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Picture Prompt

Young Superhero Smile Writing Prompt

This young superhero is known for more than just his powers; he’s known for his infectious smile that brightens everyone’s day. Write about how his smile brings hope and joy to the city’s people, even when they face difficult times.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of superpowers do you think this young superhero has, and how does he use them to help people?

What are some ways that the superhero’s smile might make a difference in someone’s day?

Can you describe a time when a simple smile from someone made your day better?

How do you think the people in the city feel when they see this superhero flying around?

Can you think of a story where a character’s positive attitude had a big impact on their community?

How do you imagine the city changes when the superhero is present compared to when he is not?

What message do you think the creators of this image wanted to convey about the power of positivity?

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