Happy Holidays

Magical Snowflake Creative Writing Prompt: a macro shot of a snowflake on a finger with a heart-shaped droplet of water next to it.


Magical Snowflake Creative Writing Prompt Everyone in your class has been discussing the magical snowflakes that appear only once every hundred years. If you find one, it’s said to grant you a small wish. Write a narrative about your search for this rare snowflake. What kind of wish would you make, and what adventures do

Magical Holiday Sweater Writing Prompt: A group of children wearing different festive holiday sweaters smiling.


Magical Holiday Sweater Writing Prompt Design a holiday sweater using colours and designs you love, plus one magical feature that springs to life! You’re excited to reveal your creation for ‘Holiday Cheer Week’ at school. As you stand before your classmates, you whisper a secret phrase and watch as your sweater comes to life! Perhaps

Jingle Lens Writing Prompt: Santa on his sleigh delivering presents, looks back at a camera with joy on his face.


Jingle Lens Writing Prompt Imagine you are one of Santa’s elves. This year, Santa’s sleigh has been fitted with a special camera that captures every magical moment of his journey on Christmas Eve. As you watch the footage, you come across a moment that stands out as the most powerful and heartwarming of the entire

Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt: A young child in a winter coat touching noses with a gentle reindeer in a snowy landscape.


Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt On the coldest day of winter, you stumble upon a gentle reindeer lost in the snowy woods. It seems to be searching for something important. Write a narrative about how you help the reindeer find what it’s looking for. Describe your journey through the snow, the clues you see,

Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt: A diverse group of people of different ages in winter clothing, smiling and celebrating together outdoors with snow falling, while a man holds a closed metal box, representing a time capsule.


Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt Over the holiday break, the neighborhood decides to create a ‘Living Time Capsule’ to capture memories of the season. Each family is invited to contribute one item that they feel best represents their holiday experience this year. Your family has asked you to choose the contribution. Write a narrative about

Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt: Illustration of a friendly elf holding a lantern and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose in a snowy, enchanted forest with a cozy cottage in the background under a moonlit night.


Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt In a snowy, enchanted forest, you meet a friendly elf and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose. Tonight, they are on a very special mission to find the lost stars that make the winter nights sparkle. They need your help! Write a narrative about your adventure with the

Santa's Futuristic Vehicle Writing Prompt: Santa Claus is driving a red futuristic hover vehicle as he speeds through a city at night with bright streaks of light in the background.


Santa’s Futuristic Vehicle Writing Prompt Why is Santa in a hurry? Write a recount of what brought him to this moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think Santa is doing in this futuristic vehicle? Can you imagine why Santa might need to use this kind of transportation instead of his traditional sleigh? How do

Holiday Snow Globes Creative Writing Prompt: A collage of six different holiday-themed snow globes, each containing various symbols of the season like a heart, a candle, a sparkler, a gift box, winter birds, and more candles amidst Christmas decor.


Holiday Snow Globes Creative Writing Prompt Inside each of these six magical snow globes is a different scene filled with warmth and the spirit of the holiday season. Please choose one of the snow globes that speaks to you and write a story about it. Maybe it’s the globe with the glowing heart that reminds

Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt: a family laughing together in the kitchen as they make dumplings.


Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt During the holiday season, a cozy kitchen becomes the heart of the home, especially when filled with the laughter of family. In this scene, some family members are covered in flour, their hands busy as they shape dough into perfect little treats. Write a narrative about this family’s special holiday tradition.

Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt: A person with a shocked expression pushing a shopping cart overwhelmed by an abundance of floating wrapped gifts.


Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt In the spirit of the holiday season, your school has introduced a heartwarming challenge: to give a gift from the heart that costs nothing but means everything. You’ve decided to embrace this challenge and have come up with a perfect idea. Craft a narrative that brings us along on

Mysterious Gold Key Picture Prompt: An ornate gold key hanging as an ornament on a festively decorated Christmas tree.


Mysterious Gold Key Picture Prompt On a peaceful Christmas morning, as you wander sleepily into the living room, your eyes catch a glimpse of something unusual amidst the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. An old gold key, full of mystery and charm, is hanging from one of the branches. There’s no tag or note,

Magical Sleigh Ride Writing Prompt: Santa Claus and his flying reindeer sleigh soaring over a snowy cityscape at night with a full moon in the background.


Magical Sleigh Ride Writing Prompt Picture yourself as the little boy who has managed to sneak onto Santa’s sleigh. You’re now gliding high above a city, blanketed in snow and glittering with lights, under the vast, star-filled sky. As Santa and his reindeer lead you on this incredible journey, share the details of your secret

Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt: A colorful and diverse collection of intricately decorated cookies, featuring various shapes like animals, fantasy creatures, sports items, and sweet treats.


Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt Are you ready to become the most talked-about cookie designer at our school’s upcoming bake sale? Your task is to create a series of sugar cookies so delectable and eye-catching that no one can resist them. You need to persuade your schoolmates why they absolutely need to try your cookies.

Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt: A snow globe containing a miniature pirate-themed scene complete with a treasure chest, palm trees, and a character in pirate attire.


Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt Design your very own snow globe. Inside this magical globe, you can create a miniature world that’s your perfect slice of happiness. What would you put inside? Maybe it’s a tiny version of your backyard with a snowman wearing a hat or a fantasy land with unicorns prancing under

Christmas Ornament Design Prompt: A vibrantly decorated Christmas bauble hanging from a snow-covered fir branch.


