Dream Birthday Party Writing Prompt: An imaginative birthday party set in a tropical cave with waterfalls, a swimming pool, colorful decorations, and a dining area ready for a feast.


Dream Birthday Party Writing Prompt Envision your dream birthday party without cost, extravagance or location constraints. Describe this ultimate celebration with vivid imagery. Where is it held—a luxurious palace, aboard a spacecraft voyaging through space, on an uncharted tropical island, or within an enchanted underwater realm? Consider the decorations that set the scene, the delectable

Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a bench holding an umbrella during a heavy rain in a lush green park.


Perfect Rainy Day Creative Writing Prompt Describe your perfect rainy day. What would you do, where would you be, and how does the rain make everything better? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of activities do you enjoy doing on a rainy day? Can you describe a place where you’d love to spend time during a

Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt: young hands in clover, searching for a four leaf clover. dappled light.


Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt On a sunny March morning, Jamie ventured into the meadow behind their house, eager to find a four-leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day, a symbol of immense luck. The lush green grass, sprinkled with early spring sunlight, buzzed with life. Joined by friends, Jamie searched diligently, their eyes combing through the

Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt: A joyful child playing in the rain during summer.


Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt After weeks of scorching heat, the first drop of rain brings relief and an unexpected change. You begin to notice that every raindrop you touch sparkles with color. Write about a day spent discovering what these vibrant droplets can do and how they change your world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Are they

Spaghetti Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive spaghetti food fight. spaghetti with red sauce is flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Enter the saucy spectacle of the spaghetti splash. Craft your narrative with a rich tapestry of descriptive language, making the spaghetti splash come alive on the page. Spin us a yarn that’s as tangled and lively as the spaghetti strands themselves!

Marshmallow Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive marshmallow food fight. Marshmallows are flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Imagine stepping into an arena where the sky rains soft, pillowy marshmallows. Write a narrative, rich with descriptive language, that brings the marshmallow chaos to life. Tell us your narrative of this sweet skirmish, with all the laughter, strategy, and fluffy moments captured in your words!

Donut Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive donut food fight. Colorful iced donuts with sprinkles are flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Welcome to a world where doughnuts aren’t just a treat but your playful projectiles in a deliciously doughy battle. Write a narrative that captures the wild whirl of the doughnut deluge, painting the scene with words as vivid and vibrant as the event itself.

Theme Park Ride Design Prompt: Two joyful children enjoying a thrilling ride in a dynamic, colorful environment.


Theme Park Ride Design Prompt You’ve been chosen to design the newest ride at a famous theme park. You’re the architect of thrills and excitement! 1. Rider’s Experience: Describe the journey riders will take. Will it be a heart-racing roller coaster, a mysterious underwater voyage, or a journey through the stars? Think about the sensations

Magical Snowflake Creative Writing Prompt: a macro shot of a snowflake on a finger with a heart-shaped droplet of water next to it.


Magical Snowflake Creative Writing Prompt Everyone in your class has been discussing the magical snowflakes that appear only once every hundred years. If you find one, it’s said to grant you a small wish. Write a narrative about your search for this rare snowflake. What kind of wish would you make, and what adventures do

Light Fairy Picture Prompt: A young child with fairy wings in a whimsical forest environment, illuminated by a magical glow. FAQ


Light Fairy Picture Prompt You’re a light fairy whose sparkle can make anyone smile. On a peaceful night in the forest, you come across a child. What enchanted gift would you share with them using your light, and how does it unexpectedly help them? Write about the adventures that unfold. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is

Giant Mecha Robot Race Picture Prompt: A young racer sits in a wheelchair next to a giant blue mecha robot in a futuristic racing garage.


Giant Mecha Robot Race Picture Prompt Imagine you are a young driver with a giant mecha robot as your best friend and racing partner. Write a story about an exciting race in which you and your robot participate. Describe the thrilling race track, the diverse competitors, and your robot’s unique feature or skill that helps

When I'm 80 Writing Prompt: Two joyful elderly women playing music together in a studio with an electronic keyboard.


When I’m 80 Writing Prompt Imagine being 80 years old and having a whole day to do things that make you happy. What would you do? Would you tell funny stories to your family or teach your grandkids how to make the world’s best cookies? Or would you be the most excellent grandparent ever, making

Rainy Day Adventure Writing Prompt: A fluffy kitten sitting by a window with rain droplets on the glass, looking thoughtful.


Rainy Day Adventure Writing Prompt You’re a soft little kitten by the window. It’s raining outside, and the drops tap-tap-tap on the glass like a drum. Watch the raindrops race down the window! Feel the cool, fresh air on your little pink nose as you sit nice and warm inside. It’s time to play! Will

Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt: Child wearing virtual reality goggles surfing on a vibrant blue board in a digitally-created wave inside a room.


Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt Picture a world where the latest technology allows you to create any environment you can imagine by wearing a special pair of goggles. Describe what happens when you slip on these goggles. What incredible place do you bring to life in your home? Is it a vast ocean with towering

Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt: A creative depiction of a soft, furry blue monster seamlessly integrated with a traditional sofa, smiling warmly and invitingly.


Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt Step into the role of a furniture salesperson and get ready to introduce customers to the most extraordinary couch they’ve ever seen! It’s not just any couch. It’s big, blue, with friendly eyes and a mischievous grin complete with horns. Your task is to persuade customers to buy this one-of-a-kind

Magical Headphones Picture Prompt: Joyful young child with curly hair wearing glasses and headphones, with a vibrant spiral of colors in the background.


