Summer Retreat Picture Prompt: A whimsical round door within a lush, green hillside, suggesting a magical or fantasy summer retreat.


Summer Retreat Picture Prompt The image shows a unique door nestled in a lush hillside. Imagine this door leads to your perfect summer retreat. What would it look like? What special features would it have? Would it be a place for adventure, relaxation, learning, or something completely different? Recount your first day arriving there. Describe

Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting in a giant paper boat on a calm lake with mountains in the background at sunset.


Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt Continue this narrative: As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the calm lake, I noticed a peculiar little object bobbing gently near the water’s edge. It was a boat unlike any I’d seen before — crafted from a single sheet of almost white paper, folded

Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt: A hand holding a glowing, ancient-looking pocket watch with intricate details and a mysterious blue light emanating from within.


Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt One evening, as you explore your grandmother’s attic, you stumble upon an ancient-looking pocket watch that glows mysteriously. As soon as you touch it, the room spins, and you find yourself in a different era! What period did you land in, and what adventures await you there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Armchair Adventure Writing Prompt: A woman sitting in an armchair attached to hundreds of colorful balloons, floating high above a quaint town.


Armchair Adventure Writing Prompt You’ve always dreamed of adventure but never imagined it was coming while sitting in your favorite armchair. Suddenly, hundreds of colourful balloons lift you into the sky! Write a narrative about the sights you see, the characters you meet, and how you navigate your way back home. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How

Other Dimensions Picture Prompt: A young boy with a backpack looks in wonder at a large wall filled with illuminated screens.


Other Dimensions Picture Prompt The screens on the wall are portals to other dimensions. Write about a character who discovers this secret and decides to step through. What kind of world do they find on the other side, and what adventure awaits them there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why do you think the character would want

Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt: young hands in clover, searching for a four leaf clover. dappled light.


Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt On a sunny March morning, Jamie ventured into the meadow behind their house, eager to find a four-leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day, a symbol of immense luck. The lush green grass, sprinkled with early spring sunlight, buzzed with life. Joined by friends, Jamie searched diligently, their eyes combing through the

Exploring The Maze Writing Prompt: Aerial view of a large, intricate hedge maze with a person visible at the entrance, ready to explore.


Exploring The Maze Writing Prompt Rumours swirl around the old maze at the edge of town. They say there’s a special gate in the middle of this labyrinth. Is it a door to a place where dragons fly or a secret passage to the past? No one knows for sure. You decide to explore the

Spring 'Camping Choose Your Own Adventure': A view from inside a tent of a person sitting and looking out at a towering waterfall amidst a forest in spring.


As you peer out of your tent, a roaring waterfall heralds the vibrant energy of spring. Narrate the awakening of life around you, with every bud and blossom bursting with vitality. How does the thunderous waterfall, fed by the meltwaters, set the scene for a journey of discovery in this stirring world?

Summer Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: view from inside a tent looking out at a mountain and a waterfall.


Unzip your tent to a world where summer’s heat gently embraces the land. Write a narrative that captures the essence of a lush, sunbathed landscape, with the gentle river whispering stories of summer joy. How does the heat ripple through the air, and what adventures do you find in the light-dappled forest?

Autumn Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a tent of a vibrant autumn landscape with a waterfall and colorful foliage.


From your tent, observe the waterfall, now framed by a medley of fiery leaves. Craft a narrative that weaves the crisp air and shorter days into a tapestry of fall’s glory. What does the crunch of leaves underfoot sound like, and how do the changing colours inspire feelings of warmth despite the chill in the air? Discover the beauty and tranquillity in the waning light of autumn’s days.

Winter Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: View from inside a cozy orange tent at a snowy landscape with frost-covered trees and a majestic mountain in the distance.


Embrace the brisk charm of a winter wonderland from your cozy tent. As you nestle among the snow-dusted trees and gaze upon the majestic, misty mountain, prepare to write a narrative about your snowy escapades. What frosty challenges do you face, and how do the icy vistas inspire you? Let the serene silence of the winter forest fill your story with peaceful adventure.

Inside A Painting Picture Prompt: An enchanting depiction of a person stepping onto a path in a mountainous landscape within a framed painting.


Inside A Painting Picture Prompt Imagine being able to step inside your favorite painting. Which masterpiece would you pick? Picture yourself entering the painting, and as you do, the scene unfolds into a living world around you. Describe your first moments in this vibrant place. What do you see, smell, and hear? Is the air

Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt: A person walking down a distressed hallway with peeling paint and old lockers, possibly searching for shelter.


Abandoned Building Whispers Creative Writing Prompt Amid a heavy storm, you find shelter in an abandoned building. As you run down the hallway seeking a safe spot, your footsteps stir whispers in the air, voices of the past that can’t quite let go of this place. The voices grow louder with each step, sharing stories

Adventure Camp Picture Prompt: A person using a flying umbrella, or 'hoverbrella', to glide above a lush forest canopy.


Adventure Camp Picture Prompt On your first day at an incredible adventure camp, you can try out a new flying umbrella, the ‘hoverbrella.’ It lifts you high above the trees, and you spot a secret spot full of rare animals and plants no one knows about. Write a story about your adventure and the new

Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt: An anthropomorphic slice of pizza character wearing sunglasses, walking confidently down a city street.


Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt In a world where food and people are one, a slice of pizza named Pete steps out to find the missing ingredient that makes him complete. Join Pete on his cheesy adventure through the town. What ingredient is he looking for, and who does he meet along the way?

Knight's Quest Picture Prompt: Illustration of a young knight in armor looking pensively to the side, with meadows in the background.


