Captain Lilliput Creative Writing Prompt: A person sitting in a giant paper boat on a calm lake with mountains in the background at sunset.


Continue this narrative: As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the calm lake, I noticed a peculiar little object bobbing gently near the water's edge. It was a boat unlike any I'd seen before — crafted from a single sheet of almost white paper, folded intricately into the shape of a sailboat. Intrigued, I waded through the shallow water and picked it up carefully between my fingertips. To my surprise,...


Describe the moment the hummingbird begins to fly out of the phone. Consider what this moment might look like, feel like and sound like. Don't forget to include the thoughts and feelings of the person holding the phone at this moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might have happened in the last 30 seconds? What is happening now? What do you think might happen next? How would you describe the bird?
Bird Descriptive Writing Prompt: Teenager's hand holding a phone as a beautiful vibrant green hummingbird is emerging from the phone and looks like it is about to fly away. There are a few shards of glass flying out too.
Lighthouse Poetry: Black and white graphic of a light pier by a rocky island with large waves, rays of light.


Write a poem inspired by the lighthouse on the rocky shore. Describe the waves, the coastline, and the dramatic sky. Use descriptive words to bring the scene to life and capture the feeling of the moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What adjectives (descriptive words) could you use to describe this picture? How does the sky, clouds and weather make you feel? What connections do you have (movie, book, real-life experience, story)? If you were to pick...


Imagine that you discover a pair of magical headphones in your pocket during recess. When you put them on, every sound around you changes into a beautiful sensation. The bounce of a basketball might feel like a gentle tap on your shoulder, and the teacher's whistle might look like a rainbow flashing across the sky. Write about your recess experience with these headphones. What sensations do you encounter with the different sounds of recess? How...
Magical Headphones Picture Prompt: Joyful young child with curly hair wearing glasses and headphones, with a vibrant spiral of colors in the background.
Drone Versus Supercar Race Writing Prompt: A high-speed race between a high-tech drone flying above sand dunes and a speedy yellow supercar kicking up dust in the desert.


Craft a tale about an unprecedented race in the vast expanse of the desert where innovation meets adrenaline. The challenge: a state-of-the-art drone versus the latest in supercar engineering. The agile and swift drone darts across the dunes while the supercar speeds over the shifting sands with its roaring engine and sleek design. Describe the intense competition, each competitor's clever tactics, and the unpredictable desert landscape that serves as their racetrack. What's at stake in...


Imagine you are a young inventor who has created a fantastic suit of high-tech armour. What inspired you to make it, and what exciting adventure do you go on once you put the suit on? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of materials would you imagine using to construct your high-tech armor suit? If your suit could have any three special abilities, what would they be and why? Can you think of any favorite superheroes or...
High-tech Armor Writing Prompt: A young girl in a futuristic high-tech armor suit, looking confident and ready for adventure.
Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt: Realistic wallpaper depicting a beautiful tropical sea with coral and coconut trees, showcasing calming, bright colors and ultra-detailed visuals.


Use a Venn diagram to compare the tropical world in this image to your school. 1. Label one circle 'Tropical Sea' and the other circle 'School' 2. In the overlapping area of the circles, write down the similarities between the two environments e.g., both on Earth 3. In the areas unique to each circle, write down the differences between the two environments. For example, the tropical sea may have rich marine life such as fish...


Imagine you are a kid living in a town during the Middle Ages in Britain. Write a recount of a typical day for a child in this time. Describe what you see, hear, and do from morning 'til night. Don't forget to talk about the people you meet and the things you do! Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think it would be like to live in a British town during the Middle Ages? How...
Middle Ages Writing Prompt: A captivating image of a young child walking alone on an empty cobblestone street, reflecting a typical day in a British town during the Middle Ages. The backdrop is filled with quaint, medieval architecture, enhancing the sense of stepping back in time. The image beautifully encapsulates the solitary exploration and the historical charm of the period.
Futuristic Greenhouse Writing Prompt: a young woman, wearing a holographic outfit, in a solarpunk city with lush rooftop gardens, soft and natural lighting, a low-angle view, utopian and peaceful atmosphere.


Imagine a society where humans have augmented abilities thanks to technological advancements. Write a recount from the girl's perspective, detailing her journey through this greenhouse of the future. What does she see, hear, and feel with her enhanced senses? How does this connection with nature impact her life in a high-tech city? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of technology do you think the girl in the image might be using to enhance her abilities? Can...


As the group kayaks down the wild river, the leader notices something out of the corner of their eye that fills them with worry. Write a narrative about their journey down the river, including what they see, how they react, and how the team overcomes the obstacle. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think is happening? What might the kayakers be feeling? What challenges might they face? What kind of skills and strengths do the...
Brave Kayaker Narrative Writing Prompt Image: 12-year-old Indian girl confidently kayaking down rapids in a stunning wild river on a beautiful sunny day, displaying her strength and power.
Space Greenhouse Adventure Picture Prompt: silhouette of a 10 year old inside a greenhouse part of a futuristic research station mars, peach light.


As you stand inside the safety of the space station's greenhouse, you can't help but gaze at the alien world outside. Write a narrative about the unique plants you're growing and what happens when one of them begins to glow at night. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of plants would be essential to grow in a space greenhouse and why? If you could bring one plant from Earth to grow on another planet, which would...


Imagine you are the eye in the image. Write a creative story about your journey as you explore the tropical beach scene reflected in your reflection. What adventure and what emotions do you experience? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the scene reflected in the eye? How would this person's emotions change as they explore different parts of the beach scene? What might make them feel excited, curious, or even scared? What characters might...
Eye Reflection Picture Prompt: Extreme close-up of a realistic eye reflecting a tropical beach scene.
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