Summer Retreat Picture Prompt: A whimsical round door within a lush, green hillside, suggesting a magical or fantasy summer retreat.


Summer Retreat Picture Prompt The image shows a unique door nestled in a lush hillside. Imagine this door leads to your perfect summer retreat. What would it look like? What special features would it have? Would it be a place for adventure, relaxation, learning, or something completely different? Recount your first day arriving there. Describe

Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt: A joyful child playing in the rain during summer.


Colorful Raindrops Picture Prompt After weeks of scorching heat, the first drop of rain brings relief and an unexpected change. You begin to notice that every raindrop you touch sparkles with color. Write about a day spent discovering what these vibrant droplets can do and how they change your world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Are they

Summer Camping Choose Your Own Adventure: view from inside a tent looking out at a mountain and a waterfall.


Unzip your tent to a world where summer’s heat gently embraces the land. Write a narrative that captures the essence of a lush, sunbathed landscape, with the gentle river whispering stories of summer joy. How does the heat ripple through the air, and what adventures do you find in the light-dappled forest?

Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt: A group of children and adults in high-visibility vests picking up trash in clear bags along a sunny beach.


Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt While picking up rubbish on the beach, you stumble upon something unexpected and mysterious buried in the sand. Describe what it is, how you found it, and the story you imagine behind it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kinds of items do you think people might leave behind on the beach that

Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt: Large intricate sandcastle on a beach with people enjoying a sunny day.


Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt Write a recount about how you celebrated a warm and sunny Christmas in Australia. Describe the Christmas beach party you had with your friends. What decorations did you use to make the beach festive? What fun games did you all play? And most importantly, what delicious foods were part of

Beautiful Moment Descriptive Writing Prompt: A teen girl with wavy black hair, back facing the camera, stands in a field of colorful blooming flowers on a sunny day, with vibrant, iridescent bubbles dancing in the air around her.


Beautiful Moment Descriptive Writing Prompt Think of a beautiful moment in your life or imagine a magical scene that fills your heart with joy. It could be a special birthday party, a day at the beach, or an adventure in a make-believe world. Write a description of this beautiful moment. Use your senses to describe

Action photograph. Point of view of a mountain bike rider going downhill on a dirt path in a forest. Hands are gripping the handle bars tightly.


With adrenaline rushing through your veins, you’re poised on your mountain bike at the top of a steep, wooded trail. As you launch downhill, the trees blur and the trail challenges every ounce of your skill. Write a narrative detailing the thrills and spills of this daring race.

A child on a bmx bike mid-air jumping on a summer day. They have a helmet on. Flowers and grass are in the foreground.


Helmet securely fastened, you stand at the start of the suburban neighborhood BMX track. As you pedal hard, the jump looms. You commit, lift off, soaring through the air. Describe the exhilaration of the jump, the moments of suspension, and the landing that awaits.

Point of view of a young girl bike rider on a summer day. Cycling along a dirt path with the view of the ocean in the distance. Flowers and green grass border the sides of the bike track.


You’re leisurely cruising along a seaside trail on a bright, sunny day. The scent of flowers fills the air, and the sea breeze gently cools your face. You feel at ease and filled with a sense of exploration. Write a peaceful narrative about your journey along this beautiful coast.

Water Fun Picture Prompt: Two kids jumping through the sprinkler on a warm summer's day. Only their shorts, legs and shoes are visible. Backyard setting.


Water Fun Picture Prompt Imagine you are one of the kids playing with the sprinkler on this bright summer day. Write a recount about your fun-filled day with your friends. Be sure to include details about the games you played, the things you saw and heard, and how the water felt. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where

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