Picking Flowers Writing Prompt: A single pink rose with dew drops on its petals shines brightly with sunlight filtering through its petals.


Picking Flowers Writing Prompt Should I pick the flower or not? Persuade me! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe the flower in as much detail as you can. Can you list some reasons why someone might want to pick this flower? What happens to a flower after it is picked? What are the benefits of leaving a

Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt: A single purple crocus emerging from melting snow, with sunrays filtering through water droplets.


Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt Create a poem from the perspective of the snow, watching the sun rise and feeling the warmth touch a single crocus, bringing with it the promise of spring. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does snow feel like? How do you think the snow reacts to the warmth of the sun? Can

Armchair Adventure Writing Prompt: A woman sitting in an armchair attached to hundreds of colorful balloons, floating high above a quaint town.


Armchair Adventure Writing Prompt You’ve always dreamed of adventure but never imagined it was coming while sitting in your favorite armchair. Suddenly, hundreds of colourful balloons lift you into the sky! Write a narrative about the sights you see, the characters you meet, and how you navigate your way back home. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How

Umbrella Flyers Picture Prompt: A person suspended above a cityscape, holding an umbrella as if flying, with a bird's-eye view of streets and buildings below.


Umbrella Flyers Picture Prompt Describe flying over your community. Use all your senses to describe a moment during this flight. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the feeling of flying with an umbrella? What challenges might you face while flying and how would you overcome them? What would your community look like from above?

Learning New Skill Picture Prompt: A person running through a rural path next to agave plants, kicking up dust in the sunlight.


Learning New Skill Picture Prompt Think of a time you learned something new, like riding a bike or solving a math problem. At first, your skill was as small as a mustard seed. Recount how you practised and who and what helped you. Tell us about your challenges and how it felt when you finally

Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt: A person in motion through a lush green field of tall grass with the sensation of movement and haste.


Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt Amid a vast field of whispering grass, you spot a figure moving swiftly towards an unknown destination. Write a description of these few moments as they race through the field. Include details that tell the reader who this person is and where they are hurrying to. Include descriptive language to explain

Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt: Installation of a miniature vibrant green habitat with mossy terrain and a meandering stream nestled inside a bright room with large windows.


Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine it’s 2034, and advanced technology allows you to preserve your favorite habitat in a special room in your home. You can enter this incredibly realistic virtual world any time you like. It is a perfectly safe and customizable habitat. Describe the initial moments of stepping into your habitat—bring the

Spring 'Camping Choose Your Own Adventure': A view from inside a tent of a person sitting and looking out at a towering waterfall amidst a forest in spring.


As you peer out of your tent, a roaring waterfall heralds the vibrant energy of spring. Narrate the awakening of life around you, with every bud and blossom bursting with vitality. How does the thunderous waterfall, fed by the meltwaters, set the scene for a journey of discovery in this stirring world?

Summer Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: view from inside a tent looking out at a mountain and a waterfall.


Unzip your tent to a world where summer’s heat gently embraces the land. Write a narrative that captures the essence of a lush, sunbathed landscape, with the gentle river whispering stories of summer joy. How does the heat ripple through the air, and what adventures do you find in the light-dappled forest?

Autumn Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a tent of a vibrant autumn landscape with a waterfall and colorful foliage.


From your tent, observe the waterfall, now framed by a medley of fiery leaves. Craft a narrative that weaves the crisp air and shorter days into a tapestry of fall’s glory. What does the crunch of leaves underfoot sound like, and how do the changing colours inspire feelings of warmth despite the chill in the air? Discover the beauty and tranquillity in the waning light of autumn’s days.

Winter Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a cozy orange tent at a snowy landscape with frost-covered trees and a majestic mountain in the distance.


Embrace the brisk charm of a winter wonderland from your cozy tent. As you nestle among the snow-dusted trees and gaze upon the majestic, misty mountain, prepare to write a narrative about your snowy escapades. What frosty challenges do you face, and how do the icy vistas inspire you? Let the serene silence of the winter forest fill your story with peaceful adventure.

Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt: A person walking down a distressed hallway with peeling paint and old lockers, possibly searching for shelter.


Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt Amid a heavy storm, you find shelter in an abandoned building. As you run down the hallway seeking a safe spot, your footsteps stir whispers in the air, voices of the past that can’t quite let go of this place. The voices grow louder with each step, sharing stories

Future Self Picture Prompt: Composite photo merging the face of a young child with the face of an elderly person, symbolizing the passage of time and reflection.


Future Self Picture Prompt In the magical village of Luminara, there’s a unique tradition. On their 12th birthday, children glimpse their future for one day. Today, Alex wakes up excitedly, only to find himself staring into the eyes of his older self. Write a narrative about what wisdom and stories the more senior Alex shares

Hat's Adventure Creative Writing Prompt: A knitted hat caught in midair by a gust of wind with autumn leaves around and a steam train in the background.


Hat’s Adventure Creative Writing Prompt Create a narrative from the hat’s perspective, whisked away by a gust of wind. Where does the wind take it, who finds it, and what stories does it witness along the way? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does the hat feel about being taken by the wind? Can you describe the

Bike Ride Triumph Creative Writing Prompt: An older person wearing a helmet joyfully rides a bicycle while performing a trick, with a blue sky and trees in the background.


