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Antique Table Creative Writing Prompt: An antique wooden table with elaborate carvings, featuring a lit candle, a handwritten note, and a vintage key.


Antique Table Creative Writing Prompt You’ve just inherited an old, creaky house from a relative you never knew existed. In one of the dusty rooms, you find an antique wooden table with a lit candle, a note on an old piece of paper, and a peculiar key. Write a story about what the key unlocks

Genie Lamp Writing Prompt: a beautiful golden, old genie lamp that is glowing. It has wisps of blue smoke coming from the spout.


Genie Lamp Writing Prompt As the New Year approaches, a mystical lamp is discovered in the attic. When a group of friends polishes it, a genie appears, offering to grant each of them a wish for the coming year. But there’s a twist: their wishes must truly reflect their hopes for personal growth and the

The Time-Traveling Backpack Writing Prompt: A young child stands in an attic filled with antique trunks and suitcases. Sunlight streams in through a window, casting beams across the dusty space and illuminating the child from the side. The child, dressed in a cozy sweater and striped socks, appears contemplative as they gaze at an old-fashioned leather school bag. A sense of nostalgia and discovery pervades the scene, highlighted by the warm lighting and the collection of various-sized, well-traveled luggage.


The Time-Traveling Backpack Writing Prompt You find an old backpack in your attic, and it turns out to be a time-traveling backpack! Write a narrative about the first place you travel to with your backpack. Is it the past or the future? Describe the people, places, and things you see on your time-traveling adventure. Warm-Up

Egyptian Queen in Café Writing Prompt: Time traveler Queen Nefertiti in a cafe in New York City.


Egyptian Queen in Café Writing Prompt Imagine a day in the life of the character in the picture. What is her story, and why is she sitting in a café dressed like an ancient Egyptian queen? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why do you think she is dressed like an Egyptian queen in a modern café setting?

Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt: A half-buried ancient artifact glowing in the sand surrounded by a vast desert with mountainous sand dunes under a starry sky.


Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt Under a star-filled sky in a vast desert, there’s an ancient artifact half-buried in the sand, glowing with a mysterious light. What magical or spooky tale does this artifact hold? Perhaps it’s a portal to another world, a lost treasure of a forgotten civilization, or a trinket with supernatural powers.

Dinosaur Chase Writing Prompt: boy riding a Tyrannosaurus rex through prehistoric grasslands with flying dinosaurs in pursuit.


Dinosaur Chase Writing Prompt Describe the heart-pounding moment when the boy and the Tyrannosaurus rex dash through the vibrant grasslands, with flying dinosaurs soaring in pursuit. Use vivid imagery to bring the prehistoric scene to life, capturing the sights, sounds, and feelings of this thrilling chase. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the boy

Magic Carpet over Mt. Everest Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at Mount Everest with a small Nepalese village below the mountain.


Crisp mountain air surrounds you as you and your sibling venture over a serene Nepalese village, with the grandeur of Mt. Everest as the backdrop. From this height, the traditions and simple joys of the village life beckon you closer.

Magic Carpet over The Great Wall of China Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at the Great Wall of China in it's glory. Surrounded by dense forest.


With the wind gently brushing your cheeks, you and a companion float effortlessly above the Great Wall of China. As you follow the wall’s serpentine path, stories of old battles and ancient dynasties fill your imagination.

Magic Carpet over Ancient Port Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at an ancient roman port. Wooden boats and a city in the distance.


You’re soaring on a magic carpet with your best friend, capturing glimpses of the ancient Roman port beneath. Together, you decide to embark on an adventure, weaving through the masts of wooden boats and exploring the heart of the ancient city.

Interview with Leonardo da Vinci Picture Prompt: Leonardo da Vinci pictured on the tarmac at an airport.


Interview with Leonardo da Vinci Picture Prompt In a twist of fate, Leonardo da Vinci arrives in the 21st century. Write an interview with this time traveler, exploring how he adapts to contemporary life, including technology, art, and culture. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine Leonardo trying to use a smartphone or a computer. How do you

Camel Ride Email: back of a 10-year-old boy on his camel in the arabian desert, traveling along a dusty sandy track. mountains in the distance. photorealistic


Camel Ride Email Imagine you’re the 10-year-old boy on the camel’s back in the desert. Write an email to your class describing your exciting journey. What do you see along the sandy track? How do you feel as you approach the distant mountains? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Try to describe what this desert looks like. What

River Reflections Writing Prompt: man sitting next to a river, wistful expression, wearing clothes from ancient times


River Reflections Writing Prompt Imagine you are the person in this ancient setting, sitting beside a tranquil river. Write a short description of this moment. Include your thoughts and feelings as you gaze at the peaceful waters and the beautiful landscape around you. What do you see, hear, and sense in this serene moment? Warm-Up

Time Traveler's Chronicles Picture Prompt: A strange woman dressed in Victorian clothing, standing confidently looking into the distance with some sort of steel building behind her in the foggy twilight.


Time Traveler’s Chronicles Picture Prompt You possess a unique ability to traverse time and dimensions, allowing you to explore different eras and worlds. Write a narrative about your latest adventure, where you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar place. Describe the sights, sounds, and experiences you encounter in this new dimension. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What

Middle Ages Writing Prompt: A captivating image of a young child walking alone on an empty cobblestone street, reflecting a typical day in a British town during the Middle Ages. The backdrop is filled with quaint, medieval architecture, enhancing the sense of stepping back in time. The image beautifully encapsulates the solitary exploration and the historical charm of the period.


