Robotic Bees Creative Writing Prompt: A swarm of robotic bees with metallic bodies surrounded by sparkles, flying in a green, lush environment.


Robotic Bees Creative Writing Prompt In a world where nature has blended with technology, write about the guardians of the forest, a swarm of robotic bees. What are their duties, and how do they interact with the environment around them? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How might these robotic bees help protect the plants and animals in

Space Elevator Writing Prompt: An artistic rendering of a futuristic space elevator stretching from the Earth into space with surrounding clouds.


Space Elevator Writing Prompt Traveling to space now rivals the simplicity of an elevator ride. The structure depicted is humanity’s inaugural space elevator, a trailblazing transit system ferrying individuals from terra firma to a space station locked in geostationary orbit. Write an information report detailing the foundational purpose behind the space elevator’s construction, outline its

Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt: Urban environment with buildings covered in lush greenery, integrating nature into the cityscape.


Sustainable City Planning Picture Prompt You are a city planner tasked with designing a sustainable future city. Prepare an information report detailing your strategy for integrating green spaces into densely populated places worldwide. Your report should cover innovative concepts such as vertical gardens, rooftop parks, and other pioneering green initiatives contributing to a more eco-friendly

Other Dimensions Picture Prompt: A young boy with a backpack looks in wonder at a large wall filled with illuminated screens.


Other Dimensions Picture Prompt The screens on the wall are portals to other dimensions. Write about a character who discovers this secret and decides to step through. What kind of world do they find on the other side, and what adventure awaits them there? Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why do you think the character would want

Living Sweater Picture Prompt: Person wearing a bright orange sweater with a monster face design.


Living Sweater Picture Prompt Craft a persuasive advertisement for the most honest garment you’ll ever own: The Living Sweater. This extraordinary clothing is more than a warm layer; it’s a truth-telling confidant. Tailored with cutting-edge technology, the Living Sweater can converse with you, react to your emotions, and provide companionship with its unique personality that

Drone Versus Supercar Race Writing Prompt: A high-speed race between a high-tech drone flying above sand dunes and a speedy yellow supercar kicking up dust in the desert.


Drone Versus Supercar Race Writing Prompt Craft a tale about an unprecedented race in the vast expanse of the desert where innovation meets adrenaline. The challenge: a state-of-the-art drone versus the latest in supercar engineering. The agile and swift drone darts across the dunes while the supercar speeds over the shifting sands with its roaring

Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt: a young woman, wearing a holographic outfit, in a solarpunk city with lush rooftop gardens, soft and natural lighting, a low-angle view, utopian and peaceful atmosphere.


Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt Imagine a society where humans have augmented abilities thanks to technological advancements. Write a recount from the girl’s perspective, detailing her journey through this greenhouse of the future. What does she see, hear, and feel with her enhanced senses? How does this connection with nature impact her life in a high-tech

Flying Car Race Picture Prompt: A futuristic flying car racing through a mountainous landscape at dawn.


Flying Car Race Picture Prompt In the early light of dawn, the serene mountain ranges come alive with a symphony of whirring and humming as sleek flying cars slice through the air. This narrative will take you into the heart of a high-stakes race in an age of wonder, where pilots command advanced, near-silent vehicles

Theme Park Ride Design Prompt: Two joyful children enjoying a thrilling ride in a dynamic, colorful environment.


Theme Park Ride Design Prompt You’ve been chosen to design the newest ride at a famous theme park. You’re the architect of thrills and excitement! 1. Rider’s Experience: Describe the journey riders will take. Will it be a heart-racing roller coaster, a mysterious underwater voyage, or a journey through the stars? Think about the sensations

Giant Mecha Robot Race Picture Prompt: A young racer sits in a wheelchair next to a giant blue mecha robot in a futuristic racing garage.


Giant Mecha Robot Race Picture Prompt Imagine you are a young driver with a giant mecha robot as your best friend and racing partner. Write a story about an exciting race in which you and your robot participate. Describe the thrilling race track, the diverse competitors, and your robot’s unique feature or skill that helps

Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt: Child wearing virtual reality goggles surfing on a vibrant blue board in a digitally-created wave inside a room.


Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt Picture a world where the latest technology allows you to create any environment you can imagine by wearing a special pair of goggles. Describe what happens when you slip on these goggles. What incredible place do you bring to life in your home? Is it a vast ocean with towering

Magical Headphones Picture Prompt: Joyful young child with curly hair wearing glasses and headphones, with a vibrant spiral of colors in the background.


Magical Headphones Picture Prompt Imagine that you discover a pair of magical headphones in your pocket during recess. When you put them on, every sound around you changes into a beautiful sensation. The bounce of a basketball might feel like a gentle tap on your shoulder, and the teacher’s whistle might look like a rainbow

High-tech Armor Writing Prompt: A young girl in a futuristic high-tech armor suit, looking confident and ready for adventure.


High-tech Armor Writing Prompt Imagine you are a young inventor who has created a fantastic suit of high-tech armor. What inspired you to make it, and what exciting adventure do you go on once you put the suit on? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of materials would you imagine using to construct your high-tech armor

Robo-Bird Design Challenge: a toucan with a vibrant, multicolored beak and a mechanical eye set against a black background. Its feathers are a blend of natural and electronic elements, with metallic and blue tones, creating a fusion of organic and robotic aesthetics.


Robo-Bird Design Challenge Objective: Draw and describe your own robotic bird. Think about how it looks (appearance), how it acts (behavior) and where it lives (habitat). Instructions Draw Your Robo-Bird: Using the image of the half-robotic toucan as inspiration, create your version of a robo-bird. You can choose any bird you like, from sparrows to

Mystical Smartphone Garden Picture Prompt: A small world full of green plants, stream in a beautiful garden is growing out of a smartphone


Mystical Smartphone Garden Picture Prompt Jamie discovered something incredible one morning: their smartphone had become a gateway to a tiny, vibrant garden. Green plants and a shimmering stream were growing right out of the screen! Jamie couldn’t believe their eyes. As they leaned in closer, they heard the faint sounds of nature coming from the

Learning to ride a hoverboard Picture Prompt: extra-wide view photo of kids on jet skyboards. faces in sharp focus. realistic highly detailed children. Aerial Youth Skyboarding Championships. hovering skyboards, jet powered, above a lake, vibrant colors. disc jet powered.


Learning to ride a hoverboard Picture Prompt Recount your experience learning to ride a hoverboard over the water. Include your feelings throughout the experience, the challenges encountered, the triumph of achieving balance and then the feel of riding this futuristic machine! Warm-Up Discussion Questions What details would make your recount vivid and engaging for someone

Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt: silhouette of a 10 year old inside a greenhouse part of a futuristic research station mars, peach light.


Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt As you stand inside the safety of the space station’s greenhouse, you can’t help but gaze at the alien world outside. Write a narrative about the unique plants you’re growing and what happens when one of them begins to glow at night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of plants would

Mars Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: A photo-realistic, futuristic image featuring a 10-year-old pilot zooming swiftly over the Mars surface in a high-tech hover racer. Bathed in the stunning orange and bronze hues of Martian sunlight, the hovercraft creates an otherworldly scene, emphasizing the speed and excitement of its journey.


As the young pilot of a futuristic hover racer, you’re ready for the most exhilarating race of your life. With the orange and bronze light of Mars illuminating your path, write a narrative about the thrill and challenges of the race.

Play on Mars Choose Your Own Adventure: A young boy inside a Mars space station, bathed in a soft orange and bronze light, is captured gazing at his high-tech droid friend. The boy's look reflects a mixture of fascination, respect, and deep friendship towards the droid, indicating their close bond. The high-tech interior of the space station, paired with the futuristic droid, creates an intriguing contrast against the boy's youthful innocence, emphasizing the extraordinary circumstances of their friendship.


You’re living on a Mars space station with your best friend, a large high-tech robot. Write a narrative about one of the challenges you face while living far away from Earth. You may wish to include the bond you share with your robot, and how you survive and enjoy your time on this great red planet.

Design Your Own Futuristic Aircraft Picture Prompt: Futuristic aircraft with advanced vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.


