Picking Flowers Writing Prompt: A single pink rose with dew drops on its petals shines brightly with sunlight filtering through its petals.


Picking Flowers Writing Prompt Should I pick the flower or not? Persuade me! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe the flower in as much detail as you can. Can you list some reasons why someone might want to pick this flower? What happens to a flower after it is picked? What are the benefits of leaving a

Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting in a giant paper boat on a calm lake with mountains in the background at sunset.


Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt Continue this narrative: As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the calm lake, I noticed a peculiar little object bobbing gently near the water’s edge. It was a boat unlike any I’d seen before — crafted from a single sheet of almost white paper, folded

Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a bench holding an umbrella during a heavy rain in a lush green park.


Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt Describe your perfect rainy day. What would you do, where would you be, and how does the rain make everything better? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of activities do you enjoy doing on a rainy day? Can you describe a place where you’d love to spend time during a

Small Moment Writing Prompt: A young deer sitting among a vibrant array of flowers in a sunlit forest clearing.


Small Moment Writing Prompt Write about this moment, when the morning sun begins its ascent, engaging all your senses as its rays peek through the trees. Describe the scene where this gentle warmth touches a young deer among a sea of flowers. Consider all your senses: the coolness of the dew, the soft rustle of

Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt: Urban environment with buildings covered in lush greenery, integrating nature into the cityscape.


Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt You are a city planner tasked with designing a sustainable future city. Prepare an information report detailing your strategy for integrating green spaces into densely populated places worldwide. Your report should cover innovative concepts such as vertical gardens, rooftop parks, and other pioneering green initiatives contributing to a more eco-friendly

Learning New Skill Picture Prompt: A person running through a rural path next to agave plants, kicking up dust in the sunlight.


Learning New Skill Picture Prompt Think of a time you learned something new, like riding a bike or solving a math problem. At first, your skill was as small as a mustard seed. Recount how you practised and who and what helped you. Tell us about your challenges and how it felt when you finally

Lost Sheep Picture Prompt: A shepherd seated with his flock of sheep on a hillside at dusk, overlooking a serene landscape.


Lost Sheep Picture Prompt Look at the shepherd with his sheep in the fading light. Write a diary entry from the shepherd’s point of view. What might he be thinking as he watches over his sheep? Perhaps he’s reflecting on his day, the beauty of the land, or even thinking about the one sheep that

Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt: A person in motion through a lush green field of tall grass with the sensation of movement and haste.


Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt Amid a vast field of whispering grass, you spot a figure moving swiftly towards an unknown destination. Write a description of these few moments as they race through the field. Include details that tell the reader who this person is and where they are hurrying to. Include descriptive language to explain

Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt: young hands in clover, searching for a four leaf clover. dappled light.


Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt On a sunny March morning, Jamie ventured into the meadow behind their house, eager to find a four-leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day, a symbol of immense luck. The lush green grass, sprinkled with early spring sunlight, buzzed with life. Joined by friends, Jamie searched diligently, their eyes combing through the

Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt: Installation of a miniature vibrant green habitat with mossy terrain and a meandering stream nestled inside a bright room with large windows.


Virtual Habitat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine it’s 2034, and advanced technology allows you to preserve your favorite habitat in a special room in your home. You can enter this incredibly realistic virtual world any time you like. It is a perfectly safe and customizable habitat. Describe the initial moments of stepping into your habitat—bring the

Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt: A joyful child playing in the rain during summer.


Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt After weeks of scorching heat, the first drop of rain brings relief and an unexpected change. You begin to notice that every raindrop you touch sparkles with color. Write about a day spent discovering what these vibrant droplets can do and how they change your world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Are they

Exploring The Maze Writing Prompt: Aerial view of a large, intricate hedge maze with a person visible at the entrance, ready to explore.


Exploring The Maze Writing Prompt Rumours swirl around the old maze at the edge of town. They say there’s a special gate in the middle of this labyrinth. Is it a door to a place where dragons fly or a secret passage to the past? No one knows for sure. You decide to explore the

Storm Whisperer Writing Prompt: An individual standing on a rocky coastline with a bright, glowing talisman in their hand, as a storm rages around them with lightning in the background.


Storm Whisperer Writing Prompt As you hold the ancient talisman, the storm around you calms to a whisper. You’ve just discovered you’re the Storm Whisperer, destined to tame the wild weather that plagues your coastal village. Write about your first encounter with the storm’s fury and how you harness your newfound powers. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Spring 'Camping Choose Your Own Adventure': A view from inside a tent of a person sitting and looking out at a towering waterfall amidst a forest in spring.


As you peer out of your tent, a roaring waterfall heralds the vibrant energy of spring. Narrate the awakening of life around you, with every bud and blossom bursting with vitality. How does the thunderous waterfall, fed by the meltwaters, set the scene for a journey of discovery in this stirring world?

Summer Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: view from inside a tent looking out at a mountain and a waterfall.


Unzip your tent to a world where summer’s heat gently embraces the land. Write a narrative that captures the essence of a lush, sunbathed landscape, with the gentle river whispering stories of summer joy. How does the heat ripple through the air, and what adventures do you find in the light-dappled forest?

Autumn Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a tent of a vibrant autumn landscape with a waterfall and colorful foliage.


From your tent, observe the waterfall, now framed by a medley of fiery leaves. Craft a narrative that weaves the crisp air and shorter days into a tapestry of fall’s glory. What does the crunch of leaves underfoot sound like, and how do the changing colours inspire feelings of warmth despite the chill in the air? Discover the beauty and tranquillity in the waning light of autumn’s days.

