Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting in a giant paper boat on a calm lake with mountains in the background at sunset.


Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt Continue this narrative: As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the calm lake, I noticed a peculiar little object bobbing gently near the water’s edge. It was a boat unlike any I’d seen before — crafted from a single sheet of almost white paper, folded

Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt: A snow globe containing a miniature pirate-themed scene complete with a treasure chest, palm trees, and a character in pirate attire.


Create A Snow Globe Picture Prompt Design your very own snow globe. Inside this magical globe, you can create a miniature world that’s your perfect slice of happiness. What would you put inside? Maybe it’s a tiny version of your backyard with a snowman wearing a hat or a fantasy land with unicorns prancing under

Toy's Night Adventure Picture Prompt: A fluffy purple animated toy character exploring a store


Toy’s Night Adventure Picture Prompt A fluffy purple toy sits on a shelf in a department store, its eyes wide with wonder. This toy has never had a home; it’s been waiting for someone special to pick it up and take it on grand adventures. But tonight, something magical stirs, and the toy comes to

Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt: A lonely teddy bear with a red scarf sitting on a wet sidewalk by a street adorned with Christmas decorations.


Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a teddy bear that gets lost on a busy street during the holidays. How does the teddy bear feel sitting alone? What kind of people pass by, and who eventually finds the bear? What is the teddy bear’s one wish, and how does it come true?

Inventive Inventions Picture Prompt: Colorful array of K'nex pieces in various sizes and colors, offering creative building possibilities.


Inventive Inventions Picture Prompt

Race Day Commentator Picture Prompt: Action-packed picture of two ultra-modern, mini 4WD remote control dream cars mid-air over a jump on a dirt track, during a closely contested race. Dirt particles are flying in the wake of their wheels spinning at high speed, capturing the thrill and excitement of the moment. The image encapsulates the exhilaration and intensity of a kids' dream car race, making it a perfect representation of high-speed, dynamic, and exhilarating action.


Race Day Commentator Picture Prompt Imagine you are a commentator narrating this thrilling race between the two mini 4WD remote control dream cars. Recount the scene as the cars zoom over the jump and the reactions of the crowd watching. Who wins the race, and what happens next? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you imagine

Teddy Bear's Picnic Writing Prompt: A charming scene of teddy bears on a picnic under a bright sunny sky, engaged in a delightful gathering, detailed and in sharp focus.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic Writing Prompt Step into the shoes of one of the teddy bears in the photo. Write a recount of the delightful picnic day, detailing all the adventures and activities you experienced. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Use your imagination! What could the teddy bears be doing at a picnic? What food and activities might

Teddy Bear Short Story Ideas: An irresistibly cute, fluffy little teddy bear is sitting alone on a sunlit windowsill. The sunlight streaming through the window highlights the waiting teddy bear. Who or what is the teddy waiting for? Or is the teddy longing to go out into the world on an adventure? It is an ambiguous picture!


Teddy Bear Short Story Ideas

Holographic Go-Cart Toy Persuasive Writing Prompt: High-resolution image showcasing two young female designers standing next to a large, intricately detailed holographic go-cart, set on a table in a modern office environment.


Holographic Go-Cart Toy Persuasive Writing Prompt Make your case! Do you believe the holographic go-cart is the future of toy technology? Write a compelling argument either for or against the adoption of holographic go-carting as a major toy trend. Use imaginative and rational reasoning to sway your readers! Warm-Up Discussion Questions What features or design

Stormtrooper Writing Prompt: A boy with a stormtrooper costume sitting on an old toy that looks like a speeder. He is imagining himself racing through the forest.


Stormtrooper Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of the young stormtrooper. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of place do you think this is? Fiction or non-fiction? Justify your choice. Where does the stormtrooper come from? why are they here? What challenges might the stormtrooper face?

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