Design Your Dream Car Writing Prompt: Futuristic car driving on a coastal highway, showcasing advanced features and sleek design.


Imagine you are an automotive engineer of the future! Create a blueprint of your own futuristic car, showcasing its unique features and innovative technology. Describe how it moves, its energy source, and any other advanced capabilities you can imagine. Add its impact on the environment in your explanation. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might be some unique features of the futuristic car? How far into the future do you think this is? Would you prefer this...


In a quiet, cozy corner of the living room, the old man gazed at his grandchild with a sparkle in his eyes and a heart full of love. Little did the child know that this wise, gentle soul had a lifetime of stories to share... Warm-Up Discussion Questions Have you ever felt a special connection with someone? What do you think the old man might have been thinking as he looked at this child? What...
Old Man Story Starter: Black and white portrait of an old man looking at his great-grandchild with love and fascination.
The Cosmic Heart of Gratitude Writing Prompt: constellation of stars in the shape of a heart. beautiful night sky.


Gazing into the vast expanse of the night sky, your eyes are drawn to a spellbinding vision – a radiant heart composed of twinkling stars, each gleaming more brightly than the last, set against a backdrop of swirling, colorful galaxies. This cosmic display stirs deep feelings of appreciation and awe within you. For this assignment, delve deep into your imagination and senses: Colors and Patterns : Describe the colors and patterns you see in the...


Despite being just a rock, you have big dreams. One night, under the starry sky, you wish to travel and see the world. The following day, something magical begins to happen. Write about your adventures as you start moving around the world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would be the first place you would want to visit if you were the rock, and why? How would you describe the rock's feelings about going on an adventure?...
Rock's Adventure Picture Prompt: a cute grey rock with a warm expression (human face) in a field. cartoon style.
Smallest Dog in the World Short Story Ideas: A charming photo of the world's smallest dog, cradled delicately on a hand, showcasing its incredible tininess.


Imagine you are the world's smallest dog. Write a recount about your day in this huge world! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine what it would be like to have a pet that is so tiny. What challenges and joys might having such a small dog bring? List a dog's basic needs in order to survive and be comfortable.


Explain why moving your body and staying active is important, even if you're not playing a team sport. What activities can you do on your own or with friends to help you stay active, and why are they beneficial? You can include activities you have done before and activities you would like to try in the future. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What are some of your favourite activities that involve moving your body? How do you...
The Joy of Movement Informative Writing: A joyful child in a red and white striped soccer jersey is caught in mid-action, playing soccer under a bright sun. The ball is at their foot, mid-kick, against a backdrop of a clear blue sky and urban landscape. The child's dynamic pose and beaming smile convey a sense of excitement and energy typical of outdoor play.
Umbrella Flyers Picture Prompt: A person suspended above a cityscape, holding an umbrella as if flying, with a bird's-eye view of streets and buildings below.


Describe flying over your community. Use all your senses to describe a moment during this flight. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the feeling of flying with an umbrella? What challenges might you face while flying and how would you overcome them? What would your community look like from above? Which landmarks would stand out to you the most? What else might you see? What would you hear? How would it feel? Would you...


The image shows a unique door nestled in a lush hillside. Imagine this door leads to your perfect summer retreat. What would it look like? What special features would it have? Would it be a place for adventure, relaxation, learning, or something completely different? Recount your first day arriving there. Describe the activities you would partake in, the people or creatures you might meet, and how this place helps you grow or enjoy your summer....
Summer Retreat Picture Prompt: A whimsical round door within a lush, green hillside, suggesting a magical or fantasy summer retreat.
Water Cycle Journal Writing: An illustrative depiction of the water cycle. The scene features a bright sun in a blue sky, symbolizing evaporation, with its rays shining down on a vast body of water, like a lake or ocean. Above the water, clouds are forming, representing the condensation process. Rain is visibly falling from these clouds onto a green landscape, illustrating precipitation. In the foreground, streams of water are shown flowing from elevated terrain back into the body of water, depicting runoff and the cycle's continuation. The image is vibrant and educational, clearly showing each stage of the water cycle in a harmonious natural setting.


Imagine you are a water droplet on an epic journey around the Earth, changing from rain to ice to vapour and back again. Write a journal entry for each stage of your journey through the water cycle. Describe the different environments you visit, the changes you undergo, and the importance of clean water in all the places you travel. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What are the different stages of the water cycle, and how does water...


As the group kayaks down the wild river, the leader notices something out of the corner of their eye that fills them with worry. Write a narrative about their journey down the river, including what they see, how they react, and how the team overcomes the obstacle. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think is happening? What might the kayakers be feeling? What challenges might they face? What kind of skills and strengths do the...
Brave Kayaker Narrative Writing Prompt Image: 12-year-old Indian girl confidently kayaking down rapids in a stunning wild river on a beautiful sunny day, displaying her strength and power.
Environment Persuasive Writing Prompt: A distressing image of the Earth, entirely enveloped in plastic, symbolizing the dire environmental impact of plastic waste.


Write a persuasive letter to your classmates, explaining why it is important to reduce plastic waste and sharing practical tips they can follow to help protect the Earth. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does this image make you feel? How does the image of the Earth covered in plastic reflect the impact of human activities on the environment? What can we do as individuals to reduce plastic waste and help keep our Earth clean?


Write a thrilling narrative about a BMX rider who discovers a mysterious and dangerous new track on an active volcano. The rider must navigate through the treacherous terrain of lava and steam while performing daring tricks and stunts to stay ahead of the molten flow. Will they make it to the end and become a legend in the extreme sports world? Or will they succumb to the intense heat and perilous conditions of the fiery...
Volcano Bike Riding Adventure: bike rider racing down the side of a volcano with lava chasing after him. Flames, heat.
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