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Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt: A hand holding a glowing, ancient-looking pocket watch with intricate details and a mysterious blue light emanating from within.


Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt One evening, as you explore your grandmother’s attic, you stumble upon an ancient-looking pocket watch that glows mysteriously. As soon as you touch it, the room spins, and you find yourself in a different era! What period did you land in, and what adventures await you there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt: A person walking down a distressed hallway with peeling paint and old lockers, possibly searching for shelter.


Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt Amid a heavy storm, you find shelter in an abandoned building. As you run down the hallway seeking a safe spot, your footsteps stir whispers in the air, voices of the past that can’t quite let go of this place. The voices grow louder with each step, sharing stories

Future Self Picture Prompt: Composite photo merging the face of a young child with the face of an elderly person, symbolizing the passage of time and reflection.


Future Self Picture Prompt In the magical village of Luminara, there’s a unique tradition. On their 12th birthday, children glimpse their future for one day. Today, Alex wakes up excitedly, only to find himself staring into the eyes of his older self. Write a narrative about what wisdom and stories the more senior Alex shares

New Year's Eve Time Travel Writing Prompt: A wintery holiday scene in a town square with people gathered around a central clock tower, snow falling gently, and festive decorations indicating a possible New Year's Eve setting.


New Year’s Eve Time Travel Writing Prompt Imagine a special clock in your town square that can transport you to any time in the past or future for one day but only works on New Year’s Eve. Where would you go, and what would you do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is a memorable event from

When I'm 80 Writing Prompt: Two joyful elderly women playing music together in a studio with an electronic keyboard.


When I’m 80 Writing Prompt Imagine being 80 years old and having a whole day to do things that make you happy. What would you do? Would you tell funny stories to your family or teach your grandkids how to make the world’s best cookies? Or would you be the most excellent grandparent ever, making

Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt: A diverse group of people of different ages in winter clothing, smiling and celebrating together outdoors with snow falling, while a man holds a closed metal box, representing a time capsule.


Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt Over the holiday break, the neighborhood decides to create a ‘Living Time Capsule’ to capture memories of the season. Each family is invited to contribute one item that they feel best represents their holiday experience this year. Your family has asked you to choose the contribution. Write a narrative about

The Time-Traveling Backpack Writing Prompt: A young child stands in an attic filled with antique trunks and suitcases. Sunlight streams in through a window, casting beams across the dusty space and illuminating the child from the side. The child, dressed in a cozy sweater and striped socks, appears contemplative as they gaze at an old-fashioned leather school bag. A sense of nostalgia and discovery pervades the scene, highlighted by the warm lighting and the collection of various-sized, well-traveled luggage.


The Time-Traveling Backpack Writing Prompt You find an old backpack in your attic, and it turns out to be a time-traveling backpack! Write a narrative about the first place you travel to with your backpack. Is it the past or the future? Describe the people, places, and things you see on your time-traveling adventure. Warm-Up

Egyptian Queen in Café Writing Prompt: Time traveler Queen Nefertiti in a cafe in New York City.


Egyptian Queen in Café Writing Prompt Imagine a day in the life of the character in the picture. What is her story, and why is she sitting in a café dressed like an ancient Egyptian queen? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why do you think she is dressed like an Egyptian queen in a modern café setting?

Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt: silhouette of a 10 year old inside a greenhouse part of a futuristic research station mars, peach light.


Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt As you stand inside the safety of the space station’s greenhouse, you can’t help but gaze at the alien world outside. Write a narrative about the unique plants you’re growing and what happens when one of them begins to glow at night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of plants would

Magic Carpet over Ancient Port Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at an ancient roman port. Wooden boats and a city in the distance.


You’re soaring on a magic carpet with your best friend, capturing glimpses of the ancient Roman port beneath. Together, you decide to embark on an adventure, weaving through the masts of wooden boats and exploring the heart of the ancient city.

Magic Carpet over Mt. Everest Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at Mount Everest with a small Nepalese village below the mountain.


Crisp mountain air surrounds you as you and your sibling venture over a serene Nepalese village, with the grandeur of Mt. Everest as the backdrop. From this height, the traditions and simple joys of the village life beckon you closer.

Magic Carpet over The Great Wall of China Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at the Great Wall of China in it's glory. Surrounded by dense forest.


With the wind gently brushing your cheeks, you and a companion float effortlessly above the Great Wall of China. As you follow the wall’s serpentine path, stories of old battles and ancient dynasties fill your imagination.

Mars Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: A photo-realistic, futuristic image featuring a 10-year-old pilot zooming swiftly over the Mars surface in a high-tech hover racer. Bathed in the stunning orange and bronze hues of Martian sunlight, the hovercraft creates an otherworldly scene, emphasizing the speed and excitement of its journey.