Design Your Own Futuristic Aircraft Picture Prompt Imagine you are an aerospace engineer tasked with designing a new aircraft. Draw a detailed picture of your futuristic aircraft and describe its special features, such as how it takes off and lands, and the different environments it can navigate. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What materials could you use

Machu Picchu Influencer Post Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Person holding an iphone with a picture of Machu Picchu.


Hike into the heart of the image. Write an influencer post sharing your awe-inspiring experience at this location. Highlight the must-see sights, the ambiance, and the hidden gems only you’ve discovered. Remember to engage your followers with vivid descriptions and a call to action—maybe asking them about their own similar experiences or if they’d love to visit this spot in the future.

Tropical Influencer Post Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Person holding an iphone with a picture of a beautiful tropical water scene near a reef.


Dive into crystal-clear tropical waters teeming with marine life. The sun kisses the ocean’s surface, revealing a vibrant reef beneath. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or snorkeling amongst the fish, this paradise has a story for everyone. Write an influencer post sharing the highs and lows of this destination and your top tips for fellow travellers.

Ski Influencer Post Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Person holding an iphone with a picture of quaint ski village.


Share the story behind capturing this image. In your influencer post, discuss the journey to this moment, any challenges faced, and the emotions the scene evokes. Paint a picture with words, making your followers feel as if they’re right there with you. End by asking them about a place they’ve been that took their breath away.

Musical Dreams Picture Prompt: girl, side profile, headphones on, stylised neon glowing musical flourishes floating from her head, black, dazed, colorful vibrations, ethereal, shadows, airbrush.


Musical Dreams Picture Prompt Imagine you are the girl in the picture, wearing those magical headphones that makes music come alive around you. Write a paragraph description the kind of music you’re listening to and how it makes you feel. What colorful images and vibrations do you see around you as the music plays? Warm-Up

Running Shoes Picture Prompt: Photo of a futuristic running shoe with advanced technology and sleek design.


Running Shoes Picture Prompt Design your own futuristic running shoe with extraordinary features. Describe its unique abilities, such as enhanced speed, advanced cushioning, or special materials. Explain how these features would help athletes perform at their best in various environments. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of special abilities or features would you like to have

Ultra-modern children's treehouse in a suburban backyard, equipped with high-tech features like TV screens and gaming consoles, a simple architectural design shining in the afternoon sunlight.


It’s a weekend in your high-tech backyard treehouse, equipped with the coolest tech gadgets. Narrate your experiences, the games you play, and how this ultra-modern treehouse transforms an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary adventure.

Phone Persuasive Writing Prompt: Girl whale watching on a boat. Holding up a camera to take a photo of a whale breaching.


Phone Persuasive Writing Prompt Imagine you are the teenager in the image. Write a persuasive letter to yourself, convincing yourself that the breaching whale is more interesting and exciting than what’s on your phone. Use strong reasons and persuasive language to explain why you should put down your phone and fully enjoy the amazing experience

Robot Picture Prompt: In a grassland setting, a group of highly detailed, whimsically designed robots are sitting around a table, engaging in a communal meal and sharing cake. The scene balances the playful elements of mixed media creations with the natural backdrop of the grassland.


Robot Picture Prompt Design your own robot character and describe their appearance, personality, and special abilities. Write a short story or comic strip featuring your robot in this grassland setting, interacting with other robots. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How are the robots similar or different from each other? Why do you think the robots are eating

Holographic Go-Cart Toy Persuasive Writing Prompt: High-resolution image showcasing two young female designers standing next to a large, intricately detailed holographic go-cart, set on a table in a modern office environment.


Holographic Go-Cart Toy Persuasive Writing Prompt Make your case! Do you believe the holographic go-cart is the future of toy technology? Write a compelling argument either for or against the adoption of holographic go-carting as a major toy trend. Use imaginative and rational reasoning to sway your readers! Warm-Up Discussion Questions What features or design

Fireworks Journal Writing Prompt: The silhouette of a child watching beautiful fireworks over water.


Fireworks Journal Writing Prompt Imagine you are the child watching the fireworks. Write a description of the experience. Include how the fireworks made you feel and any thoughts or memories it brought to mind. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the child is feeling as they watch the fireworks? Why? What would the child

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