Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt: Urban environment with buildings covered in lush greenery, integrating nature into the cityscape.


Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt You are a city planner tasked with designing a sustainable future city. Prepare an information report detailing your strategy for integrating green spaces into densely populated places worldwide. Your report should cover innovative concepts such as vertical gardens, rooftop parks, and other pioneering green initiatives contributing to a more eco-friendly

Rainy Day Adventure Writing Prompt: A fluffy kitten sitting by a window with rain droplets on the glass, looking thoughtful.


Rainy Day Adventure Writing Prompt You’re a soft little kitten by the window. It’s raining outside, and the drops tap-tap-tap on the glass like a drum. Watch the raindrops race down the window! Feel the cool, fresh air on your little pink nose as you sit nice and warm inside. It’s time to play! Will

Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt: A creative depiction of a soft, furry blue monster seamlessly integrated with a traditional sofa, smiling warmly and invitingly.


Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt Step into the role of a furniture salesperson and get ready to introduce customers to the most extraordinary couch they’ve ever seen! It’s not just any couch. It’s big, blue, with friendly eyes and a mischievous grin complete with horns. Your task is to persuade customers to buy this one-of-a-kind

Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt: A young child standing in awe as they open a bright, glowing refrigerator at night.


Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt Your fridge has a special section labelled ‘Superhero Snacks’. These snacks give anyone who eats them superpowers for a day. Describe three different snacks and the powers they give. Which snack would you choose, and what heroic deeds would you do with your new power? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of

Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt: a family laughing together in the kitchen as they make dumplings.


Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt During the holiday season, a cozy kitchen becomes the heart of the home, especially when filled with the laughter of family. In this scene, some family members are covered in flour, their hands busy as they shape dough into perfect little treats. Write a narrative about this family’s special holiday tradition.

Spooky Halloween Decorations Picture Prompt: the most amazing halloween decorated house. Dark colors, pumpkins.


Spooky Halloween Decorations Picture Prompt Design your dream interactive Halloween house display to inspire the neighborhood kids! Draw a detailed picture of a house featuring the most imaginative Halloween decorations that come to life or react in some way when approached. Let your creativity run wild, whether it’s witches that cackle, friendly ghosts that dance,

Miniature Town Writing Prompt: cardboard community, apartment buildings, soft evening lights, street lights, everyday activities of people in the evening cooking dinner, talking, sitting or doing chores. Cute, whimsical. like a child's imagination of what is happening in their doll house or block creation.


Miniature Town Writing Prompt Picture yourself as the creator of this whimsical cardboard community. Write a description about the everyday activities taking place in this miniature world. Include details about the thoughts and feelings of some of the characters as they go about their evening activities. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of characters do you

Exhausted person, laying in bed looking at the alarm clock through very sleepy eyes, lamp on next to bed.


Bedtime Adventures Picture Prompt Imagine you’re the person in the bed, feeling incredibly tired. Write a recount about how your day went and why you’re so exhausted. Describe the activities you did and how they made you feel. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice in the image? Describe the scene and the details you

Retired Superman Picture Prompts: Photography of an old country man seated at the porch, the is dressed in a superhero costume. He looks like an old superman. He’s got a certain confidence with chest out even though he’s old and tired and living an average life. He has average leather shoes one… more a man than a superhero, cape by his side.


Retired Superman Picture Prompts Choose the writing prompt that inspires you the most:

Hedgehog Picture Prompt: Intricate and vibrant image of a layered newspaper hedgehog, crafted from vintage manuscript pages, set amidst the blades of a grassy meadow in a paper quilling and book carving art style.


Hedgehog Picture Prompt Write a narrative about a day in the life of the paper hedgehog in the grassy meadow. What adventures does it have? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the hedgehog in the picture? How is it different from a real hedgehog? Why do you think the artist chose a grassy

Island Cabin Descriptive Writing Prompt: Serene picture of small cabin on an island. Surrounded by a very still lake with a beautiful reflection of the cabin and surrounding mountains.


Island Cabin Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are staying in the cabin in the image. Write a diary entry describing your experience of waking up to the beautiful sunrise. Describe what you see in the image. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What colors do you notice? How does this image make you feel? Can you think of

Teddy Bear Short Story Ideas: An irresistibly cute, fluffy little teddy bear is sitting alone on a sunlit windowsill. The sunlight streaming through the window highlights the waiting teddy bear. Who or what is the teddy waiting for? Or is the teddy longing to go out into the world on an adventure? It is an ambiguous picture!


Teddy Bear Short Story Ideas

Rapunzel Creative Writing Prompts: A modern-day Rapunzel with incredibly long blonde hair, plaited looking out of the window of a tall apartment block in a bustling city, gazing out into the distance.