Knight’s Quest Picture Prompt Once a peaceful protector of the realm, a knight finds himself amid an ancient prophecy. In the quiet fields of his homeland, he must uncover hidden symbols in the landscape that guide him to a legendary artifact. Can he find it before dark forces do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you

Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt: A young individual controlling and shaping water around them, illustrating a connection with the sea.


Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt You’ve always felt a special connection to the sea, and something extraordinary happens during a trip to the beach. As you wade into the water, the waves respond to your presence, and you discover you can shape and guide them. As you explore this newfound bond with the

Crystal Snail Writing Prompt: A highly detailed and colorful image of a snail with a glowing shell that contains a miniature fairy-tale kingdom, complete with tiny buildings and lights.


Crystal Snail Writing Prompt Imagine you’ve found a magical microscope in your schoolyard. This isn’t just any microscope—it shows you incredible, hidden worlds that are invisible to the naked eye! Your Mission: Write a narrative about the amazing things you find in this tiny world. Here’s a fun idea to start your adventure: The Crystal

Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a winged horse at the edge of a mountain cliff under a starry sky.


Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt High atop a mountain under a blanket of stars, you and your winged horse prepare for an incredible journey. Where will you fly to, and what mythical creatures will you encounter along the way? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special abilities does your winged horse have that can help you during

Youngest Pilot Picture Prompt: A young child in a flight suit and helmet with a visor is sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, visibly excited for their first flight.


Youngest Pilot Picture Prompt Write a narrative about a young child who is the youngest pilot to fly a plane. Where does the child go on their first flight, and what incredible sights do they see above the clouds? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What feelings might a young pilot experience before taking off for their first

Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt: A digitally created image of a colorful, soap bubble-like structure floating in a starry space setting, possibly representing an alien planet.


Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt You’re an interstellar explorer who has just landed on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to describe what this world is like. What does the ground feel like under your feet? Is it soft like bubblegum, or is it something completely different? Think about what the water might look like.

Adventure Bubble Writing Prompt: A child stands within a transparent bubble that hovers above a lush green park, providing a striking contrast to the dense urban skyline behind. The bubble reflects the surrounding scenery, including the bright blue sky and the sun's rays beaming down. The park below is Central Park, nestled among the skyscrapers of New York City. The child gazes out at the view with a sense of wonder, seemingly at the edge of an adventure between two worlds: the natural and the man-made.


Adventure Bubble Writing Prompt Imagine you are inside a magical bubble, just like the one around the child in the picture. This bubble can float to amazing places. Pick a place you’d love to visit and describe what you see from inside the bubble. What amazing things are in front of you? Maybe it’s the

Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt: A magical schoolbag with cosmic designs sitting on a desk in a classroom, radiating a bright, fantastical light with celestial objects.


Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt In a quiet classroom, there sits a schoolbag unlike any other. It’s filled with more than just books and pencils; it’s a portal to the universe! Write a story about a student who discovers this bag and the cosmic adventures that await them each time they reach inside. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt: A young child in a winter coat touching noses with a gentle reindeer in a snowy landscape.


Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt On the coldest day of winter, you stumble upon a gentle reindeer lost in the snowy woods. It seems to be searching for something important. Write a narrative about how you help the reindeer find what it’s looking for. Describe your journey through the snow, the clues you see,

Mysterious Gold Key Picture Prompt: An ornate gold key hanging as an ornament on a festively decorated Christmas tree.


Mysterious Gold Key Picture Prompt On a peaceful Christmas morning, as you wander sleepily into the living room, your eyes catch a glimpse of something unusual amidst the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. An old gold key, full of mystery and charm, is hanging from one of the branches. There’s no tag or note,

High-tech Armor Writing Prompt: A young girl in a futuristic high-tech armor suit, looking confident and ready for adventure.


High-tech Armor Writing Prompt Imagine you are a young inventor who has created a fantastic suit of high-tech armor. What inspired you to make it, and what exciting adventure do you go on once you put the suit on? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of materials would you imagine using to construct your high-tech armor

Enchanted Winter Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt: A magical winter night scene in a forest with realistic trees covered in snow, each tree adorned with twinkling white fairy lights. The forest is illuminated by a brighter, clearer night sky with visible stars. In the background, a group of joyful children in winter clothing explores the enchanting surroundings, their faces alight with wonder and curiosity.


Enchanted Winter Forest Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are standing in a snow-covered forest on a crisp winter night. The tall and majestic trees are draped with soft white fairy lights that twinkle like distant stars. The night sky above is clear and bright, with a few stars sparkling against the dark blue canvas. A

The Curious Explorer Picture Prompt: A young child with an inquisitive expression crawls through a vibrant garden, exploring the rich foliage. The child is on a quest to find a unique leaf for their collection, engaging with the natural world through sight, touch, and smell. The image captures the essence of childhood curiosity and the beauty of nature's diversity.


The Curious Explorer Picture Prompt The little child in the garden is trying to find the perfect leaf for their collection. As they explore, they encounter all sorts of garden wonders. Write a recount of their adventure. Include what they see, smell, and touch and whether they finally find their perfect leaf. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

The Enchanted Library Narrative Writing Prompt: An open book lies on an ornate wooden desk, illuminated by a shaft of light that streams in through a window, with stacks of ancient leather-bound books in the background, suggesting a magical and scholarly atmosphere.


The Enchanted Library Narrative Writing Prompt In an old library filled with ancient books, one book stands out. Write a narrative about a child who discovers this book and is whisked away to the stories within its pages. What wonderful world do they find, and what challenges do they face? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind

Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt: Microscopy, wasp wing viewed under a microscope, beautiful, shimmering array of colours.


Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine looking at a picture taken with a powerful camera that can zoom in very close, showing you a macro image of something. The photo reveals fragile shimmering plates with intricate designs layered over one another. As the light glints off them, you see a kaleidoscope of colours, making it

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