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Autumn Leaf Dragon Adventure Writing Prompt

Once upon an autumn morning, a tiny Leaf Dragon with big, sparkly eyes woke to a tranquil forest. The usual chirping of birds wasn’t there. Feeling brave, the little dragon decided to become a detective and figure out where the bird songs had gone.

Your Adventure:

Write a narrative about how the Leaf Dragon spends its day trying to bring back the songs. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. The Search: The Leaf Dragon looks around the forest. Where does it go first?
  2. A Challenge: It finds a clue, but it’s out of reach. How does the Leaf Dragon solve this problem?
  3. A New Friend: Who helps the Leaf Dragon on its quest? Is it another forest animal?
  4. The Solution: How does the Leaf Dragon find the songs? It could be something simple like cheering up a sad bird or fixing a broken nest.
  5. A Happy Ending: Describe how the forest sounds when the songs return.

Remember to use your imagination and have fun writing your narrative!

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