The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt: a soldier out of focus in the distance, amidst a field of poppies with sunlight streaming.


UFO Pumpkin Patch Writing Prompt In the heart of a vast pumpkin patch, an unexpected visitor from the stars arrives: a hovering UFO. It zeroes in on a single pumpkin with its brilliant light. But why? What could be so unique about that one pumpkin among so many? Write a narrative that unravels the mystery.

Spooky Halloween Decorations Picture Prompt: the most amazing halloween decorated house. Dark colors, pumpkins.


Spooky Halloween Decorations Picture Prompt Design your dream interactive Halloween house display to inspire the neighborhood kids! Draw a detailed picture of a house featuring the most imaginative Halloween decorations that come to life or react in some way when approached. Let your creativity run wild, whether it’s witches that cackle, friendly ghosts that dance,

Halloween Potion Writing Prompt: Halloween Writing Ideas... the most amazing magic potion, Purple and red mixture swirling inside an ancient glass bottle.


Halloween Potion Writing Prompt You discover an ancient glass bottle in a hidden corner of an old room. Inside, a mesmerizing potion swirls with shades of purple and red, shimmering like a Halloween twilight. Imagine you decide to use just one drop of this fantastic magic potion. What happens next? Write a tale about your

Dive into the Crystal Ball Writing Prompt! Spark creativity with tales of a magical fall day and a mysterious levitating lensball in the park for young writers: levitating lensball in the park with child watching it. Fall day. Fallen leaves.


Crystal Ball Writing Prompt In a park painted with the colours of fall and a soft blanket of leaves, a small child finds something magical: a crystal ball floating gently in the air. The crystal ball shows delightful and enchanting images as the child gazes at it. What playful scenes or friendly creatures does the

Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt: A half-buried ancient artifact glowing in the sand surrounded by a vast desert with mountainous sand dunes under a starry sky.


Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt Under a star-filled sky in a vast desert, there’s an ancient artifact half-buried in the sand, glowing with a mysterious light. What magical or spooky tale does this artifact hold? Perhaps it’s a portal to another world, a lost treasure of a forgotten civilization, or a trinket with supernatural powers.

Halloween Monster Descriptive Writing: brightly colored monster, in the style of cartoon realism, cute and colorful, Halloween monster.


Halloween Monster Descriptive Writing Dream up your very own Halloween monster. Describe its appearance, from the colours of its skin to the shape of its eyes. Consider whether it has any special features that make it unique or spooky. Give your monster a fitting name and describe its behavior. Does it have a favorite spooky

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Writing Prompt: Halloween carved pumpkin, castle scene. glowing, realistic, detailed. candle inside flickering.


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Writing Prompt Imagine you’re a talented pumpkin carver, and this Halloween, you have a special task. Your challenge is to design and describe the most amazing carved pumpkin. In your writing, provide detailed descriptions of your pumpkin’s design, the spooky scene it depicts, and any special features or magical elements you’d add

Halloween Campfire Writing Prompt: 2 kids with witches hats sitting around a campfire, Halloween, realistic, cinematic shot. golden hour.


Halloween Campfire Writing Prompt Imagine you’re one of the children in this Halloween scene, gathered around the campfire with friends. Write a spooky, funny, or mysterious story about what happens next. Is there a ghostly visitor, a magical spell, or a mischievous black cat? Let your imagination run wild as you explore the enchanting world

Wizard Magic Descriptive Writing Prompt: An old wizard, with a warmly smiling face in sharp focus, extends his hand from which vibrant, colorful magic sparkles emanate.


Wizard Magic Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you have been granted a single magical wish by the wizard. What do you wish for and how does it impact your life and the lives of others? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does the vibrant magic in the wizard’s hand make you feel? If you could learn magic from

Wizard Creative Writing Prompt: A powerful wizard stands on a rocky precipice, staff glowing with arcane energy, in a mystical and captivating scene.


Wizard Creative Writing Prompt 1. Persuasive writing: Give reasons why it is important to nurture children’s creativity and believe in their ability to make the impossible possible. 2. Write a narrative about the wizard’s next adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of spells might this wizard cast? Why is it important to believe in the

Strange World Creative Writing Prompts: A full moon rising over a misty, otherworldly landscape. The lights of a distant town on a hill dimly glimmer. In the foreground is a still waterway with the moon reflecting off the surface.


Strange World Creative Writing Prompts What kind of creatures might inhabit this strange and beautiful world? Would you want to visit this place in your dreams?  Why or Why not? 1. Describe a creature that lives in this mysterious place. or 2. Write a narrative from the perspective of a traveler or explorer, imagining their

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