Winter Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a cozy orange tent at a snowy landscape with frost-covered trees and a majestic mountain in the distance.


Embrace the brisk charm of a winter wonderland from your cozy tent. As you nestle among the snow-dusted trees and gaze upon the majestic, misty mountain, prepare to write a narrative about your snowy escapades. What frosty challenges do you face, and how do the icy vistas inspire you? Let the serene silence of the winter forest fill your story with peaceful adventure.

Rainbow Crystal Adventure Picture Prompt: A digital artwork of a fairy sitting atop a ladybug, suggesting an enchanted and whimsical scenario.


Rainbow Crystal Adventure Picture Prompt One sunny morning, a fairy on a ladybug lands on your windowsill and tells you about a spell cast on the garden, turning all the flowers gray. Write about your adventure to find the Rainbow Crystal that can bring back the garden’s color. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special qualities do

Save The Forest Creative Writing Prompt: An animated scene with a child facing a large, friendly-looking blue-furred giant in a snowy forest.


Save The Forest Creative Writing Prompt Picture this: the snowy forest, with its whispering pines and silent nights, faces a significant threat that could change it forever. The gentle giant who has been the guardian of this winter wonderland for centuries now needs our help. This giant, a friend to every creature and the keeper

Adventure Camp Picture Prompt: A person using a flying umbrella, or 'hoverbrella', to glide above a lush forest canopy.


Adventure Camp Picture Prompt On your first day at an incredible adventure camp, you can try out a new flying umbrella, the ‘hoverbrella.’ It lifts you high above the trees, and you spot a secret spot full of rare animals and plants no one knows about. Write a story about your adventure and the new

Bee Riding Adventure Writing Prompt: An imaginative scene of a tiny person riding on the back of a bee, soaring through a garden.


Bee Riding Adventure Writing Prompt Today was a fantastic day! You became tiny and got to ride on a bee’s back, just like a superhero. Write a recount of this adventure. Describe your ride through the garden. Where did you go? What amazing things did you see? How did you feel soaring high and buzzing

Valentine Tree Writing Prompt: An enchanting tree with heart-shaped fruits in shades of pink and red, situated in a lush, magical garden at sunset.


Valentine Tree Writing Prompt In the small, sleepy town of Heartville, there’s a secret that only the children know. At the very edge of town, hidden behind Mrs. Lila’s bakery, stands a magnificent tree unlike any other. This tree is known to the kids as the Valentine’s Day Tree. Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches,

Winter Wonderland Adventure Picture Prompt: A whimsical illustration of a small squirrel holding an apple next to a large snow sculpture shaped like an apple with paw prints on it.


Winter Wonderland Adventure Picture Prompt In the Winter Wonderland, animals have a magical tradition of creating snow sculptures overnight. This morning, Sammy wakes up to a special surprise—a huge apple sculpture! But who could have left this for him? Write about his adventure to find out. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who are Sammy’s friends, and how

Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt: a young woman, wearing a holographic outfit, in a solarpunk city with lush rooftop gardens, soft and natural lighting, a low-angle view, utopian and peaceful atmosphere.


Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt Imagine a society where humans have augmented abilities thanks to technological advancements. Write a recount from the girl’s perspective, detailing her journey through this greenhouse of the future. What does she see, hear, and feel with her enhanced senses? How does this connection with nature impact her life in a high-tech

Knight's Quest Picture Prompt: Illustration of a young knight in armor looking pensively to the side, with meadows in the background.


Knight’s Quest Picture Prompt Once a peaceful protector of the realm, a knight finds himself amid an ancient prophecy. In the quiet fields of his homeland, he must uncover hidden symbols in the landscape that guide him to a legendary artifact. Can he find it before dark forces do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you

Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt: A group of children and adults in high-visibility vests picking up trash in clear bags along a sunny beach.


Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt While picking up rubbish on the beach, you stumble upon something unexpected and mysterious buried in the sand. Describe what it is, how you found it, and the story you imagine behind it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of items do you think people might leave behind on the beach that

Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt: A young individual controlling and shaping water around them, illustrating a connection with the sea.


Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt You’ve always felt a special connection to the sea, and something extraordinary happens during a trip to the beach. As you wade into the water, the waves respond to your presence, and you discover you can shape and guide them. As you explore this newfound bond with the

Rock's Adventure Picture Prompt: a cute grey rock with a warm expression (human face) in a field. cartoon style.


Rock’s Adventure Picture Prompt Despite being just a rock, you have big dreams. One night, under the starry sky, you wish to travel and see the world. The following day, something magical begins to happen. Write about your adventures as you start moving around the world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would be the first place

Crystal Snail Writing Prompt: A highly detailed and colorful image of a snail with a glowing shell that contains a miniature fairy-tale kingdom, complete with tiny buildings and lights.


Crystal Snail Writing Prompt Imagine you’ve found a magical microscope in your schoolyard. This isn’t just any microscope—it shows you incredible, hidden worlds that are invisible to the naked eye! Your Mission: Write a narrative about the amazing things you find in this tiny world. Here’s a fun idea to start your adventure: The Crystal

Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a winged horse at the edge of a mountain cliff under a starry sky.


Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt High atop a mountain under a blanket of stars, you and your winged horse prepare for an incredible journey. Where will you fly to, and what mythical creatures will you encounter along the way? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special abilities does your winged horse have that can help you during

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