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Chocolate Delight Writing Prompt: A piece of chocolate with a glossy, irregular surface and iridescent highlights.


Chocolate Delight Writing Prompt You have created the most unique piece of chocolate! It might look rather ordinary on the outside, but the inside holds a surprising secret! Start by describing the exterior of your chocolate. Then, dive into what makes the filling extraordinary. What flavours have you combined, or have you invented something entirely

Small Moment Writing Prompt: A young deer sitting among a vibrant array of flowers in a sunlit forest clearing.


Small Moment Writing Prompt Write about this moment, when the morning sun begins its ascent, engaging all your senses as its rays peek through the trees. Describe the scene where this gentle warmth touches a young deer among a sea of flowers. Consider all your senses: the coolness of the dew, the soft rustle of

Umbrella Flyers Picture Prompt: A person suspended above a cityscape, holding an umbrella as if flying, with a bird's-eye view of streets and buildings below.


Umbrella Flyers Picture Prompt Describe flying over your community. Use all your senses to describe a moment during this flight. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the feeling of flying with an umbrella? What challenges might you face while flying and how would you overcome them? What would your community look like from above?

Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt: A person in motion through a lush green field of tall grass with the sensation of movement and haste.


Hurrying Creative Writing Prompt Amid a vast field of whispering grass, you spot a figure moving swiftly towards an unknown destination. Write a description of these few moments as they race through the field. Include details that tell the reader who this person is and where they are hurrying to. Include descriptive language to explain

Inside A Painting Picture Prompt: An enchanting depiction of a person stepping onto a path in a mountainous landscape within a framed painting.


Inside A Painting Picture Prompt Imagine being able to step inside your favorite painting. Which masterpiece would you pick? Picture yourself entering the painting, and as you do, the scene unfolds into a living world around you. Describe your first moments in this vibrant place. What do you see, smell, and hear? Is the air

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