Space Elevator Writing Prompt: An artistic rendering of a futuristic space elevator stretching from the Earth into space with surrounding clouds.


Space Elevator Writing Prompt Traveling to space now rivals the simplicity of an elevator ride. The structure depicted is humanity’s inaugural space elevator, a trailblazing transit system ferrying individuals from terra firma to a space station locked in geostationary orbit. Write an information report detailing the foundational purpose behind the space elevator’s construction, outline its

Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt: A digitally created image of a colorful, soap bubble-like structure floating in a starry space setting, possibly representing an alien planet.


Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt You’re an interstellar explorer who has just landed on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to describe what this world is like. What does the ground feel like under your feet? Is it soft like bubblegum, or is it something completely different? Think about what the water might look like.

Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt: A magical schoolbag with cosmic designs sitting on a desk in a classroom, radiating a bright, fantastical light with celestial objects.


Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt In a quiet classroom, there sits a schoolbag unlike any other. It’s filled with more than just books and pencils; it’s a portal to the universe! Write a story about a student who discovers this bag and the cosmic adventures that await them each time they reach inside. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt: silhouette of a 10 year old inside a greenhouse part of a futuristic research station mars, peach light.


Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt As you stand inside the safety of the space station’s greenhouse, you can’t help but gaze at the alien world outside. Write a narrative about the unique plants you’re growing and what happens when one of them begins to glow at night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of plants would

Young Astronaut's Space Experience Descriptive Writing Prompt: 10 year old, happy, curious, amazed astronaut, helmet, floating in space with the Earth in the background.


Young Astronaut’s Space Experience Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you’re this young astronaut, experiencing the wonders of space for the first time. Describe in vivid detail everything you see, feel, and think. Consider the colors of the Earth, the feel of zero gravity, and the thoughts racing through your mind. Let your words paint a picture

Mars Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: A photo-realistic, futuristic image featuring a 10-year-old pilot zooming swiftly over the Mars surface in a high-tech hover racer. Bathed in the stunning orange and bronze hues of Martian sunlight, the hovercraft creates an otherworldly scene, emphasizing the speed and excitement of its journey.


As the young pilot of a futuristic hover racer, you’re ready for the most exhilarating race of your life. With the orange and bronze light of Mars illuminating your path, write a narrative about the thrill and challenges of the race.

Explore on Mars Choose Your Own Adventure: A wide, high-definition photograph capturing two young space cowboys as they ascend Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano on Mars. Standing at the edge of the massive caldera, they gaze out at the endless beauty of the Martian landscape. The high dynamic range of the image brings out the crisp details and rich colors of the scene, highlighting the adventurers in sharp focus against the expansive Martian vista.


You and your companion are space explorers, visiting the great Olympus Mons. As you climb and look out on the beauty of Mars, you realise you are in the middle of an amazing adventure. Write a narrative describing your awe-inspiring journey and what you discover.

Play on Mars Choose Your Own Adventure: A young boy inside a Mars space station, bathed in a soft orange and bronze light, is captured gazing at his high-tech droid friend. The boy's look reflects a mixture of fascination, respect, and deep friendship towards the droid, indicating their close bond. The high-tech interior of the space station, paired with the futuristic droid, creates an intriguing contrast against the boy's youthful innocence, emphasizing the extraordinary circumstances of their friendship.


You’re living on a Mars space station with your best friend, a large high-tech robot. Write a narrative about one of the challenges you face while living far away from Earth. You may wish to include the bond you share with your robot, and how you survive and enjoy your time on this great red planet.

The Tree's Timeless Tales Picture Prompt: surreal evening, beautiful colors, moonlight, cosmic sky: with beautiful array of colours, sprinkled with stars. Silhouette of trees and two people in the distance.


The Tree’s Timeless Tales Picture Prompt As one of the tall trees casting shadows under the cosmic sky, you’ve stood for countless years and witnessed many events unfold beneath your branches. Write a narrative about a memorable event or story that happened under you. It could be a secret gathering, a lost traveler seeking refuge,

Persuasive Writing Prompt: An inspiring image of a girl in a red dress traveling the world with a flashlight, captivated by the breathtaking night sky full of stars and shooting stars.


Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive letter to your school principal, convincing them to create an astronomy club at your school. Use the image of the girl in the red dress traveling the world with a flashlight as inspiration for why stargazing is important and how it can be an enriching experience for students. Be

Space Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: An astronaut floating in space with a space suit and jetpack on. There's a planet below them and Earth behind them. Floating in the vastness of space.


Imagine that you are a young astronaut floating in space, looking back at Earth. You are on an important mission, and you have encountered some unexpected challenges. Write a story about your adventure, including vivid descriptions of the breathtaking view and the emotions you feel while floating in zero gravity.

Teen boy is commanding a spacecraft, flying in space. White controls, the boy has a look of awe and wonder as he peers outside the frame at the vastness of space beyond.


Write a narrative about a young commander who is responsible for leading an important mission. Use your imagination to describe the breathtaking view of space and the obstacles that the commander must overcome to complete their mission.

Child looking a space shuttle launching in the distance. Smoke is starting to billow from it. Blue skies, a few clouds. Ready for liftoff. Child is dreaming of one day going into space.


Imagine you are the child in the picture watching the space shuttle lift off. Write a narrative about your experience. Include details about what you saw and felt, as well as any thoughts or questions you had about space and space travel.

Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt: An image of a futuristic Martian habitat designed for sustainable living, featuring a family and a large silvery moon.


Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt Imagine this is your new home on Mars. Recount a typical day living in this strange land. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the climate is like? What would it be like to live here? What would you need to survive? What does this image remind you of? What

Spaceship Adventure Story Prompt: A high-angle view of a large spaceship in space, with a large Earth-like planet in the background. There are many lights on the spaceship.


Spaceship Adventure Story Prompt Imagine you are onboard a spaceship in space with a team of astronauts. Your mission is to explore new worlds and discover new life forms. Describe what you see as you look out the window of the spaceship. Use your imagination to take your readers on an adventure through the vastness

Space Training Picture Prompt: A 12-year-old red-haired girl with freckles wearing a space helmet underwater, her face displaying a mix of emotions, surrounded by blues and cyans.


Space Training Picture Prompt It’s the first day of training in your new job and you’ve just had your picture taken. Describe what is happening in this moment. Include details such as: Use your imagination, and remember, there’s no limit to the possibilities of your new job description!

Spaceship Mission Writing Prompt: A focused boy intently examines the complex controls on a futuristic spaceship's panel, preparing to embark on an important mission.


Spaceship Mission Writing Prompt Imagine you are the boy at the control panel of a futuristic spaceship. Explain your mission and the complex controls and buttons you have to navigate to achieve your goal. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is your mission? How do you feel as you work to complete your mission with concentration and

Mars Writing Prompt: A team of astronauts explores the surface of a remote planet, their space suits reflecting the light from a distant sun.


Mars Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of one of the astronauts, imagining their experiences and emotions as they navigate the challenges and wonders of space exploration. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who are these people? How did they end up in this difficult situation? What kind of hopes and dreams might they have for

Space Story Starter: Realistic photo of a young astronaut walking with purpose through a city street, looking curiously at something out of shot.


Space Story Starter As the young astronaut walks through the bustling city street, she suddenly receives a message from mission control. They tell her that there’s been a catastrophic event on the space station she was stationed on, and she’s the only one who can fix it. She must use all of her astronaut training

Astronaut Adventure Writing: Realistic photo of a 14-year-old female astronaut with a determined expression, walking through a city street on an important mission.


Astronaut Adventure Writing As the young astronaut walks through a busy city street, she notices something strange happening in the sky. She sees a bright light and a strange shape flying towards her. The people around her are oblivious to what’s happening, but she knows she’s the only one who can save the city from

Alien Meeting Narrative Writing Prompt image: A realistic photo of an astronaut and an alien meeting in space, gazing at each other with curiosity in a happy, uplifting encounter. Alien has a white leather suit on with a headphone-shaped attachment.


Alien Meeting Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of either the astronaut, the alien, or even planet Earth itself, imagining their experiences and emotions in this incredible moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is the astronaut, and what kind of mission are they on? What kind of alien is this? How are they

Astronaut Narrative Writing Prompt: Determined female astronaut strides purposefully down a street, displaying a focused and concerned expression, with smoke billowing behind her.


Astronaut Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the astronaut’s perspective, imagining her experiences and emotions as she carries out her mission. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is she? How did she end up here? What is her mission? Examine her facial expression. What do you think she is thinking and feeling? Why?

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