Community Dance Celebration Writing Prompt: A group of dancers in colorful dresses swirling in a lively dance at a celebration.


Community Dance Celebration Writing Prompt Step into the shoes of one of the dancers in the picture. You are at the heart of a celebration, a special occasion that sparks excitement across your community each year. Write a recount of the event you are celebrating and the dance you are performing, detailing the moments that

Bike Ride Triumph Creative Writing Prompt: An older person wearing a helmet joyfully rides a bicycle while performing a trick, with a blue sky and trees in the background.


Bike Ride Triumph Creative Writing Prompt With every push against the pedals, you feel your strength tested. Today, you’re not just riding a bike but conquering the tallest hill in town. As you begin your ascent, write about the burn in your muscles, the wind against your face, and the steady rhythm of your breathing.

Hockey Locker Room Picture Prompt: A group of young hockey players in a locker room, smiling and preparing for a game.


Hockey Locker Room Picture Prompt Write from the perspective of one of the players in the image, moments before a big hockey game. Describe their emotions, the sounds of the locker room, and what they’re looking forward to once they step onto the ice. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the players are feeling

Turtle's Trick Writing Prompt: An animated turtle with a captivating expression performing a fiery trick in a forest.


Turtle’s Trick Writing Prompt The forest is having a talent show, and this friendly turtle has a fiery trick up its sleeve. What is the trick, and how does it surprise and delight all the other animals? Tell the story of how the turtle prepares for the big show and the friends it makes along

The Leafy Musicians Writing Prompt: Three whimsical leaf characters with smiling faces, each holding a miniature guitar, standing on a forest floor covered with autumn leaves.


The Leafy Musicians Writing Prompt Imagine a band of leaves that come to life in the forest and discover musical instruments. Write a story about their first concert. Who comes to watch, and what magical things happen when they start to play? Warm-Up Discussion Questions If leaves could come to life, what personalities would each

A focused theater director, script in hand, passionately instructing actors on a rehearsal stage, with stage lights casting dramatic shadows.


You’re the director of a big musical, and today’s rehearsal is crucial! Share the thrill of overcoming challenges and seeing your actors perfectly enact a scene. Describe the satisfaction that sweeps over you as you see the pieces of the performance coming together before your eyes.

Musical Audience Choose Your Own Adventure: A father and child, engrossed and visibly moved, watch a live musical in a theatre, lights dimmed, and stage illuminated.


There’s a buzz of excitement in the air as you and a special person in your life step into the grand theatre, ready to watch a much-anticipated musical performance. Relive this unforgettable experience, from the moment you step into the grandeur of the theatre until the curtain falls. How does the show captivate and transform you, possibly changing your perspective on something?

Two young actors exude joy and enthusiasm as they perform a dynamic dance number in a vibrant Broadway musical.


Step into the shoes of a young actor, heart racing with excitement as you dance on stage. Experience the exhilaration of delivering a pivotal scene in the musical, capturing the energy of the audience, your feelings, and how you work in harmony with your fellow actor.

Silhouette of a 12-year-old lead singer with a guitar on stage at a stadium concert, surrounded by warm bright lights and a fun, exuberant atmosphere.


From the moment you stepped onto the stage as the lead singer, you knew it was going to be a night to remember. The stadium, bright lights and ecstatic crowd created an electric atmosphere. Recount the most thrilling night of your life.

Silhouettes of two kids enjoying a stadium concert, surrounded by a crowd and warm, bright lights that create a fun, exuberant atmosphere.


As the music boomed from the speakers and the lights illuminated the stadium, two kids found themselves swept up in the electrifying atmosphere of the concert. Write a narrative about their experience, capturing the joy and excitement of the moment!

Piano Performance Writing Prompt: Piano Performance Writing Prompt: Joyful child pianist performing on stage, playing a grand piano with passion and enthusiasm.


Piano Performance Writing Prompt As the child pianist sat at the grand piano, their heart was beating faster and faster with each passing second. They took a deep breath and began to play, pouring all of their joy and passion into the music. Write a narrative about the child’s musical journey. Make sure to include

Shakespeare Globe Theatre Descriptive Writing Prompt: A captivating Shakespearean play unfolds at the historic Globe Theatre in London, with actors in Elizabethan costumes, immersed audience, and the iconic half-timbered architecture setting the stage.


Shakespeare Globe Theater Descriptive Writing Prompt Step into the shoes of a time-traveling actor at the iconic Globe Theater during the Elizabethan era when Shakespeare was alive around the year 1600 in England. Imagine you are part of a Shakespearean play being watched by an enthusiastic audience. Describe a thrilling scene from the play you

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