Christmas Ornament Design Prompt Design a unique Christmas ornament that represents you! Think about what colours, patterns, and images show who you are and what you love. Perhaps it shimmers with glittery swirls to express your love of dancing, showcase images of the animals you adore, or boast the vibrant hues of your cherished sports

Holiday Joy Creative Writing Prompt: A young child basking in the sunlight surrounded by nature, exhibiting a sense of joy and serenity.


Holiday Joy Creative Writing Prompt The holiday season is full of little moments that fill our hearts with happiness. Look at the child in the image, revelling in the sunlight, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Reflect on a moment from past holidays that made you feel just as joyful and serene. Describe that time—

Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt: A whimsical gingerbread street with houses decorated with colorful candies, icing, and a winter holiday theme.


Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt Step into a magical street where every house is crafted from gingerbread, frosted with icing, and adorned with an array of sweets. As you wander through this enchanting street, use your senses to explore every detail. Describe the vibrant colours of the candy decorations, the rich scent of spiced gingerbread,

Toy's Night Adventure Picture Prompt: A fluffy purple animated toy character exploring a store


Toy’s Night Adventure Picture Prompt A fluffy purple toy sits on a shelf in a department store, its eyes wide with wonder. This toy has never had a home; it’s been waiting for someone special to pick it up and take it on grand adventures. But tonight, something magical stirs, and the toy comes to

Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt: A lonely teddy bear with a red scarf sitting on a wet sidewalk by a street adorned with Christmas decorations.


Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a teddy bear that gets lost on a busy street during the holidays. How does the teddy bear feel sitting alone? What kind of people pass by, and who eventually finds the bear? What is the teddy bear’s one wish, and how does it come true?

Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt: Illustration of animated gingerbread cookies and other whimsical characters having a glow-in-the-dark party with bright colorful lights.


Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt Imagine if the gingerbread cookies in your kitchen came to life and decided to have a glow-in-the-dark party! Write a story about what games they play, what music they dance to, and all the fun they have. How do they decorate the kitchen for their neon party, and what happens

Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt: Large intricate sandcastle on a beach with people enjoying a sunny day.


Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt Write a recount about how you celebrated a warm and sunny Christmas in Australia. Describe the Christmas beach party you had with your friends. What decorations did you use to make the beach festive? What fun games did you all play? And most importantly, what delicious foods were part of

Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt: A young child happily embracing a snowman adorned with a scarf and a hat on a sunny winter day.


Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt You build a snowman and the next day, you find out it has come to life! Write about the adventures you have together. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you describe what your living snowman looks like and what makes him different from a regular snowman? How would you feel if you

Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt: An imaginative depiction of a child with antlers looking out upon a snowy Christmas village at night.


Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are a child who turns into a reindeer at Christmas. What magical adventures do you have? Do you help Santa deliver presents, or do you discover a hidden winter wonderland? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How did you first discover your ability to turn into a reindeer? What special powers

Puppy Christmas Adventure: A fluffy puppy wearing a Santa hat set against a Christmas-themed backdrop


Puppy Christmas Adventure Imagine a brave puppy with a fluffy Santa hat who has an important job on Christmas Eve. The puppy must deliver a special gift to a family in need. Write about the puppy’s adventurous journey on the snowy evening, the friends it makes, and how it overcomes obstacles to deliver the gift

Christmas Presents Writing Prompt: Wrapped Christmas presents with festive ribbons placed under a tree adorned with lights.


Christmas Presents Writing Prompt Tell the story of the night before Christmas from the perspective of the presents under the tree. What do they see and hear? Are they excited to be opened, and what kind of homes do they hope to go to? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might the presents be feeling as they

Christmas Tree Lights Creative Writing Prompt: A Christmas tree adorned with snow and festive ornaments, illuminated by soft glowing lights against a cool blue background.


Christmas Tree Lights Creative Writing Prompt Reflect on the contrast of colors and feelings of the season with a poem that captures the flickering lights of a Christmas tree against the cool blue of a wintry evening, symbolizing hope amidst the chill. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What colors do you see on a Christmas tree and

The Great Santa Hat Relay Picture Prompt: Close-up of a fluffy white trim on a red Santa hat against a blurred winter background


The Great Santa Hat Relay Picture Prompt The Great Santa Hat Relay is about to begin, where teams race to deliver Santa’s lost hat across the globe in time for Christmas. Each team faces challenges and meets new friends along the way. Describe the journey of one team and the lessons they learn about teamwork

Christmas Celebration Creative Writing Prompt: A vibrant illustration of various animals gathering around a decorated Christmas tree in a snowy forest clearing.


Christmas Celebration Creative Writing Prompt On a snowy Christmas Eve, a group of adventurous animals in the forest organize their Christmas celebration. They gather around a beautifully decorated tree in the forest clearing, each bringing a special gift or talent to share. As they celebrate, they discover a mysterious, glowing present under the tree, left

Enchanted Winter Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt: A magical winter night scene in a forest with realistic trees covered in snow, each tree adorned with twinkling white fairy lights. The forest is illuminated by a brighter, clearer night sky with visible stars. In the background, a group of joyful children in winter clothing explores the enchanting surroundings, their faces alight with wonder and curiosity.


Enchanted Winter Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are standing in a snow-covered forest on a crisp winter night. The tall and majestic trees are draped with soft white fairy lights that twinkle like distant stars. The night sky above is clear and bright, with a few stars sparkling against the dark blue canvas. A

Unwrapping Surprises Writing Prompt: A young boy with a surprised look and big smile on his face sitting next to a large gift with gold wrapping. Soft lighting.


Unwrapping Surprises Writing Prompt Imagine you’re the child in the image. Describe the moment leading up to opening the present and the feeling of pleasant surprise that washes over you. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Have you ever given or received a surprise gift? How did it make you feel? Why do you think surprises make us

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