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Graffiti Art Design Prompt: a question mark spray painted onto a wall, like graffiti


Graffiti Art Design Prompt Your mission is to design graffiti art that whispers, shouts, and sings your views into the world in a peaceful yet powerful way. Through your street art, you can spark a brighter, kinder world—one splash of paint at a time. Optional Extra: This prompt is inspired by an artist called ‘Banksy’,

Living Sweater Picture Prompt: Person wearing a bright orange sweater with a monster face design.


Living Sweater Picture Prompt Craft a persuasive advertisement for the most honest garment you’ll ever own: The Living Sweater. This extraordinary clothing is more than a warm layer; it’s a truth-telling confidant. Tailored with cutting-edge technology, the Living Sweater can converse with you, react to your emotions, and provide companionship with its unique personality that

Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt: Installation of a miniature vibrant green habitat with mossy terrain and a meandering stream nestled inside a bright room with large windows.


Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine it’s 2034, and advanced technology allows you to preserve your favorite habitat in a special room in your home. You can enter this incredibly realistic virtual world any time you like. It is a perfectly safe and customizable habitat. Describe the initial moments of stepping into your habitat—bring the

Inside A Painting Picture Prompt: An enchanting depiction of a person stepping onto a path in a mountainous landscape within a framed painting.


Inside A Painting Picture Prompt Imagine being able to step inside your favorite painting. Which masterpiece would you pick? Picture yourself entering the painting, and as you do, the scene unfolds into a living world around you. Describe your first moments in this vibrant place. What do you see, smell, and hear? Is the air

Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt: A paper crane appears to be taking flight from a person's hand against a city skyline during sunrise.


Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt In a bustling cityscape, a paper crane is gently released into the sky, a delicate symbol of peace and good fortune. Craft a tale about this crane’s flight through the city and how it changes one person’s day. Who finds the crane, and what message of hope does it carry

Magical Holiday Sweater Writing Prompt: A group of children wearing different festive holiday sweaters smiling.


Magical Holiday Sweater Writing Prompt Design a holiday sweater using colours and designs you love, plus one magical feature that springs to life! You’re excited to reveal your creation for ‘Holiday Cheer Week’ at school. As you stand before your classmates, you whisper a secret phrase and watch as your sweater comes to life! Perhaps

Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt: A colorful and diverse collection of intricately decorated cookies, featuring various shapes like animals, fantasy creatures, sports items, and sweet treats.


Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt Are you ready to become the most talked-about cookie designer at our school’s upcoming bake sale? Your task is to create a series of sugar cookies so delectable and eye-catching that no one can resist them. You need to persuade your schoolmates why they absolutely need to try your cookies.

Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt: A snow globe containing a miniature pirate-themed scene complete with a treasure chest, palm trees, and a character in pirate attire.


Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt Design your very own snow globe. Inside this magical globe, you can create a miniature world that’s your perfect slice of happiness. What would you put inside? Maybe it’s a tiny version of your backyard with a snowman wearing a hat or a fantasy land with unicorns prancing under

Christmas Ornament Design Prompt: A vibrantly decorated Christmas bauble hanging from a snow-covered fir branch.


Christmas Ornament Design Prompt Design a unique Christmas ornament that represents you! Think about what colours, patterns, and images show who you are and what you love. Perhaps it shimmers with glittery swirls to express your love of dancing, showcase images of the animals you adore, or boast the vibrant hues of your cherished sports

Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt: A whimsical gingerbread street with houses decorated with colorful candies, icing, and a winter holiday theme.


Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt Step into a magical street where every house is crafted from gingerbread, frosted with icing, and adorned with an array of sweets. As you wander through this enchanting street, use your senses to explore every detail. Describe the vibrant colours of the candy decorations, the rich scent of spiced gingerbread,

Inventive Inventions Picture Prompt: Colorful array of K'nex pieces in various sizes and colors, offering creative building possibilities.