Magical Headphones Picture Prompt Imagine that you discover a pair of magical headphones in your pocket during recess. When you put them on, every sound around you changes into a beautiful sensation. The bounce of a basketball might feel like a gentle tap on your shoulder, and the teacher’s whistle might look like a rainbow

Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt: A young child standing in awe as they open a bright, glowing refrigerator at night.


Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt Your fridge has a special section labelled ‘Superhero Snacks’. These snacks give anyone who eats them superpowers for a day. Describe three different snacks and the powers they give. Which snack would you choose, and what heroic deeds would you do with your new power? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of

Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt: A snow globe containing a miniature pirate-themed scene complete with a treasure chest, palm trees, and a character in pirate attire.


Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt Design your very own snow globe. Inside this magical globe, you can create a miniature world that’s your perfect slice of happiness. What would you put inside? Maybe it’s a tiny version of your backyard with a snowman wearing a hat or a fantasy land with unicorns prancing under

Holiday Joy Creative Writing Prompt: A young child basking in the sunlight surrounded by nature, exhibiting a sense of joy and serenity.


Holiday Joy Creative Writing Prompt The holiday season is full of little moments that fill our hearts with happiness. Look at the child in the image, revelling in the sunlight, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Reflect on a moment from past holidays that made you feel just as joyful and serene. Describe that time—

Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt: Illustration of animated gingerbread cookies and other whimsical characters having a glow-in-the-dark party with bright colorful lights.


Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt Imagine if the gingerbread cookies in your kitchen came to life and decided to have a glow-in-the-dark party! Write a story about what games they play, what music they dance to, and all the fun they have. How do they decorate the kitchen for their neon party, and what happens

Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt: Large intricate sandcastle on a beach with people enjoying a sunny day.


Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt Write a recount about how you celebrated a warm and sunny Christmas in Australia. Describe the Christmas beach party you had with your friends. What decorations did you use to make the beach festive? What fun games did you all play? And most importantly, what delicious foods were part of

Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt: A young child happily embracing a snowman adorned with a scarf and a hat on a sunny winter day.


Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt You build a snowman and the next day, you find out it has come to life! Write about the adventures you have together. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you describe what your living snowman looks like and what makes him different from a regular snowman? How would you feel if you

A Splash of Happiness Writing Prompt: Old couple jumping in a puddle, happy and childlike fun, 85mm f2. 8 shot, hyperrealistic, detailed realistic light, background bright and happy feel.


A Splash of Happiness Writing Prompt Write a recount from the perspective of one of the people in the photograph. Describe the day’s events leading up to this joyful puddle-jumping moment and explain why it made you so happy. Share your thoughts on the importance of finding joy in everyday moments. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How

Waterslide Creative Writing Prompt: Cheerful young girl sliding down a waterslide, water splashing around, bathed in warm golden hour sunlight


Waterslide Creative Writing Prompt On a beautiful summer day, the girl and her friends decide to have a race on the waterslide. Write a fun and thrilling recount about this race. Who will win, and what will be the special prize? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Have you ever raced with your friends during a fun activity?

Treehouse Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Whimsical children's treehouse on a tropical island, featuring a water wonderland with slides leading into a pool, simple architectural design, and bathed in beautiful sunlight.


Imagine spending a weekend in your very own tropical island treehouse. Describe the fun-filled activities you engage in, how the island setting enhances your experience, and the lasting memories you create.

Fun-filled children's treehouse in the woods, featuring a flying fox, slide, ropes, net, climbing wall, simple architecture, and beautiful sunlight filtering through the trees


You’re spending the weekend in a whimsical treehouse nestled in the woods, equipped with a flying fox, slide, and climbing wall. Narrate your thrilling experiences, the woodland adventures you embark on, and the memories you make in this enchanting setting.

Ultra-modern children's treehouse in a suburban backyard, equipped with high-tech features like TV screens and gaming consoles, a simple architectural design shining in the afternoon sunlight.


It’s a weekend in your high-tech backyard treehouse, equipped with the coolest tech gadgets. Narrate your experiences, the games you play, and how this ultra-modern treehouse transforms an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary adventure.

Forest Adventure Writing Prompt: An intriguing image of a hooded boy, peeking with a look of surprise and curiosity from behind a tree in a verdant forest.


Forest Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are the boy in the picture. Write a letter to your friend, telling them about the surprising and curious things you saw in the forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the forest looks and feels? What kinds of sounds do you think you would hear? What do

Theme Park Adventures Picture Prompt: An image featuring a delighted boy with his unusual pet, a raptor, posing in front of a vibrant roller coaster at a bustling theme park.


Theme Park Adventures Picture Prompt Write a recount about the adventures of the boy and his pet raptor at the theme park yesterday. What exciting activities do they participate in? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the boy and his pet raptor might be doing at the theme park? How do you think the

Basketball Writing Prompt: A dynamic shot of a basketball in mid-air, heading towards the hoop, set against the blurred backdrop of a buzzing basketball arena.


Basketball Writing Prompt Describe the winning moment of a basketball game. What do you see, hear, and feel? How does the excitement of the game make you feel? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does this picture make you feel? Does it make you excited or happy? Why? How do you think the players and the audience

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