Middle Ages Writing Prompt Imagine you are a kid living in a town during the Middle Ages in Britain. Write a recount of a typical day for a child in this time. Describe what you see, hear, and do from morning ’til night. Don’t forget to talk about the people you meet and the things

Ancient Rome VR Writing Prompt: A picture taken long ago, of the Colosseum in Rome during a golden sunset, with a grand procession entering the city.


Ancient Rome VR Writing Prompt For your school project, you’re tasked with bringing to life the Colosseum during a mesmerizing golden sunset. Rather than using traditional drawing or crafting methods, you opt for a cutting-edge virtual reality experience set in Ancient Rome. Delve into your virtual creation. Describe the elements you include, from the participants

Photograph of an antique scroll, rolled up on the floor of a lavishly decorated room inspired by the Narnia movie setting.


In the midst of the elegant surroundings, an old scroll lies rolled up on the floor. Is it a map leading to a secret location or a letter from a forgotten time? Write about the adventures that ensue when you unroll the scroll and decipher its contents.

Detailed photograph of a beautifully intricate treasure chest situated in a classically decorated room, reminiscent of an early 1900's upper-class home from the Narnia film.


Against the lavish backdrop of the room, a beautifully carved wooden chest catches your eye. It’s closed, guarding a mystery. How did it come to be here and what treasures does it hold? Write a narrative about opening the chest and what you find inside.

Detailed image of a small, ornate blue glass bottle with gold accents, resembling an item from a Narnia scene, placed elegantly on the floor of a classically decorated room showcasing an early 1900’s upper-class home ambiance.


In the middle of the room, you spot a small blue glass bottle with intricate gold accents. You feel an inexplicable pull towards it. Could there be a genie trapped inside, a magic potion or something else? Write a story about what happens next.

Desert Adventure Persuasive Writing Prompt: A character's hand holding an ancient compass, navigating through a vast, sandy desert with an air of mystery and adventure.


Desert Adventure Persuasive Writing Prompt Imagine that you are the character holding the old compass in the desert. Write a persuasive letter to your best friend, convincing them to join you on this thrilling adventure. Describe the importance of the journey, the excitement of using the ancient compass, and the potential rewards of discovering hidden

An expansive library filled with high shelves that are brimming with a variety of books. The unique feature of this library is the lush greenery that coexists harmoniously with the literature. Moss, leaves, and ferns have grown over the shelves, creating a fascinating blend of knowledge and nature. The verdant plants weave through the books, transforming the library into a serene, otherworldly sanctuary for bibliophiles.


Importance of Libraries Persuasive writing prompt Write a persuasive text explaining why libraries are important in our world today. Use examples to support your argument, and convince the reader of the value of libraries in providing access to information, promoting learning, and preserving knowledge for future generations. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the

Ship Captain Writing Prompt: The captain of a ship from the 1700s stands onboard his sailing boat, exuding an air of confidence and experience as he embarks on a journey to explore new lands.


Ship Captain Writing Prompt Imagine you are meeting the man in the picture for the first time.Write a description of him based on his appearance, and speculate on what he might be like as a person. What kind of job do you think he might have on the ship behind him? What kind of adventures

Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt: The legendary Excalibur sword wedged into a stone in a mystical forest with sunbeams spotlighting the sword.


Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt Visualize a mystical sword embedded in a stone, set amidst a magical forest. Use lively and colorful language to portray this captivating scene to your reader. Pay special attention to details that are remarkable about the sword, the stone, and the enchanting forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you imagine

Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas: A young girl walking alongside her small herbivore dinosaur friend in a suburban backyard, sharing a friendly and relaxed connection as they look at each other.


Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas Imagine that you have a dinosaur friend who lives in your backyard.Write a letter or email to your best friend describing your adventures with your dinosaur friend. Include details about what you and your dinosaur friend like to do together, how you communicate with each other, and any challenges you

An ancient-looking door with intricate carvings and a golden handle, standing alone in the middle of a school playground, catching the sunlight.


Mysterious Door Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a group of students who discover the mysterious door in their schoolyard. What happens when they try to open it? Where does the door lead them? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where do you think this door came from? Why do you think it’s sitting in the middle of

Shakespeare Globe Theatre Descriptive Writing Prompt: A captivating Shakespearean play unfolds at the historic Globe Theatre in London, with actors in Elizabethan costumes, immersed audience, and the iconic half-timbered architecture setting the stage.


Shakespeare Globe Theater Descriptive Writing Prompt Step into the shoes of a time-traveling actor at the iconic Globe Theater during the Elizabethan era when Shakespeare was alive around the year 1600 in England. Imagine you are part of a Shakespearean play being watched by an enthusiastic audience. Describe a thrilling scene from the play you

Cleopatra Writing Prompt: Queen Cleopatra standing in ancient Egypt looking confident and regal, staring at something in the distance. The Egyptian pyramids are the background.


Cleopatra Writing Prompt Queen Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women in history, is standing in front of a magnificent Pyramid in ancient Egypt. Her posture is regal, and her eyes show the confidence and wisdom of a true leader. She stares into the distance, her mind focused on something that is unknown to us.

An image of a dreamlike, mystical Asian-inspired forest with cliffs, ancient temple-like structures, and a serene lake.


Adventures in a Mysterious World Imagine you wake up one day and find yourself in a completely different world. You are surrounded by ancient temple-like buildings built into rock walls, and there is a serene river flowing nearby. The scenery is hazy and dreamlike, with reality and fantasy seamlessly intertwining. Write a narrative about your

Ninja Writing Prompt: A beautiful warrior woman in front of a shrine, surrounded by soft natural light, rainfall, and the suggestion of other warriors nearby.


Ninja Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of the ninja, describing her training, adventures, and missions in a world full of danger and intrigue. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of place do you think this is? What in the image makes you think that? What do you think happened just before this moment

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