Shark Creative Writing Prompt: A scuba diver underwater takes a selfie, eyes wide with shock and fear, as a massive great white shark with numerous sharp teeth lurks menacingly behind him.


Shark Creative Writing Prompt Write a description of this moment from the perspective of the scuba diver. Describe his thoughts and emotions as he encounters this fearsome creature. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the scuba diver might be thinking and feeling? How would you describe what the shark looks like?

Paris Creative Writing Prompt: Photo of a fearless, proud, and confident tween climbing up the outside of the Eiffel Tower. His face is in sharp focus and is set against the backdrop of a sunlit Paris.


Paris Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you have just won a unique opportunity to view Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, accompanied by an expert guide. As you ascend this iconic landmark, your eyes catch something unusual about the city below that fills you with curiosity and excitement. Write a narrative about your unique

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