Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt: A young individual controlling and shaping water around them, illustrating a connection with the sea.


Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt You’ve always felt a special connection to the sea, and something extraordinary happens during a trip to the beach. As you wade into the water, the waves respond to your presence, and you discover you can shape and guide them. As you explore this newfound bond with the

Underwater Guitar Adventure: girl playing guitar underwater, etheral, bubbles, light glimmering.


Underwater Guitar Adventure You find a magical guitar that takes you to an underwater world when you play it. Describe your journey underwater. What do you see? What creatures do you meet? How do you communicate with them, and what is the one song that everyone and everything in the ocean loves to hear? Warm-Up

Antarctica Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: A luxury tour boat is stopped in the icy waters of Antarctica. Tourists are gathered on the deck, looking out at the water. In the distance, a whale can be seen swimming.


You have been chosen as a travel writer to create a brochure for an Antarctic tour. Write a persuasive paragraph enticing people to join this amazing tour. Describe the beauty of the icy waters, the stunning wildlife, and the magical experience of spotting whales.

Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt: Realistic wallpaper depicting a beautiful tropical sea with coral and coconut trees, showcasing calming, bright colors and ultra-detailed visuals.


Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt Use a Venn diagram to compare the tropical world in this image to your school. 1. Label one circle ‘Tropical Sea’ and the other circle ‘School’ 2. In the overlapping area of the circles, write down the similarities between the two environments e.g., both on Earth 3. In the areas

Dog Short Story Ideas: Striking close-up portrait of a Labrador Retriever underwater, captured with a fisheye lens, enthusiastically chasing a tennis ball.


Dog Short Story Ideas The Underwater Quest: Write a story from the perspective of the Labrador Retriever as it dives into the water to chase the tennis ball. Describe the sensation of the water, the excitement of the chase, and the determination to catch the ball. What thoughts and emotions does the dog experience during

Shark Creative Writing Prompt: A scuba diver underwater takes a selfie, eyes wide with shock and fear, as a massive great white shark with numerous sharp teeth lurks menacingly behind him.


Shark Creative Writing Prompt Write a description of this moment from the perspective of the scuba diver. Describe his thoughts and emotions as he encounters this fearsome creature. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the scuba diver might be thinking and feeling? How would you describe what the shark looks like?

Shipwreck Adventure Prompt: Breathtaking split-view photo of a shipwreck underwater with sunbeams reflecting on the water's surface, and a rescue vessel above near a tropical island with a volcanic mountain.


Shipwreck Adventure Prompt You are a hero on a mission to save the day! Create a narrative about your exciting rescue operation near the tropical island. How do you use the rescue vessel to help those in need? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you feel while looking for a missing boat? What sorts of tools

Underwater Descriptive Writing Prompt image: a young girl swimming towards a sea turtle with a fascinated expression, surrounded by a sunny, bright, and uplifting underwater world.


Underwater Descriptive Writing Prompt Describe this scene, from the perspective of the child or the sea turtle, imagining their experiences and emotions in this magical underwater world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where could they be? What is around them? How would you describe the turtle and underwater scene? What games could they play together?

Adventure Picture Prompt Writing Image: A photorealistic underwater image of a boy riding a whale, with opaline bubbles, shimmering ripples, and a magical summer atmosphere. Sunlight is streaming through the aqua-blue water and the boy is relaxed and looking casually around.


Adventure Picture Prompt Writing Imagine you are a child on a grand adventure in the ocean. You have an unusual friend with you! Write a narrative about your journey, describing the incredible things you see and the feelings you experience as you explore the deep blue sea together. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think

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