Ancient Heroes Writing Prompt: a boy standing in an old Library with his shadow growing larger.


Ancient Heroes Writing Prompt Walking through the ancient library, you notice your shadow behaving oddly. It starts to grow and take on a life of its own, revealing that you are the descendant of a legendary figure from Greek mythology. Write about your discovery of your heritage and the first mythical challenge you and your

Puppy's Literary Journey Picture Prompt: A sleepy puppy with glasses dozing off on an open book


Puppy’s Literary Journey Picture Prompt As the puppy in the picture dozes off on his book, he suddenly leaps into the pages and embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Describe the new world he explores within the story. Who are the characters he encounters, and what exciting events unfold during his literary journey? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

The Enchanted Library Narrative Writing Prompt: An open book lies on an ornate wooden desk, illuminated by a shaft of light that streams in through a window, with stacks of ancient leather-bound books in the background, suggesting a magical and scholarly atmosphere.


The Enchanted Library Narrative Writing Prompt In an old library filled with ancient books, one book stands out. Write a narrative about a child who discovers this book and is whisked away to the stories within its pages. What wonderful world do they find, and what challenges do they face? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind

Book Choose Your suburban neighborhood, in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base.


Books Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Dive into suburban stories in a neighborhood where every brick and blade of grass holds a tale. Before you begin your week-long stay by the storybook creek, note down your packing essentials. Then, spend a day strolling through the streets, capturing moments of ordinary magic and neighborly narratives.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: a canyon with waterfall, in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base.


Imagine you’re about to embark on a week-long adventure in a vast canyon carved out of book pages. First, list down all the items you would pack to ensure you’re prepared for this literary landscape. Then, narrate a typical day exploring the canyon’s secrets.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: futuristic city, in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base.


Step into the future with a city built from narratives. As you prepare for a week in this urban book world, make a list of essentials to carry with you. Once equipped, chronicle a day experiencing the city’s futuristic marvels.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: tropical island, in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base.


A tropical island paradise awaits, but it’s not just any island—it’s sculpted from stories. Before you set foot on its sandy shores, jot down what you’d pack for a week on this book island. Then, immerse yourself in a day’s adventure, from sunrise to sunset.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Drawing of a road showing mountains and cactus, in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base


You’ve chosen to journey along a winding road amidst a few rolling hills and cacti in the desert, all crafted from the pages of a book. Create a packing list for a week’s stay in this rugged book environment. Afterwards, describe a day of navigating the challenges and wonders of this fascinating, arid road.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Mountainous wilderness with waterfall in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base


Prepare to explore towering mountains and cascading waterfalls crafted from the essence of narrative. As you get ready for your week-long trek in this high-altitude storyscape, list out the essentials you’d need to conquer the terrains. Following that, describe a day’s adventure from sunrise hikes to twilight tales by the waterfall.

Characters Escape Picture Prompt: a large pile of burning books. Red and orange flames are engulfing the books.


Characters Escape Picture Prompt Create a new story where the characters from the burning books escape the fire and go on an exciting adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the image? How does it make you feel? How do you think the world would be different without books?

Magical Flower Descriptive Writing Prompt: Two children engrossed in work on a laptop while seated on a gigantic, vibrant flower under a sunny spring sky, enveloped in a riot of colors.


Magical Flower Descriptive Writing Prompt In a land filled with wonder, there are flowers with magical powers. These aren’t ordinary flowers – they can change lives with their enchanting abilities! Sketch your very own magical flower. Write a description of its unique powers. When you’re close to this flower, how does it transform your life

Computer Monkey Short Story Ideas: A monkey is sitting at a computer, looking at the screen. The monkey is wearing a pair of sunglasses, and there is a sunbeam shining through the window.


Computer Monkey Short Story Ideas Write a narrative about a mischievous monkey who discovers a computer and starts using it to create chaos and hilarity in a quiet neighborhood. Describe the monkey’s interactions with the computer, the unexpected consequences of its actions, and the reactions of the people in the neighborhood. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What

Book Setting Descriptive Writing Prompt: A creatively crafted book sculpture featuring an intricate island landscape. The open book forms the base of the artwork, with the pages meticulously folded and carved to resemble rolling hills, dense trees, and a tranquil shoreline, bringing a vivid sense of three-dimensionality and a tangible connection to literature.


Book Setting Descriptive Writing Prompt Write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite book setting emerging from the pages. Use vivid details and sensory language to bring the scene to life, and imagine how the landscape and environment would look in stunning 3D detail. Think about the colors, textures, sounds, and smells that would be present

An expansive library filled with high shelves that are brimming with a variety of books. The unique feature of this library is the lush greenery that coexists harmoniously with the literature. Moss, leaves, and ferns have grown over the shelves, creating a fascinating blend of knowledge and nature. The verdant plants weave through the books, transforming the library into a serene, otherworldly sanctuary for bibliophiles.


Importance of Libraries Persuasive writing prompt Write a persuasive text explaining why libraries are important in our world today. Use examples to support your argument, and convince the reader of the value of libraries in providing access to information, promoting learning, and preserving knowledge for future generations. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the

Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt: Cartoon boy doing homework with a friendly dinosaur sitting beside him, creating a fun and supportive learning environment.


Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt Imagine you are a student who has a special friend to help you with your homework. But this friend is not an ordinary tutor, it’s a friendly dinosaur! Write a recount about your experience studying with your dino-friend. What subjects did you study together? Did you encounter any challenges? How did

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