fairy tales

Ancient Jungle Arena Creative Writing Prompt: An anthropomorphic half-human, half-lion creature standing in a gladiator arena, embodying a fantasy or mythology theme.


Ancient Jungle Arena Creative Writing Prompt You are a young adventurer embarking on a journey deep into the heart of the jungle, where you uncover an ancient, hidden arena. As you venture into the center of this mystical place, you encounter a statue. It springs to life to your astonishment, revealing itself as a half-human,

Rainbow Crystal Adventure Picture Prompt: A digital artwork of a fairy sitting atop a ladybug, suggesting an enchanted and whimsical scenario.


Rainbow Crystal Adventure Picture Prompt One sunny morning, a fairy on a ladybug lands on your windowsill and tells you about a spell cast on the garden, turning all the flowers gray. Write about your adventure to find the Rainbow Crystal that can bring back the garden’s color. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special qualities do

Winter Wonderland Adventure Picture Prompt: A whimsical illustration of a small squirrel holding an apple next to a large snow sculpture shaped like an apple with paw prints on it.


Winter Wonderland Adventure Picture Prompt In the Winter Wonderland, animals have a magical tradition of creating snow sculptures overnight. This morning, Sammy wakes up to a special surprise—a huge apple sculpture! But who could have left this for him? Write about his adventure to find out. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who are Sammy’s friends, and how

Crystal Snail Writing Prompt: A highly detailed and colorful image of a snail with a glowing shell that contains a miniature fairy-tale kingdom, complete with tiny buildings and lights.


Crystal Snail Writing Prompt Imagine you’ve found a magical microscope in your schoolyard. This isn’t just any microscope—it shows you incredible, hidden worlds that are invisible to the naked eye! Your Mission: Write a narrative about the amazing things you find in this tiny world. Here’s a fun idea to start your adventure: The Crystal

Light Fairy Picture Prompt: A young child with fairy wings in a whimsical forest environment, illuminated by a magical glow. FAQ


Light Fairy Picture Prompt You’re a light fairy whose sparkle can make anyone smile. On a peaceful night in the forest, you come across a child. What enchanted gift would you share with them using your light, and how does it unexpectedly help them? Write about the adventures that unfold. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is

Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt: Illustration of a friendly elf holding a lantern and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose in a snowy, enchanted forest with a cozy cottage in the background under a moonlit night.


Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt In a snowy, enchanted forest, you meet a friendly elf and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose. Tonight, they are on a very special mission to find the lost stars that make the winter nights sparkle. They need your help! Write a narrative about your adventure with the

Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt: A whimsical gingerbread street with houses decorated with colorful candies, icing, and a winter holiday theme.


Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt Step into a magical street where every house is crafted from gingerbread, frosted with icing, and adorned with an array of sweets. As you wander through this enchanting street, use your senses to explore every detail. Describe the vibrant colours of the candy decorations, the rich scent of spiced gingerbread,

Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt: An imaginative depiction of a child with antlers looking out upon a snowy Christmas village at night.


Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are a child who turns into a reindeer at Christmas. What magical adventures do you have? Do you help Santa deliver presents, or do you discover a hidden winter wonderland? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How did you first discover your ability to turn into a reindeer? What special powers

Golden Goose Picture Prompt: Golden goose on water, in the style of electric color schemes, dark blue and red, chrome - plated.


Golden Goose Picture Prompt Paint a picture with words by providing a detailed description of the golden goose. Imagine you’re a nature writer tasked with capturing the essence of this magnificent creature. Use similes, metaphors, and descriptive language to convey its appearance and the emotions it evokes. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What colors come to mind

Toadstool House Adventures Writing Prompt: Toadstool House Adventures Writing Prompt: A hyper-realistic image of a charming, well-maintained toadstool house with a red cap adorned with white spots, situated amidst a lush woodland setting, sparking curiosity about the life of its potential tiny woodland inhabitant.


Toadstool House Adventures Writing Prompt Imagine you are a small woodland creature living in the toadstool house. Write a short narrative about a day in your life, describing your activities and adventures. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the toadstool house in the picture? Describe its size, color, and any unique features you

Rapunzel Creative Writing Prompts: A modern-day Rapunzel with incredibly long blonde hair, plaited looking out of the window of a tall apartment block in a bustling city, gazing out into the distance.


Rapunzel Creative Writing Prompts What differences do you see between the traditional Rapunzel story and this modern-day version? How might she feel stuck in a modern-day tower? What kind of adventures or challenges could she have? How is this picture similar and different to the original fairy tale?

Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt: A beautiful 12-year-old girl with long blonde hair, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood, encounters a big white wolf in a vibrant fall forest.


Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt Write a story about a young girl who sets off on a journey through a colorful forest dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. Along the way, she encounters a big white wolf. Use your imagination to describe the girl’s feelings, the wolf’s behavior, and the beauty of the

Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt: large grey elephant flying against the backdrop of a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Sunbeams of light are highlighting the elephant.


Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt Ella, a flying elephant, soars through the air, her ears flapping like wings. She looks happy and excited, ready for a day of fun and adventure. Imagine you are a young child who has just spotted Ella in the sky. Write a story about the amazing day you spend with

Floating Castle Writing Prompt: A majestic floating castle on a cloud in dark outer space, surrounded by stars and with a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Floating Castle Writing Prompt Describe a character that lives in this magical and enchanting world. Make sure to include what they look like, how they spend their time, who they live with and what daily life is like for them. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does this image remind you of? What would it be like

Fairy Writing Prompt: beautiful young fairy basking in a gold ray of sunshine, highlighting translucent golden wings. Shimmery outfit. forest setting.


Fairy Writing Prompt As the fairy in the picture, you live in an enchanted forest. Describe a day in your life. What do you see, hear, and do from sunrise to sunset? Include details about your fairy home, the plants and animals you interact with, and how you use your wings and magic throughout the

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