Ancient Jungle Arena Creative Writing Prompt: An anthropomorphic half-human, half-lion creature standing in a gladiator arena, embodying a fantasy or mythology theme.


Ancient Jungle Arena Creative Writing Prompt You are a young adventurer embarking on a journey deep into the heart of the jungle, where you uncover an ancient, hidden arena. As you venture into the center of this mystical place, you encounter a statue. It springs to life to your astonishment, revealing itself as a half-human,

Ancient Heroes Writing Prompt: a boy standing in an old Library with his shadow growing larger.


Ancient Heroes Writing Prompt Walking through the ancient library, you notice your shadow behaving oddly. It starts to grow and take on a life of its own, revealing that you are the descendant of a legendary figure from Greek mythology. Write about your discovery of your heritage and the first mythical challenge you and your

Storm Whisperer Writing Prompt: An individual standing on a rocky coastline with a bright, glowing talisman in their hand, as a storm rages around them with lightning in the background.


Storm Whisperer Writing Prompt As you hold the ancient talisman, the storm around you calms to a whisper. You’ve just discovered you’re the Storm Whisperer, destined to tame the wild weather that plagues your coastal village. Write about your first encounter with the storm’s fury and how you harness your newfound powers. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Save The Forest Creative Writing Prompt: An animated scene with a child facing a large, friendly-looking blue-furred giant in a snowy forest.


Save The Forest Creative Writing Prompt Picture this: the snowy forest, with its whispering pines and silent nights, faces a significant threat that could change it forever. The gentle giant who has been the guardian of this winter wonderland for centuries now needs our help. This giant, a friend to every creature and the keeper

Bee Riding Adventure Writing Prompt: An imaginative scene of a tiny person riding on the back of a bee, soaring through a garden.


Bee Riding Adventure Writing Prompt Today was a fantastic day! You became tiny and got to ride on a bee’s back, just like a superhero. Write a recount of this adventure. Describe your ride through the garden. Where did you go? What amazing things did you see? How did you feel soaring high and buzzing

Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a winged horse at the edge of a mountain cliff under a starry sky.


Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt High atop a mountain under a blanket of stars, you and your winged horse prepare for an incredible journey. Where will you fly to, and what mythical creatures will you encounter along the way? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special abilities does your winged horse have that can help you during

Day With Hermes Creative Writing Prompt: Hermes holding a young boys hand as the take off to fly. Greek setting.


Day With Hermes Creative Writing Prompt Hermes is known for being the messenger of the gods and for his speed. Write a narrative about spending a day with Hermes. Where would you go, what messages would you deliver, and what interesting people or creatures might you meet along the way? Remember, Hermes is also the

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