Picking Flowers Writing Prompt: A single pink rose with dew drops on its petals shines brightly with sunlight filtering through its petals.


Picking Flowers Writing Prompt Should I pick the flower or not? Persuade me! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe the flower in as much detail as you can. Can you list some reasons why someone might want to pick this flower? What happens to a flower after it is picked? What are the benefits of leaving a

Enchanted Storytelling Picture Prompt: An animated blue and purple furry creature with horns sitting in a cozy living room, engaging in what appears to be story time with a young girl seated in an armchair.


Enchanted Storytelling Picture Prompt Each day, as the sun sets, your new friend, a large and lovable creature from a realm beyond ours, arrives to share a wonder-filled story. Their tales come from places you could only dream of—enchanted islands, bustling cities where creatures of all kinds coexist, or mysterious planets with rings of glittering

Protector Writing Prompt: a young girl hugging a lion, golden hour in a field. Very relaxed and calm atmosphere.


Protector Writing Prompt In a twist of roles, this little girl is known throughout the animal kingdom as the fierce protector of all creatures. How did she win the lion’s trust and become his protector? Write her story, filled with challenges she overcame and acts of courage that proved her strength and trust. Tell us

Lost Sheep Picture Prompt: A shepherd seated with his flock of sheep on a hillside at dusk, overlooking a serene landscape.


Lost Sheep Picture Prompt Look at the shepherd with his sheep in the fading light. Write a diary entry from the shepherd’s point of view. What might he be thinking as he watches over his sheep? Perhaps he’s reflecting on his day, the beauty of the land, or even thinking about the one sheep that

Living Sweater Picture Prompt: Person wearing a bright orange sweater with a monster face design.


Living Sweater Picture Prompt Craft a persuasive advertisement for the most honest garment you’ll ever own: The Living Sweater. This extraordinary clothing is more than a warm layer; it’s a truth-telling confidant. Tailored with cutting-edge technology, the Living Sweater can converse with you, react to your emotions, and provide companionship with its unique personality that

Future Self Picture Prompt: Composite photo merging the face of a young child with the face of an elderly person, symbolizing the passage of time and reflection.


Future Self Picture Prompt In the magical village of Luminara, there’s a unique tradition. On their 12th birthday, children glimpse their future for one day. Today, Alex wakes up excitedly, only to find himself staring into the eyes of his older self. Write a narrative about what wisdom and stories the more senior Alex shares

Valentine's Day Interview Picture Prompt: A microphone in focus with two blurred figures in the background, possibly preparing for a Valentine's Day interview or performance.


Valentine’s Day Interview Picture Prompt As a unique project for Valentine’s Day, your teacher challenges you to delve into a historical or personal perspective on the holiday. You are to interview a figure – it could be someone from your family, a historical icon, a futuristic visionary, or a renowned personality you admire. Your task

Valentine's Day Pet Parade: a bear dressed up in a Valentine's Day costume, top hat, waist coat and holding a pink balloon.


Valentine’s Day Pet Parade Get ready for the most adorable event of the year – the Valentine’s Day Pet Parade! This is your chance to show off your pet’s style and your creative flair. Your mission is to design a costume for your pet full of love and Valentine’s cheer. Here’s What to Do:

Heart Of Gold Writing Prompt: A child gazing up in wonder at a magical golden light emanating from their hands.


Heart Of Gold Writing Prompt The child in the image has discovered a golden light that represents kindness. Imagine that this light gives them the power to spread kindness wherever they go. Your task is to write about a challenge they face in their community, school, or family where they use their ‘heart of gold’

Kindness Potion Picture Prompt: A glass bottle with a glowing pink substance surrounded by dried flowers and a lit candle in the background, suggesting a mystical or magical scene.


Kindness Potion Picture Prompt Imagine a young witch who brews a special potion to spread kindness. On Valentine’s Day, she accidentally spills it into the town’s water supply, and suddenly, everyone starts doing wonderfully kind things! Your task is to write a story about what happens next. Think about how the townspeople react and the

Valentine Tree Writing Prompt: An enchanting tree with heart-shaped fruits in shades of pink and red, situated in a lush, magical garden at sunset.


Valentine Tree Writing Prompt In the small, sleepy town of Heartville, there’s a secret that only the children know. At the very edge of town, hidden behind Mrs. Lila’s bakery, stands a magnificent tree unlike any other. This tree is known to the kids as the Valentine’s Day Tree. Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches,

Knight's Quest Picture Prompt: Illustration of a young knight in armor looking pensively to the side, with meadows in the background.


Knight’s Quest Picture Prompt Once a peaceful protector of the realm, a knight finds himself amid an ancient prophecy. In the quiet fields of his homeland, he must uncover hidden symbols in the landscape that guide him to a legendary artifact. Can he find it before dark forces do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you

Day With Hermes Creative Writing Prompt: Hermes holding a young boys hand as the take off to fly. Greek setting.


Day With Hermes Creative Writing Prompt Hermes is known for being the messenger of the gods and for his speed. Write a narrative about spending a day with Hermes. Where would you go, what messages would you deliver, and what interesting people or creatures might you meet along the way? Remember, Hermes is also the

When I'm 80 Writing Prompt: Two joyful elderly women playing music together in a studio with an electronic keyboard.


When I’m 80 Writing Prompt Imagine being 80 years old and having a whole day to do things that make you happy. What would you do? Would you tell funny stories to your family or teach your grandkids how to make the world’s best cookies? Or would you be the most excellent grandparent ever, making

Turtle's Trick Writing Prompt: An animated turtle with a captivating expression performing a fiery trick in a forest.


