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Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt: A hand holding a glowing, ancient-looking pocket watch with intricate details and a mysterious blue light emanating from within.


Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt One evening, as you explore your grandmother’s attic, you stumble upon an ancient-looking pocket watch that glows mysteriously. As soon as you touch it, the room spins, and you find yourself in a different era! What period did you land in, and what adventures await you there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt: A young child standing in awe as they open a bright, glowing refrigerator at night.


Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt Your fridge has a special section labelled ‘Superhero Snacks’. These snacks give anyone who eats them superpowers for a day. Describe three different snacks and the powers they give. Which snack would you choose, and what heroic deeds would you do with your new power? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of

Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt: Microscopy, wasp wing viewed under a microscope, beautiful, shimmering array of colours.


Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine looking at a picture taken with a powerful camera that can zoom in very close, showing you a macro image of something. The photo reveals fragile shimmering plates with intricate designs layered over one another. As the light glints off them, you see a kaleidoscope of colours, making it

Magical Garden Journey Writing Prompt: whimsical garden, vibrant blooms, a young boy walks, cobblestone path, his, Colorful butterflies, drawn, scent of flowers, sunlight, through the canopy of trees.


Magical Garden Journey Writing Prompt In a whimsical garden bursting with vibrant blooms, a young boy follows a winding cobblestone path. As he walks, colorful butterflies are drawn to him, dancing around in the air, enchanted by the scent of the flowers. Sunlight streams through the canopy of trees, casting dappled light on everything below.

Mysterious Boy Writing Prompt: Mysterious boy with cape standing before a closed door


Mysterious Boy Writing Prompt Write a short story about the mysterious boy with the cape at the closed door. What secrets or adventures do you think await him behind the door? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the boy feels as he stands in front of the closed door with his cape? Why do

Convince Others to Join the Adventure Picture Prompt: a young black American adventurer in a cave reading a map. Dim lighting, serious facial expression


Convince Others to Join the Adventure Picture Prompt Imagine you are the young adventurer in the cave. Write a persuasive letter to your friends, encouraging them to join you on your exciting cave exploration. Explain why it’s a thrilling adventure and why they shouldn’t miss out. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think makes an

Rain Persuasive Writing Prompt: A red umbrella floating in the air on a rainy London street, symbolizing joy and adventure.


Rain Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive letter to convince someone to appreciate the beauty of rainy days. Use vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes to explain why rainy days can be magical and why the red umbrella floating in the streets is a symbol of joy and adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Have you ever experienced

Forest Adventure Writing Prompt: An intriguing image of a hooded boy, peeking with a look of surprise and curiosity from behind a tree in a verdant forest.


Forest Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are the boy in the picture. Write a letter to your friend, telling them about the surprising and curious things you saw in the forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the forest looks and feels? What kinds of sounds do you think you would hear? What do

Fantasy Forest Adventure Picture Prompt: A captivating image of an expansive fantasy forest, teeming with shadowy fantasy animals, cascading waterfalls, ancient ruins looming in the distance, and birds encircling the azure sky.


Fantasy Forest Adventure Picture Prompt Imagine you are exploring the fantasy forest in the picture. Write a diary entry about your adventure. Describe what you see, hear, and feel as you explore. Warm-Up Discussion Questions If you could explore this area, what would you want to see or do? What kind of animals could live

Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt: A serene image of a densely wooded forest, bathed in soft sunlight filtering through the leafy canopy. Traces of a barely visible path suggest the start of an adventure.


Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are exploring the forest in the picture. Write a descriptive paragraph about the things you see, hear, and feel. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the lighting in the forest scene? How does it make you feel? What parts of the image make it look peaceful and

A breathtaking bird's eye view of a sprawling meadow extending towards a dense forest, creating a stunning landscape of nature's grandeur.


From your vantage point soaring above, you see the meadow beneath you, a vibrant patchwork of color. How does it feel to glide over this panoramic view, and what sights, sounds, and sensations capture your attention? Write a narrative about your journey.

A serene landscape view across a vast meadow towards a distant forest, captured at a human eye level.


Standing at the edge of a vast meadow, you see the forest line in the distance. As you embark on your journey across the open expanse, what do you encounter and how does the meadow transform as you venture towards the forest? Create a story detailing your expedition across this vast landscape.

Meadow Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: Macro perspective of a lush, grassy meadow, looking upward at towering dandelion seeds that appear gigantic against the backdrop of a clear sky.


You’re at the level of a bug, in a meadow where dandelions tower like skyscrapers. Explore this unique perspective and describe your journey among the towering flora. What challenges and wonders do you encounter? Write about your adventures in this oversized meadow.

Kitten Persuasive Writing Prompt: Adorable kitten experiencing a strongly emotional, happy moment.


Kitten Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive text arguing why it’s important to treat animals with kindness and make sure that they are happy and healthy. Use specific examples to support your argument. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What emotions do you think the kitten is feeling in this photo? Do you think animals can have the

Mysterious Creative Writing Prompt: A surreal scene of a giant soap bubble containing a cloud, mysteriously appearing on a quiet suburban street in an affluent neighborhood.


Mysterious Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you woke up one morning to find a big bubble with clouds inside it on your street. Write a narrative about what happens next. Who discovers the bubble? How do people react to it? Does the bubble stay or go away? What is inside the bubble? Use descriptive language to

Child Short Story Ideas: Happy kid looking through a battered old wooden window, with sunlight streaming in, feeling joy and wonder.


Child Short Story Ideas Write a short narrative about this boy. Use descriptive language to bring the scene to life, including details about the boy, the window, and the surroundings. You can also add dialog and other characters to the story to make it more engaging. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where could this boy be? What

Cat Creative Writing Prompt: A cute black and white cat in sharp focus, curiously looking at something behind a mysterious brown paper bag.


Cat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you are a toy maker creating fun and engaging toys for pets. Design a toy that cats would love to play with! Make sure you clearly describe what it looks like, how it works and why a pet would like it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What toys do pets like to

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