Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt: A single purple crocus emerging from melting snow, with sunrays filtering through water droplets.


Promise Of Spring Picture Prompt Create a poem from the perspective of the snow, watching the sun rise and feeling the warmth touch a single crocus, bringing with it the promise of spring. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does snow feel like? How do you think the snow reacts to the warmth of the sun? Can

Small Moment Writing Prompt: A young deer sitting among a vibrant array of flowers in a sunlit forest clearing.


Small Moment Writing Prompt Write about this moment, when the morning sun begins its ascent, engaging all your senses as its rays peek through the trees. Describe the scene where this gentle warmth touches a young deer among a sea of flowers. Consider all your senses: the coolness of the dew, the soft rustle of

Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt: young hands in clover, searching for a four leaf clover. dappled light.


Four-leaf Clover Picture Prompt On a sunny March morning, Jamie ventured into the meadow behind their house, eager to find a four-leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day, a symbol of immense luck. The lush green grass, sprinkled with early spring sunlight, buzzed with life. Joined by friends, Jamie searched diligently, their eyes combing through the

Spring 'Camping Choose Your Own Adventure': A view from inside a tent of a person sitting and looking out at a towering waterfall amidst a forest in spring.


As you peer out of your tent, a roaring waterfall heralds the vibrant energy of spring. Narrate the awakening of life around you, with every bud and blossom bursting with vitality. How does the thunderous waterfall, fed by the meltwaters, set the scene for a journey of discovery in this stirring world?

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