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Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt

You’re an interstellar explorer who has just landed on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to describe what this world is like. What does the ground feel like under your feet? Is it soft like bubblegum, or is it something completely different? Think about what the water might look like. Is it a liquid, or does it take another form? Write an informative report on all the interesting features you decide this planet has and what plants and creatures could live in such an environment.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What unusual colors might you find in the landscape of this mysterious planet?

How would the ground feel beneath your feet on this new world, and how could you describe it?

What form might water or liquids take on this planet (solid, liquid or gas), and how would that affect the environment?

Can you imagine any unique plants or animals that could live here, and what special adaptations might they have?

How would day and night look different on this planet compared to Earth?

What sounds or music might you hear in this alien landscape?

If you encountered a creature on this planet, how would you describe its appearance and behavior?

What types of weather or natural phenomena could exist on this new world?

How might seasons change on this planet, and what impact could that have on the environment?

If you found something on the planet that seemed like technology, what might it look like and how could it work?

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