Chocolate Delight Writing Prompt: A piece of chocolate with a glossy, irregular surface and iridescent highlights.


Chocolate Delight Writing Prompt You have created the most unique piece of chocolate! It might look rather ordinary on the outside, but the inside holds a surprising secret! Start by describing the exterior of your chocolate. Then, dive into what makes the filling extraordinary. What flavours have you combined, or have you invented something entirely

Spaghetti Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive spaghetti food fight. spaghetti with red sauce is flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Enter the saucy spectacle of the spaghetti splash. Craft your narrative with a rich tapestry of descriptive language, making the spaghetti splash come alive on the page. Spin us a yarn that’s as tangled and lively as the spaghetti strands themselves!

Marshmallow Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive marshmallow food fight. Marshmallows are flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Imagine stepping into an arena where the sky rains soft, pillowy marshmallows. Write a narrative, rich with descriptive language, that brings the marshmallow chaos to life. Tell us your narrative of this sweet skirmish, with all the laughter, strategy, and fluffy moments captured in your words!

Donut Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive donut food fight. Colorful iced donuts with sprinkles are flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.


Welcome to a world where doughnuts aren’t just a treat but your playful projectiles in a deliciously doughy battle. Write a narrative that captures the wild whirl of the doughnut deluge, painting the scene with words as vivid and vibrant as the event itself.

Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt: An anthropomorphic slice of pizza character wearing sunglasses, walking confidently down a city street.


Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt In a world where food and people are one, a slice of pizza named Pete steps out to find the missing ingredient that makes him complete. Join Pete on his cheesy adventure through the town. What ingredient is he looking for, and who does he meet along the way?

Create A New Drink Writing Prompt: two girls sitting at a table, laughing. 2 fizzy orange drinks are in front of them with straws. The glass says 'Kids Think Wide'


Create A New Drink Writing Prompt Create a new drink that everyone should try. What’s the name of your concoction? Describe the colours, the fizz, and the flavours. Consider whether it’s sweet, sour, or a mix of both. Write about the ingredients and how each one adds to the taste. Is it a summer cooler

Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt: A young child standing in awe as they open a bright, glowing refrigerator at night.


Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt Your fridge has a special section labelled ‘Superhero Snacks’. These snacks give anyone who eats them superpowers for a day. Describe three different snacks and the powers they give. Which snack would you choose, and what heroic deeds would you do with your new power? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of

Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt: a family laughing together in the kitchen as they make dumplings.


Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt During the holiday season, a cozy kitchen becomes the heart of the home, especially when filled with the laughter of family. In this scene, some family members are covered in flour, their hands busy as they shape dough into perfect little treats. Write a narrative about this family’s special holiday tradition.

Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt: A colorful and diverse collection of intricately decorated cookies, featuring various shapes like animals, fantasy creatures, sports items, and sweet treats.


Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt Are you ready to become the most talked-about cookie designer at our school’s upcoming bake sale? Your task is to create a series of sugar cookies so delectable and eye-catching that no one can resist them. You need to persuade your schoolmates why they absolutely need to try your cookies.

Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt: A whimsical gingerbread street with houses decorated with colorful candies, icing, and a winter holiday theme.


Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt Step into a magical street where every house is crafted from gingerbread, frosted with icing, and adorned with an array of sweets. As you wander through this enchanting street, use your senses to explore every detail. Describe the vibrant colours of the candy decorations, the rich scent of spiced gingerbread,

Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt: Illustration of animated gingerbread cookies and other whimsical characters having a glow-in-the-dark party with bright colorful lights.


Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt Imagine if the gingerbread cookies in your kitchen came to life and decided to have a glow-in-the-dark party! Write a story about what games they play, what music they dance to, and all the fun they have. How do they decorate the kitchen for their neon party, and what happens

The Ice Cream Sundae Festival Design Prompt: A sundae with chocolate and colored sprinkles. Fruit and nuts sprinkled around the decadent sundae.


The Ice Cream Sundae Festival Design Prompt  Imagine you’re an ice cream architect, and your latest project is to craft the most extraordinary ice cream sundae for the town’s Ice Cream Festival. First, create a detailed diagram (picture with labels) of your design. Think about the structure, flavours, and decorations. What layers will you include?

Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt: silhouette of a 10 year old inside a greenhouse part of a futuristic research station mars, peach light.


Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt As you stand inside the safety of the space station’s greenhouse, you can’t help but gaze at the alien world outside. Write a narrative about the unique plants you’re growing and what happens when one of them begins to glow at night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of plants would

The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt: a soldier out of focus in the distance, amidst a field of poppies with sunlight streaming.


UFO Pumpkin Patch Writing Prompt In the heart of a vast pumpkin patch, an unexpected visitor from the stars arrives: a hovering UFO. It zeroes in on a single pumpkin with its brilliant light. But why? What could be so unique about that one pumpkin among so many? Write a narrative that unravels the mystery.

Pumpkin Pie Review: Hyperrealistic super detailed macro shot, tilt - view. delicious pumpkin pie on a table, nicely decorated with cream.


🥧 Pumpkin Pie Review 🥧 Imagine you are a pie detective, and your mission is to taste and review a slice of pumpkin pie. Remember, details are key to being a top detective! Now, write down your findings in a paragraph. Remember to use descriptive words and have fun being a pie detective!

Soup Descriptive Writing Prompt: delicious pumpkin soup on a table, garnished with a fresh herb.


Soup Descriptive Writing Prompt In a sunlit corner of a secret garden, a table with a bowl of pumpkin soup surrounded by fresh pumpkins of various sizes. You decide to take a spoonful. Describe in detail your very first taste. Was it a culinary masterpiece, a bitter disappointment, or a taste that teeters in between?

