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The Giant Flower Mystery Writing Prompt

One morning, you wake up to find a gigantic flower towering over your garden (or a garden near you) where it never was before. Write a narrative about how the flower got there. Is it from a different world, or did it grow overnight by magic? What happens when you or a character in your story decides to climb it?

Some questions to help prepare you for writing:

What would be your first reaction if you discovered a giant flower in your backyard?

Can you list some magical or scientific explanations for the flower’s sudden growth?

What details would you include to describe the giant flower’s size, shape, and color?

What would you find at the top if you decided to climb the flower? Would it be a different world or something unexpected?

How would you describe the texture and smell of the giant flower in your story?

What characters from your neighborhood or family might interact with the flower, and how would they react?

What problems could a giant flower cause, and how might you or your characters solve them?

If the flowers had extraordinary powers or effects on the environment, what might they be, and how would they influence the story?

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