Bike Ride Triumph Creative Writing Prompt With every push against the pedals, you feel your strength tested. Today, you’re not just riding a bike but conquering the tallest hill in town. As you begin your ascent, write about the burn in your muscles, the wind against your face, and the steady rhythm of your breathing.

Hockey Locker Room Picture Prompt: A group of young hockey players in a locker room, smiling and preparing for a game.


Hockey Locker Room Picture Prompt Write from the perspective of one of the players in the image, moments before a big hockey game. Describe their emotions, the sounds of the locker room, and what they’re looking forward to once they step onto the ice. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the players are feeling

Youngest Pilot Picture Prompt: A young child in a flight suit and helmet with a visor is sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, visibly excited for their first flight.


Youngest Pilot Picture Prompt Write a narrative about a young child who is the youngest pilot to fly a plane. Where does the child go on their first flight, and what incredible sights do they see above the clouds? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What feelings might a young pilot experience before taking off for their first

Adventure Bubble Writing Prompt: A child stands within a transparent bubble that hovers above a lush green park, providing a striking contrast to the dense urban skyline behind. The bubble reflects the surrounding scenery, including the bright blue sky and the sun's rays beaming down. The park below is Central Park, nestled among the skyscrapers of New York City. The child gazes out at the view with a sense of wonder, seemingly at the edge of an adventure between two worlds: the natural and the man-made.


Adventure Bubble Writing Prompt Imagine you are inside a magical bubble, just like the one around the child in the picture. This bubble can float to amazing places. Pick a place you’d love to visit and describe what you see from inside the bubble. What amazing things are in front of you? Maybe it’s the

Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt: Child wearing virtual reality goggles surfing on a vibrant blue board in a digitally-created wave inside a room.


Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt Picture a world where the latest technology allows you to create any environment you can imagine by wearing a special pair of goggles. Describe what happens when you slip on these goggles. What incredible place do you bring to life in your home? Is it a vast ocean with towering

New Year Reflections Writing Prompt: three friends silhouetted watching a sunrise in the distance. Beautiful nature setting.


New Year Reflections Writing Prompt On the first day of the New Year, you and two friends make your way up a hill, eager to witness the day’s first gleaming rays. Perched atop, with the horizon stretching before you, you engage in a heartfelt exchange. As you think about 2023, you each share: 1. three

Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt: A paper crane appears to be taking flight from a person's hand against a city skyline during sunrise.


Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt In a bustling cityscape, a paper crane is gently released into the sky, a delicate symbol of peace and good fortune. Craft a tale about this crane’s flight through the city and how it changes one person’s day. Who finds the crane, and what message of hope does it carry

Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt: A person with a shocked expression pushing a shopping cart overwhelmed by an abundance of floating wrapped gifts.


Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt In the spirit of the holiday season, your school has introduced a heartwarming challenge: to give a gift from the heart that costs nothing but means everything. You’ve decided to embrace this challenge and have come up with a perfect idea. Craft a narrative that brings us along on

Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt: A lonely teddy bear with a red scarf sitting on a wet sidewalk by a street adorned with Christmas decorations.


Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a teddy bear that gets lost on a busy street during the holidays. How does the teddy bear feel sitting alone? What kind of people pass by, and who eventually finds the bear? What is the teddy bear’s one wish, and how does it come true?

Christmas Presents Writing Prompt: Wrapped Christmas presents with festive ribbons placed under a tree adorned with lights.


Christmas Presents Writing Prompt Tell the story of the night before Christmas from the perspective of the presents under the tree. What do they see and hear? Are they excited to be opened, and what kind of homes do they hope to go to? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might the presents be feeling as they

My Heroes Writing Prompt: An imaginative representation of a mountain with the faces of diverse heroes chosen by a third grader, symbolizing a range of admirable qualities and significant contributions to the world.


My Heroes Writing Prompt Imagine a big mountain with the faces of your heroes carved into it, like a giant sculpture. Think about the people you admire, like historical figures, authors, inventors, artists, leaders, community helpers or even someone from your family. Please tell us how you picked these heroes and share the amazing things

A Guitar's Journey Writing Prompt: A thoughtful young musician gently strums a classical guitar on a city street at dusk. Warm, ambient light from nearby shops casts a soft glow, highlighting the musician’s focused expression and the guitar's wood grain. The scene conveys a sense of peacefulness amidst urban life.


A Guitar’s Journey Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of the guitar. How did it come to be with this young player on the city streets? What has it seen and experienced, and what does it enjoy most about making music with its owner? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does the guitar feel when

The Lone Flower Perspective Writing: Conceptual photography Hope amidst despair | barren land, stretching endlessly, with a solitary small white flower plant at its center. a single blooming flower, representing hope. The sky overhead is a swirl of dark and stormy clouds, but right above the flower, a single ray of sunshine breaks through, illuminating it. ethereal light.


The Lone Flower Perspective Writing In a vast land of nothing but dirt and stone, a single flower blooms against all odds. Write a story from the perspective of this flower. How did it come to grow in such a harsh environment? What challenges does it face daily, and what are its hopes for the

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