Memories of Fall Picture Prompt: child eyes peaking over the mug of the most delicious drink ever. pumpkin spice, creamy, delicious.


Memories of Fall Picture Prompt In the heart of Fall, a young girl finds a mysterious cup of a warm, frothy drink in her cozy room. Taking a sip, she realizes it’s no ordinary beverage. Every sip brings forth vivid memories and feelings of past autumns. Describe her journey through these memories as she savours

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Writing Prompt: Halloween carved pumpkin, castle scene. glowing, realistic, detailed. candle inside flickering.


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Writing Prompt Imagine you’re a talented pumpkin carver, and this Halloween, you have a special task. Your challenge is to design and describe the most amazing carved pumpkin. In your writing, provide detailed descriptions of your pumpkin’s design, the spooky scene it depicts, and any special features or magical elements you’d add

Vegetables Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Food photography of a forest of giant tall celery, with quaint and adorably small kids playing around the celery. extremely tall celery stalks everywhere. celery trees.


You’ve just stepped into a landscape dominated by tall celery stalks forming dense forests. The sky is shaded with the vast green leaves, and the ground is buzzing with activity. Kids use the celery stalks as slides or climbing frames. As you venture further, what exciting experiences await you in this celery wonderland?

Vegetables Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Food photography of a forest of giant broccoli trees, with quaint and adorably small kids climbing the trees.


You find yourself standing at the edge of an enormous broccoli forest. The trees, made of towering broccoli stalks, touch the clouds. As you walk deeper into the forest, you notice small kids playing games amongst these green giants. Some are even building little treehouses! What will your adventure in this broccoli world look like?

Vegetables Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Food photography of a mountains of peas, with two quaint and adorably small kids playing on them. pea playground. big pea hills. peas everywhere.


The vast hills made entirely of peas spread out in front of you, rolling and undulating like waves. On these green mounds, tiny kids play – some are rolling down, while others might even be skiing! As you decide to embark on your pea adventure, what discoveries and stories will you uncover?

The Bubbly Invention Procedure Writing Prompt: Photograph of the most delicious bubbly drink in a tall glass. drinkcore. bright colors, fun. Ice glistening.


The Bubbly Invention Procedure Writing Prompt You’ve just discovered the secret recipe for creating this bubbly drink. Write a set of step-by-step instructions so that anyone can make it at home. Include the ingredients, the measurements, and the fun decorations or garnishes that make it extra special. Give suggestions on when and where you might

Cooking Procedure Writing Prompt: A 12-year-old black chef expertly blends ingredients in a vibrant kitchen, creating a masterpiece dish.


Cooking Procedure Writing Prompt Invent a new recipe inspired by the scene in the vibrant kitchen. Write a step-by-step guide on how to recreate the dish created by the young chef. Include a list of ingredients, measurements, and detailed instructions. Be creative with your flavour combinations and encourage your readers to embrace their inner chef

Teddy Bear's Picnic Writing Prompt: A charming scene of teddy bears on a picnic under a bright sunny sky, engaged in a delightful gathering, detailed and in sharp focus.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic Writing Prompt Step into the shoes of one of the teddy bears in the photo. Write a recount of the delightful picnic day, detailing all the adventures and activities you experienced. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Use your imagination! What could the teddy bears be doing at a picnic? What food and activities might

Potato Persuasive Writing Prompt: A shocked-looking realistic potato witnessing cut up French fries on a table.


Potato Persuasive Writing Prompt Create a persuasive letter from the potato to humans, explaining why they should choose to eat other foods instead of you! Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the expression on the potato’s face? How do you think the potato might be feeling? What are some other ways potatoes can be

Hybrid Animal Descriptive Writing Prompt: An image showcasing a whimsical, realistically rendered creature that's half duck, half pineapple, swimming serenely in a pond.


Hybrid Animal Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine a world where animals and fruits/vegetables can combine to form unique creatures. Your task is to create your own half animal-half fruit or vegetable creature. Describe your creation! What is its name? Where does it live? What special powers or talents does it have? Let your imagination run wild

Robot Picture Prompt: In a grassland setting, a group of highly detailed, whimsically designed robots are sitting around a table, engaging in a communal meal and sharing cake. The scene balances the playful elements of mixed media creations with the natural backdrop of the grassland.


Robot Picture Prompt Design your own robot character and describe their appearance, personality, and special abilities. Write a short story or comic strip featuring your robot in this grassland setting, interacting with other robots. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How are the robots similar or different from each other? Why do you think the robots are eating

Letter Writing Prompt: Adorable young girl and her loving grandma eating noodles and smiling together while sitting at a kitchen table. There is one overhead light and the space feels like it might be in a small village.


Special Meal Writing Prompt Imagine sitting down for a special meal with someone you deeply care about, whether it’s a friend, family member, a famous person, or even someone from the past. Describe the setting, the delicious food on the table, and the conversations you share. What makes this meal unforgettable? Write a story capturing

Cupcake Farm Creative Writing Prompt: A cupcake farm where delicious, brightly iced cupcakes are grown and harvested in fields, like regular crops. The image showcases a fun, pastel environment.


Cupcake Farm Creative Writing Prompt Write a recipe for the most delicious cupcakes in the world! Include the steps for harvesting and preparing the ingredients, as well as the instructions for baking and decorating the cupcakes. Make sure to describe the flavours and textures of the cupcake and the decorations. Be as detailed as possible

Small Moment Writing: Close-up image of a boy surrounded by candy canes, lollipops, and floating colorful cotton candy clouds in a vibrant, whimsical setting.


Small Moment Writing Imagine you are the child in the picture, standing before a vast array of your favourite sweet treats. Your eyes twinkle with excitement, and you can hardly contain your joy. Today is special because you get to choose the one treat you love the most. Describe how you feel as you reach

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