Rapunzel Creative Writing Prompts What differences do you see between the traditional Rapunzel story and this modern-day version? How might she feel stuck in a modern-day tower? What kind of adventures or challenges could she have? How is this picture similar and different to the original fairy tale?

Miniature City Writing Prompt: A massive child's hand reaching into a miniature city, playing with the streets, waterways, and tiny inhabitants, all amidst a lively, springtime atmosphere.


Miniature City Writing Prompt Imagine that you have been shrunk down to the size of the people in the miniature world. Write a narrative about your adventures as you explore this tiny town. Be sure to include details about the people, places, and events that you encounter along the way. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do

Abandoned Building Narrative Writing prompt: Young boy walking up to a dilapidated door in an old apartment complex, surrounded by a vibrant array of colorful flowers and overgrown plants.


Abandoned Building Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a young explorer who stumbles upon an abandoned apartment complex filled with vibrant flowers and overgrown plants. What does the explorer find beyond the dilapidated door, and how does the experience change them? Use vivid descriptions to bring this enchanting scene to life. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Dream Big Descriptive Writing Prompt: Girl sitting in front of a computer, creating a photorealistic universe on the screen, with planets, stars, and comets flying around the room as the universe comes to life and is projected all around her.


Dream Big Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are in a room with a computer and you create an amazing universe on the screen. Planets start flying through the room and the universe is projected all around you. Write a detailed description of what you see and how you feel as you explore this incredible universe.

Friends Descriptive Writing Prompt: A boy and his dog, best friends, snuggling together in front of the television, sharing a warm and loving moment, with smiles on their faces.


Friends Descriptive Writing Prompt Describe a special moment you had with a loved one or pet. Use sensory details to describe the sights, sounds, and feelings of being close and connected with someone or something that you love. Remember to include how this moment made you feel and why it was important to you. Warm-Up

Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas: A young girl walking alongside her small herbivore dinosaur friend in a suburban backyard, sharing a friendly and relaxed connection as they look at each other.


Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas Imagine that you have a dinosaur friend who lives in your backyard.Write a letter or email to your best friend describing your adventures with your dinosaur friend. Include details about what you and your dinosaur friend like to do together, how you communicate with each other, and any challenges you

Treehouse Fun Writing Prompt: An elaborate, high-tech treehouse nestled amidst leafy branches, embodying every child's dream playground. The futuristic design features multiple levels, vibrant colors, and innovative structures, all radiating an atmosphere of joy and excitement. The treehouse perfectly merges the essence of nature and the thrill of modern technology, offering an inviting space for adventurous play and exploration.


Treehouse Fun Writing Prompt Use your imagination to describe the incredible features and activities that would make this treehouse the ultimate playground. Is it high-tech? What kind of futuristic gadgets and equipment would be available for you to use? What kind of games and activities would you and your friends come up with in this

Letter Writing Prompt: Adorable young girl and her loving grandma eating noodles and smiling together while sitting at a kitchen table. There is one overhead light and the space feels like it might be in a small village.


Special Meal Writing Prompt Imagine sitting down for a special meal with someone you deeply care about, whether it’s a friend, family member, a famous person, or even someone from the past. Describe the setting, the delicious food on the table, and the conversations you share. What makes this meal unforgettable? Write a story capturing

Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt: Cartoon boy doing homework with a friendly dinosaur sitting beside him, creating a fun and supportive learning environment.


Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt Imagine you are a student who has a special friend to help you with your homework. But this friend is not an ordinary tutor, it’s a friendly dinosaur! Write a recount about your experience studying with your dino-friend. What subjects did you study together? Did you encounter any challenges? How did

Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt: An image of a futuristic Martian habitat designed for sustainable living, featuring a family and a large silvery moon.


Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt Imagine this is your new home on Mars. Recount a typical day living in this strange land. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the climate is like? What would it be like to live here? What would you need to survive? What does this image remind you of? What

Floating Castle Writing Prompt: A majestic floating castle on a cloud in dark outer space, surrounded by stars and with a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Floating Castle Writing Prompt Describe a character that lives in this magical and enchanting world. Make sure to include what they look like, how they spend their time, who they live with and what daily life is like for them. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does this image remind you of? What would it be like

City Story Starter: Breathtaking photograph of a stunning city skyline at night, with bright lights illuminating the towering buildings in rich detail.


City Writing Prompt Write a recount of a person who lives in this vibrant city. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do cities sound like, look like and feel like? What sort of things might make up a typical day in a city? How might it be different to where you live? How might it be similar

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