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Hidden World Writing Prompt

In a remote part of their town, a boy discovers a secret passage that only appears during certain times of the day. When he enters, he finds a hidden world that is both familiar and strange. Write about his exploration of this hidden world and the mysteries he uncovers.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How does the boy feel when he discovers the secret passage, and what are his initial thoughts?

What might make a secret passage appear only at certain times of the day and not others?

What familiar elements does the boy recognize in the hidden world, and how do they differ from his normal world?

Can you describe any strange creatures or features the boy might encounter in the hidden world?

What might be some mysteries or challenges the boy has to solve or overcome while exploring?

How could the boy use his knowledge from the real world to navigate and understand the hidden world?

What valuable lessons could the boy learn from his adventure?

What friendships or alliances might the boy form while in the hidden world?

How does the hidden world change the boy’s perspective on his own life and the town he lives in?

If you were the boy, what would you do when exploring the hidden world?

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