Writing Prompts for the Holiday Season

Writing Prompts for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, reflection, and celebration. However, it’s important to recognize that experiences during this time can vary greatly. At Kids Think Wide, we understand this diversity and have crafted 27 Writing Prompts for the Holiday Season that are inclusive and mindful of different traditions, beliefs, and circumstances. These prompts inspire creativity and kindness in young minds while respecting the varied ways families celebrate and experience the holiday season.

Themes and Prompts

1. Food and Family Gatherings

2. Santa-Themed Adventures

3. Design Challenges

4. Universal Celebrations of love, giving, joy and kindness

5. Acknowledging Different Experiences

6. Cute Animals

6. Adventures


The holiday season is more than just a time of festivities; it’s a period to foster empathy, creativity, and understanding among our children. These prompts are designed to kindle imagination and encourage young writers to think about the diverse ways people experience and celebrate holidays. By focusing on themes that transcend materialism, like love, kindness, and joy, we aim to inspire a more inclusive and compassionate spirit in our young learners. Let’s embrace the holiday season with open hearts and minds, celebrating the rich tapestry of experiences that make this time of year special for everyone.

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