Inventive Inventions Picture Prompt

Musical Audience Choose Your Own Adventure: A father and child, engrossed and visibly moved, watch a live musical in a theatre, lights dimmed, and stage illuminated.


There’s a buzz of excitement in the air as you and a special person in your life step into the grand theatre, ready to watch a much-anticipated musical performance. Relive this unforgettable experience, from the moment you step into the grandeur of the theatre until the curtain falls. How does the show captivate and transform you, possibly changing your perspective on something?

A focused theater director, script in hand, passionately instructing actors on a rehearsal stage, with stage lights casting dramatic shadows.


You’re the director of a big musical, and today’s rehearsal is crucial! Share the thrill of overcoming challenges and seeing your actors perfectly enact a scene. Describe the satisfaction that sweeps over you as you see the pieces of the performance coming together before your eyes.

Two young actors exude joy and enthusiasm as they perform a dynamic dance number in a vibrant Broadway musical.


Step into the shoes of a young actor, heart racing with excitement as you dance on stage. Experience the exhilaration of delivering a pivotal scene in the musical, capturing the energy of the audience, your feelings, and how you work in harmony with your fellow actor.

Dialogue with the Artist Picture Prompt: Forested mountains by night, dark azur and Gold, zentangle


Dialog with the Artist Picture Prompt Imagine having a conversation with the artist who created this image. Ask them about the techniques and colors they used to capture the essence of this art piece. In your dialog, discuss how they made it so enchanting and what inspired them to create this unique representation of forested

Miniature Town Writing Prompt: cardboard community, apartment buildings, soft evening lights, street lights, everyday activities of people in the evening cooking dinner, talking, sitting or doing chores. Cute, whimsical. like a child's imagination of what is happening in their doll house or block creation.


Miniature Town Writing Prompt Picture yourself as the creator of this whimsical cardboard community. Write a description about the everyday activities taking place in this miniature world. Include details about the thoughts and feelings of some of the characters as they go about their evening activities. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of characters do you

Hedgehog Picture Prompt: Intricate and vibrant image of a layered newspaper hedgehog, crafted from vintage manuscript pages, set amidst the blades of a grassy meadow in a paper quilling and book carving art style.


Hedgehog Picture Prompt Write a narrative about a day in the life of the paper hedgehog in the grassy meadow. What adventures does it have? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the hedgehog in the picture? How is it different from a real hedgehog? Why do you think the artist chose a grassy

Dragon Painting Adventure Writing Prompt: A captivating image of a young child engrossed in painting an adorable, realistic dragon which seems to be leaping out from the canvas and coming to life in front of their eyes.


Dragon Painting Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are the child painting the dragon. Write a story about what happens when the dragon comes to life. What adventures do you have together? Warm-Up Discussion Questions If the dragon in the painting could come to life, what do you think it would do? Do you think the

Book Setting Descriptive Writing Prompt: A creatively crafted book sculpture featuring an intricate island landscape. The open book forms the base of the artwork, with the pages meticulously folded and carved to resemble rolling hills, dense trees, and a tranquil shoreline, bringing a vivid sense of three-dimensionality and a tangible connection to literature.


Book Setting Descriptive Writing Prompt Write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite book setting emerging from the pages. Use vivid details and sensory language to bring the scene to life, and imagine how the landscape and environment would look in stunning 3D detail. Think about the colors, textures, sounds, and smells that would be present

Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt: A realistic pencil drawing of a panda coming to life, emerging from the white page and sitting up.


Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt Imagine that you are a character in a story and you have the ability to bring your drawings to life. One day, while you are drawing a picture of a panda, you suddenly notice that the panda is coming to life and sitting up from the white paper. What

Robot Technology Writing Prompt: a robot drawing that is coming to life and beginning to emerge from the page.


Robot Technology Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of the robot, imagining its experiences and emotions as it goes out into the world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of challenges might the robot face as it comes to life? What could happen next? Who might have drawn this robot?

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