and propose solutions for ensuring their survival. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice? What do you think are some reasons why koalas are often found

Flight Over Antarctica Writing Prompt: An extra-wide angle, high-definition, realistic photograph capturing the breathtaking view from a pilot's perspective flying over a base station in Antarctica. The sunny day illuminates the vast icy landscape below, providing a clear view of the isolated station amidst the sweeping expanse of snow and ice. The endless blue sky above contrasts with the stark whiteness of the Antarctic surface, creating a dramatic and awe-inspiring scene.


Flight Over Antarctica Writing Prompt Write a descriptive paragraph about the pilot’s flight over Antarctica, capturing the sights, sounds, and emotions experienced during this unique journey. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the scenery and weather conditions? What do you think it would be like to be a pilot flying over Antarctica? Can you

Ice Cave Writing Prompt: Adventurer exploring a stunning ice cave filled with detailed stalagmites, stalactites, and intriguing cliff edges.


Ice Cave Writing Prompt Imagine you are an adventurer who has discovered a new ice cave. Write a narrative about your exploration of the cave, including any obstacles or challenges you faced and how you felt during your journey. Don’t forget to include vivid descriptions of the cave’s features and the surrounding environment. Warm-Up Discussion

Fossil Fuels Writing Prompt: Child standing on the shore, looking at an abandoned offshore oil rig in the ocean.


Fossil Fuels Writing Prompt Write a recount about a child who discovers an abandoned oil rig while exploring the ocean. Describe their feelings as they approach it and the thoughts that run through their head. How does this experience change the way they think about fossil fuels? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the

Magical Tree Creative Writing Prompt: People are walking towards a magical tree of life, surrounded by joy and positive energy. The light is streaming through the trees.


Magical Tree Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you are one of the people walking towards the magical tree. Describe the scene around you as you approach the tree. Who else is walking with you? How do you feel as you get closer to the tree? What do you think will happen once you reach the tree?

Polar Bear Story Prompt: A polar bear and cub sitting on a small floating iceberg in a vast ocean, displaying desperation and loneliness.


Polar Bear Recount Writing Prompt Imagine you were a photographer on a boat, and you witnessed this scene. Write a diary entry detailing your day, how you felt seeing the polar bears, and what actions you took after capturing this photograph. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would it look like, feel like and sound like to

Tornado Encounter Picture Prompt: High definition realistic photo of a family watching a tornado about to touch down near them, displaying mixed emotions.


Tornado Encounter Picture Prompt Will the family be able to weather the storm, or will they need to evacuate? Write a narrative about what happens next. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think each character is thinking and feeling at this moment? What kind of challenges might they face in the aftermath of the tornado?

Volcano Research Writing: A team of volcanologists observes and studies the early stages of a volcanic eruption, with white smoke billowing from the crater and the ground trembling beneath them.


Volcano Research Writing As volcanologists stand at the base of a volcano, they look up at the dark, ashen smoke that is beginning to billow out of the crater. The air is thick with tension as they take measurements and record observations, trying to predict how the volcano will behave. As the ground beneath their

Shipwreck Adventure Prompt: Breathtaking split-view photo of a shipwreck underwater with sunbeams reflecting on the water's surface, and a rescue vessel above near a tropical island with a volcanic mountain.


Shipwreck Adventure Prompt You are a hero on a mission to save the day! Create a narrative about your exciting rescue operation near the tropical island. How do you use the rescue vessel to help those in need? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you feel while looking for a missing boat? What sorts of tools

Environmental Superhero Writing Prompt Image: A vivid, clear feature photo of a small boy in a superhero costume standing in front of a large bulldozer, with a rich, biodiverse rainforest surrounding them, bathed in sunny, bright natural light.


Environmental Superhero Writing Prompt Imagine what it would be like to take action to protect the environment! Create an information report on the things that children your age can do to help protect our environment. Make sure to clearly explain what we can do and how it helps the Earth. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might

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