Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Prompt: Silhouette of three ten year old friends hugging in the evening in the rainforest, watching a sunset.


Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Prompt As Thanksgiving approaches, three friends find a serene spot surrounded by peace and beauty. Taking a moment to reflect, they begin to share what they are thankful for this year. Write a narrative about their journey to this special place, the heartfelt conversations they have, and the memories they create together.

The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt: a field of red poppies with the sun shining on it, the hint of a silhouette of a soldier out of focus in the distance; concept honor our service person


The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt The poppy field has a magical power that allows it to bloom where heroes have walked. Write a narrative about how you and your friends discover this place and decide to give thanks to the veterans in a unique way. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think it means

A Fall Adventure Recount: a child looking with wonder at a out of focus fall scene. crisp air, falling leaves. bokeh effect.


🍁 A Fall Adventure Recount 🍂 As the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, amber, and crimson, you notice a young child, wrapped warmly in a cozy, red hoodie, looking up with wide-eyed wonder. The world around them seems to dance and twirl as leaves playfully whirl in the gentle breeze. Their bright eyes shimmer

The Cosmic Heart of Gratitude Writing Prompt: constellation of stars in the shape of a heart. beautiful night sky.


The Cosmic Heart of Gratitude Writing Prompt Gazing into the vast expanse of the night sky, your eyes are drawn to a spellbinding vision – a radiant heart composed of twinkling stars, each gleaming more brightly than the last, set against a backdrop of swirling, colorful galaxies. This cosmic display stirs deep feelings of appreciation

two kids jumping into a massive pile of leaves. joyful, fun, excitement, play. high definition, detailed faces. the essence of childhood.


Jumping into Fall Writing Prompt Write a vibrant paragraph or short narrative, using the image as your inspiration. Dive into the world of the picture and let your imagination soar! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe the colors of fall leaves. If you were standing nearby, what would you hear? How do you think the kids feel

Pumpkin Pie Review: Hyperrealistic super detailed macro shot, tilt - view. delicious pumpkin pie on a table, nicely decorated with cream.


🥧 Pumpkin Pie Review 🥧 Imagine you are a pie detective, and your mission is to taste and review a slice of pumpkin pie. Remember, details are key to being a top detective! Now, write down your findings in a paragraph. Remember to use descriptive words and have fun being a pie detective!

Soup Descriptive Writing Prompt: delicious pumpkin soup on a table, garnished with a fresh herb.


Soup Descriptive Writing Prompt In a sunlit corner of a secret garden, a table with a bowl of pumpkin soup surrounded by fresh pumpkins of various sizes. You decide to take a spoonful. Describe in detail your very first taste. Was it a culinary masterpiece, a bitter disappointment, or a taste that teeters in between?

Memories of Fall Picture Prompt: child eyes peaking over the mug of the most delicious drink ever. pumpkin spice, creamy, delicious.


Memories of Fall Picture Prompt In the heart of Fall, a young girl finds a mysterious cup of a warm, frothy drink in her cozy room. Taking a sip, she realizes it’s no ordinary beverage. Every sip brings forth vivid memories and feelings of past autumns. Describe her journey through these memories as she savours

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