As the young pilot of a futuristic hover racer, you’re ready for the most exhilarating race of your life. With the orange and bronze light of Mars illuminating your path, write a narrative about the thrill and challenges of the race.

Explore on Mars Choose Your Own Adventure: A wide, high-definition photograph capturing two young space cowboys as they ascend Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano on Mars. Standing at the edge of the massive caldera, they gaze out at the endless beauty of the Martian landscape. The high dynamic range of the image brings out the crisp details and rich colors of the scene, highlighting the adventurers in sharp focus against the expansive Martian vista.


You and your companion are space explorers, visiting the great Olympus Mons. As you climb and look out on the beauty of Mars, you realise you are in the middle of an amazing adventure. Write a narrative describing your awe-inspiring journey and what you discover.

Play on Mars Choose Your Own Adventure: A young boy inside a Mars space station, bathed in a soft orange and bronze light, is captured gazing at his high-tech droid friend. The boy's look reflects a mixture of fascination, respect, and deep friendship towards the droid, indicating their close bond. The high-tech interior of the space station, paired with the futuristic droid, creates an intriguing contrast against the boy's youthful innocence, emphasizing the extraordinary circumstances of their friendship.


You’re living on a Mars space station with your best friend, a large high-tech robot. Write a narrative about one of the challenges you face while living far away from Earth. You may wish to include the bond you share with your robot, and how you survive and enjoy your time on this great red planet.

Design Your Own Futuristic Aircraft Picture Prompt: Futuristic aircraft with advanced vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.


Design Your Own Futuristic Aircraft Picture Prompt Imagine you are an aerospace engineer tasked with designing a new aircraft. Draw a detailed picture of your futuristic aircraft and describe its special features, such as how it takes off and lands, and the different environments it can navigate. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What materials could you use

Interview with Leonardo da Vinci Picture Prompt: Leonardo da Vinci pictured on the tarmac at an airport.


Interview with Leonardo da Vinci Picture Prompt In a twist of fate, Leonardo da Vinci arrives in the 21st century. Write an interview with this time traveler, exploring how he adapts to contemporary life, including technology, art, and culture. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine Leonardo trying to use a smartphone or a computer. How do you

Futuristic World Dialogue Prompt: A cyberpunk woman wearing a motorcycle helmet with a mirrored visor that reflects the amazing sunset and the stunning skyscrapers.


Futuristic World Dialog Prompt Aurora Steelheart is a mysterious figure navigating the bustling metropolis of NeoVista, a city of towering skyscrapers and advanced technology. With a sharp intellect and an air of intrigue, she’s always one step ahead, tinkering with the latest innovations. Aurora is known for her sleek motorcycle and mirrored helmet, reflecting the

Time Traveler's Chronicles Picture Prompt: A strange woman dressed in Victorian clothing, standing confidently looking into the distance with some sort of steel building behind her in the foggy twilight.


Time Traveler’s Chronicles Picture Prompt You possess a unique ability to traverse time and dimensions, allowing you to explore different eras and worlds. Write a narrative about your latest adventure, where you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar place. Describe the sights, sounds, and experiences you encounter in this new dimension. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What

Middle Ages Writing Prompt: A captivating image of a young child walking alone on an empty cobblestone street, reflecting a typical day in a British town during the Middle Ages. The backdrop is filled with quaint, medieval architecture, enhancing the sense of stepping back in time. The image beautifully encapsulates the solitary exploration and the historical charm of the period.


Middle Ages Writing Prompt Imagine you are a kid living in a town during the Middle Ages in Britain. Write a recount of a typical day for a child in this time. Describe what you see, hear, and do from morning ’til night. Don’t forget to talk about the people you meet and the things

Ancient Rome VR Writing Prompt: A picture taken long ago, of the Colosseum in Rome during a golden sunset, with a grand procession entering the city.


Ancient Rome VR Writing Prompt For your school project, you’re tasked with bringing to life the Colosseum during a mesmerizing golden sunset. Rather than using traditional drawing or crafting methods, you opt for a cutting-edge virtual reality experience set in Ancient Rome. Delve into your virtual creation. Describe the elements you include, from the participants

An ancient-looking door with intricate carvings and a golden handle, standing alone in the middle of a school playground, catching the sunlight.


Mysterious Door Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a group of students who discover the mysterious door in their schoolyard. What happens when they try to open it? Where does the door lead them? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where do you think this door came from? Why do you think it’s sitting in the middle of

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