natural disasters

Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt: A joyful child playing in the rain during summer.


Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt After weeks of scorching heat, the first drop of rain brings relief and an unexpected change. You begin to notice that every raindrop you touch sparkles with color. Write about a day spent discovering what these vibrant droplets can do and how they change your world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Are they

Snowstorm Village Rescue Narrative Prompt: a child snowboarder, wrapped in bubble wrap on their knees at a ski resort in the mountains.


Snowstorm Village Rescue Narrative Prompt Write a narrative about a mission to save a mountain village from a snowstorm. You’re equipped with a special bubble that can navigate through the snow. What kind of gadgets are inside your bubble? How do you help the villagers, and what kind of friendships do you form along the

Sea Adventure Story Prompt: A cinematic image of a courageous fisherman in the midst of the sea, facing an array of challenges, evocative of a captivating scene from a box office movie.


Sea Adventure Story Prompt Write a story about a brave fisherman who embarks on a thrilling sea adventure. Describe the challenges he faces and how he overcomes them. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice first? What could it sound like? What emotions do you think the fisherman is experiencing? Why? What challenges might he

Fossil Fuels Writing Prompt: Child standing on the shore, looking at an abandoned offshore oil rig in the ocean.


Fossil Fuels Writing Prompt Write a recount about a child who discovers an abandoned oil rig while exploring the ocean. Describe their feelings as they approach it and the thoughts that run through their head. How does this experience change the way they think about fossil fuels? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the

Polar Bear Story Prompt: A polar bear and cub sitting on a small floating iceberg in a vast ocean, displaying desperation and loneliness.


Polar Bear Recount Writing Prompt Imagine you were a photographer on a boat, and you witnessed this scene. Write a diary entry detailing your day, how you felt seeing the polar bears, and what actions you took after capturing this photograph. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would it look like, feel like and sound like to

Tornado Encounter Picture Prompt: High definition realistic photo of a family watching a tornado about to touch down near them, displaying mixed emotions.


Tornado Encounter Picture Prompt Will the family be able to weather the storm, or will they need to evacuate? Write a narrative about what happens next. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think each character is thinking and feeling at this moment? What kind of challenges might they face in the aftermath of the tornado?

Volcano Research Writing: A team of volcanologists observes and studies the early stages of a volcanic eruption, with white smoke billowing from the crater and the ground trembling beneath them.


Volcano Research Writing As volcanologists stand at the base of a volcano, they look up at the dark, ashen smoke that is beginning to billow out of the crater. The air is thick with tension as they take measurements and record observations, trying to predict how the volcano will behave. As the ground beneath their

Volcano Bike Riding Adventure: bike rider racing down the side of a volcano with lava chasing after him. Flames, heat.


Volcano Bike Riding Adventure Write a thrilling narrative about a BMX rider who discovers a mysterious and dangerous new track on an active volcano. The rider must navigate through the treacherous terrain of lava and steam while performing daring tricks and stunts to stay ahead of the molten flow. Will they make it to the

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