rights and freedoms

My Heroes Writing Prompt: An imaginative representation of a mountain with the faces of diverse heroes chosen by a third grader, symbolizing a range of admirable qualities and significant contributions to the world.


My Heroes Writing Prompt Imagine a big mountain with the faces of your heroes carved into it, like a giant sculpture. Think about the people you admire, like historical figures, authors, inventors, artists, leaders, community helpers or even someone from your family. Please tell us how you picked these heroes and share the amazing things

Statue of Liberty Inspirational Writing Prompt: A silhouette of the Statue of Liberty flying above a cityscape, representing freedom, inspiration, and hope.


Statue of Liberty Inspirational Writing Prompt Imagine you are the Statue of Liberty! You are soaring high above the United States, witnessing the stories of individuals who show and live the values of freedom and hope. Write a narrative about someone you observe from above whose journey reflects these values. Describe their background, their challenges,

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