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Picture Prompt

Slobber Monster Creative Writing Prompt

In this writing prompt, you will become a cute blue microscopic thing living inside a gigantic creature’s mouth (real or imagined), swimming in its slobber! Describe in vivid detail the moment when this creature devours its favourite meal.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What colors and textures would you see around you if you were in the mouth of the Slobber Monster?

How do you imagine the slobber would feel, and what sounds might you hear as the creature chews?

If the Slobber Monster were about to eat its favourite meal, what do you think that would be and why?

How would the environment change inside the creature’s mouth when it begins to eat?

What emotions would you, as a cute blue microscopic living thing, feel during this experience?

How could you describe the motion and the forces you might feel as the creature devours its food?

What might the creature do to make its meal even more enjoyable, and how would that affect you?

How can you use similes or metaphors to describe the textures and movements inside the monster’s mouth?

How would you interact with other microscopic creatures inside the mouth during the feasting?

What survival strategies might you use to avoid getting swallowed along with the creature’s meal?

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