Antique Table Creative Writing Prompt: An antique wooden table with elaborate carvings, featuring a lit candle, a handwritten note, and a vintage key.


Antique Table Creative Writing Prompt You’ve just inherited an old, creaky house from a relative you never knew existed. In one of the dusty rooms, you find an antique wooden table with a lit candle, a note on an old piece of paper, and a peculiar key. Write a story about what the key unlocks

Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt: A hand holding a glowing, ancient-looking pocket watch with intricate details and a mysterious blue light emanating from within.


Enchanted Pocket Watch Writing Prompt One evening, as you explore your grandmother’s attic, you stumble upon an ancient-looking pocket watch that glows mysteriously. As soon as you touch it, the room spins, and you find yourself in a different era! What period did you land in, and what adventures await you there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Pot of Gold Creative Writing Prompt: a small pot of gold sitting in grass with a rainbow.


Pot of Gold Creative Writing Prompt As you walk across the grass, you find a pot full of shiny gold coins. You can’t believe that no one else noticed it! What would you do with this treasure? What would you buy? Include details about what you would buy and how you would use your purchases.

Kindness Potion Picture Prompt: A glass bottle with a glowing pink substance surrounded by dried flowers and a lit candle in the background, suggesting a mystical or magical scene.


Kindness Potion Picture Prompt Imagine a young witch who brews a special potion to spread kindness. On Valentine’s Day, she accidentally spills it into the town’s water supply, and suddenly, everyone starts doing wonderfully kind things! Your task is to write a story about what happens next. Think about how the townspeople react and the

Genie Lamp Writing Prompt: a beautiful golden, old genie lamp that is glowing. It has wisps of blue smoke coming from the spout.


Genie Lamp Writing Prompt As the New Year approaches, a mystical lamp is discovered in the attic. When a group of friends polishes it, a genie appears, offering to grant each of them a wish for the coming year. But there’s a twist: their wishes must truly reflect their hopes for personal growth and the

Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt: Microscopy, wasp wing viewed under a microscope, beautiful, shimmering array of colours.


Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine looking at a picture taken with a powerful camera that can zoom in very close, showing you a macro image of something. The photo reveals fragile shimmering plates with intricate designs layered over one another. As the light glints off them, you see a kaleidoscope of colours, making it

Halloween Potion Writing Prompt: Halloween Writing Ideas... the most amazing magic potion, Purple and red mixture swirling inside an ancient glass bottle.


Halloween Potion Writing Prompt You discover an ancient glass bottle in a hidden corner of an old room. Inside, a mesmerizing potion swirls with shades of purple and red, shimmering like a Halloween twilight. Imagine you decide to use just one drop of this fantastic magic potion. What happens next? Write a tale about your

Dive into the Crystal Ball Writing Prompt! Spark creativity with tales of a magical fall day and a mysterious levitating lensball in the park for young writers: levitating lensball in the park with child watching it. Fall day. Fallen leaves.


Crystal Ball Writing Prompt In a park painted with the colours of fall and a soft blanket of leaves, a small child finds something magical: a crystal ball floating gently in the air. The crystal ball shows delightful and enchanting images as the child gazes at it. What playful scenes or friendly creatures does the

Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt: A half-buried ancient artifact glowing in the sand surrounded by a vast desert with mountainous sand dunes under a starry sky.


Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt Under a star-filled sky in a vast desert, there’s an ancient artifact half-buried in the sand, glowing with a mysterious light. What magical or spooky tale does this artifact hold? Perhaps it’s a portal to another world, a lost treasure of a forgotten civilization, or a trinket with supernatural powers.

Gemstone Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: a powerful, glowing magical blue stone in a magical style.


Discover what awaits as you connect with the powerful, glowing, magical blue stone. Its luminescence holds stories, dreams, or maybe even gateways. What does this radiant stone reveal to you? Write a narrative about what happens when you first notice this stone.

Gemstone Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: a powerful, glowing magical purple stone in a magical style.


Unearth the potential nestled within the powerful, glowing, magical purple stone. Every glimmer of the stone hints at possibilities, adventures, or perhaps ancient wisdom. Where or how does this stone guide your journey? Write a narrative about what happens when you first notice this stone.

Gemstone Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: a powerful, glowing magical red stone in a magical style.


Venture with the essence of the powerful, glowing, magical red stone. Its fiery core promises passion, inspiration, or even transformation. What change or path does this stone inspire within you? Write a narrative about what happens when you first notice this stone.

Photograph of an antique scroll, rolled up on the floor of a lavishly decorated room inspired by the Narnia movie setting.


In the midst of the elegant surroundings, an old scroll lies rolled up on the floor. Is it a map leading to a secret location or a letter from a forgotten time? Write about the adventures that ensue when you unroll the scroll and decipher its contents.

Detailed photograph of a beautifully intricate treasure chest situated in a classically decorated room, reminiscent of an early 1900's upper-class home from the Narnia film.


Against the lavish backdrop of the room, a beautifully carved wooden chest catches your eye. It’s closed, guarding a mystery. How did it come to be here and what treasures does it hold? Write a narrative about opening the chest and what you find inside.

Detailed image of a small, ornate blue glass bottle with gold accents, resembling an item from a Narnia scene, placed elegantly on the floor of a classically decorated room showcasing an early 1900’s upper-class home ambiance.


In the middle of the room, you spot a small blue glass bottle with intricate gold accents. You feel an inexplicable pull towards it. Could there be a genie trapped inside, a magic potion or something else? Write a story about what happens next.

Mysterious Gemstone Poetry Writing Prompt: In the midst of a deep, mossy forest during a heavy rain at night, a small, mystical red gemstone glows vibrantly, levitating in mid-air over a clearing.


Mysterious Gemstone Poetry Writing Prompt Write a poem inspired by the image, capturing the atmosphere, the mystical nature of the red glowing gemstone, and the feeling of being in the clearing on a rainy night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of story could include a red glowing gemstone? How would you describe the gemstone and

Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt: The legendary Excalibur sword wedged into a stone in a mystical forest with sunbeams spotlighting the sword.


Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt Visualize a mystical sword embedded in a stone, set amidst a magical forest. Use lively and colorful language to portray this captivating scene to your reader. Pay special attention to details that are remarkable about the sword, the stone, and the enchanting forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you imagine

Snow Globe Descriptive Writing Prompt: Image of a young boy looking with fascination and longing at a beautiful large snow globe containing a happy world. The details of the world are unclear, however, it is a happy scene.


Snow Globe Descriptive Writing Prompt Pretend you’re the creator of a magical snow globe world. You get to choose everything inside it. What kind of scenery would it have? Would there be any houses or buildings, and what would they look like? What’s the weather like? Would you put any people or animals inside? How

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