Turtle’s Trick Writing Prompt The forest is having a talent show, and this friendly turtle has a fiery trick up its sleeve. What is the trick, and how does it surprise and delight all the other animals? Tell the story of how the turtle prepares for the big show and the friends it makes along

New Year Reflections Writing Prompt: three friends silhouetted watching a sunrise in the distance. Beautiful nature setting.


New Year Reflections Writing Prompt On the first day of the New Year, you and two friends make your way up a hill, eager to witness the day’s first gleaming rays. Perched atop, with the horizon stretching before you, you engage in a heartfelt exchange. As you think about 2023, you each share: 1. three

Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt: A paper crane appears to be taking flight from a person's hand against a city skyline during sunrise.


Paper Crane Flight Writing Prompt In a bustling cityscape, a paper crane is gently released into the sky, a delicate symbol of peace and good fortune. Craft a tale about this crane’s flight through the city and how it changes one person’s day. Who finds the crane, and what message of hope does it carry

Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt: A young child in a winter coat touching noses with a gentle reindeer in a snowy landscape.


Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt On the coldest day of winter, you stumble upon a gentle reindeer lost in the snowy woods. It seems to be searching for something important. Write a narrative about how you help the reindeer find what it’s looking for. Describe your journey through the snow, the clues you see,

Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt: A diverse group of people of different ages in winter clothing, smiling and celebrating together outdoors with snow falling, while a man holds a closed metal box, representing a time capsule.


Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt Over the holiday break, the neighborhood decides to create a ‘Living Time Capsule’ to capture memories of the season. Each family is invited to contribute one item that they feel best represents their holiday experience this year. Your family has asked you to choose the contribution. Write a narrative about

Holiday Snow Globes Creative Writing Prompt: A collage of six different holiday-themed snow globes, each containing various symbols of the season like a heart, a candle, a sparkler, a gift box, winter birds, and more candles amidst Christmas decor.


Holiday Snow Globes Creative Writing Prompt Inside each of these six magical snow globes is a different scene filled with warmth and the spirit of the holiday season. Please choose one of the snow globes that speaks to you and write a story about it. Maybe it’s the globe with the glowing heart that reminds

Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt: a family laughing together in the kitchen as they make dumplings.


Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt During the holiday season, a cozy kitchen becomes the heart of the home, especially when filled with the laughter of family. In this scene, some family members are covered in flour, their hands busy as they shape dough into perfect little treats. Write a narrative about this family’s special holiday tradition.

Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt: A person with a shocked expression pushing a shopping cart overwhelmed by an abundance of floating wrapped gifts.


Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt In the spirit of the holiday season, your school has introduced a heartwarming challenge: to give a gift from the heart that costs nothing but means everything. You’ve decided to embrace this challenge and have come up with a perfect idea. Craft a narrative that brings us along on

Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt: A young child happily embracing a snowman adorned with a scarf and a hat on a sunny winter day.


Snowman Adventures Creative Writing Prompt You build a snowman and the next day, you find out it has come to life! Write about the adventures you have together. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you describe what your living snowman looks like and what makes him different from a regular snowman? How would you feel if you

Young Superhero Smile Writing Prompt: Digital illustration of a young boy dressed as a superhero with a bright smile flying through a city street.


Young Superhero Smile Writing Prompt This young superhero is known for more than just his powers; he’s known for his infectious smile that brightens everyone’s day. Write about how his smile brings hope and joy to the city’s people, even when they face difficult times. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of superpowers do you think

Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Prompt: Silhouette of three ten year old friends hugging in the evening in the rainforest, watching a sunset.


Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Prompt As Thanksgiving approaches, three friends find a serene spot surrounded by peace and beauty. Taking a moment to reflect, they begin to share what they are thankful for this year. Write a narrative about their journey to this special place, the heartfelt conversations they have, and the memories they create together.

The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt: a field of red poppies with the sun shining on it, the hint of a silhouette of a soldier out of focus in the distance; concept honor our service person


The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt The poppy field has a magical power that allows it to bloom where heroes have walked. Write a narrative about how you and your friends discover this place and decide to give thanks to the veterans in a unique way. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think it means

Halloween Campfire Writing Prompt: 2 kids with witches hats sitting around a campfire, Halloween, realistic, cinematic shot. golden hour.


Halloween Campfire Writing Prompt Imagine you’re one of the children in this Halloween scene, gathered around the campfire with friends. Write a spooky, funny, or mysterious story about what happens next. Is there a ghostly visitor, a magical spell, or a mischievous black cat? Let your imagination run wild as you explore the enchanting world

Campfire Tales Writing Prompt: three kids sitting around a campfire, warm, friendly. detailed, realistic, cinematic shot. golden hour.


Campfire Tales Writing Prompt As the sun dips behind the distant mountains, casting a golden glow, three friends huddle close around a crackling campfire. With eager eyes and animated gestures, each prepares to share a story unique to their imagination. Craft a narrative about one of the captivating tales that come to life in the

A Splash of Happiness Writing Prompt: Old couple jumping in a puddle, happy and childlike fun, 85mm f2. 8 shot, hyperrealistic, detailed realistic light, background bright and happy feel.


A Splash of Happiness Writing Prompt Write a recount from the perspective of one of the people in the photograph. Describe the day’s events leading up to this joyful puddle-jumping moment and explain why it made you so happy. Share your thoughts on the importance of finding joy in everyday moments. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How

The Tree's Timeless Tales Picture Prompt: surreal evening, beautiful colors, moonlight, cosmic sky: with beautiful array of colours, sprinkled with stars. Silhouette of trees and two people in the distance.


The Tree’s Timeless Tales Picture Prompt As one of the tall trees casting shadows under the cosmic sky, you’ve stood for countless years and witnessed many events unfold beneath your branches. Write a narrative about a memorable event or story that happened under you. It could be a secret gathering, a lost traveler seeking refuge,

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