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Inspire student writing

Have you ever played in a pile of leaves? Relate this image to a personal memory of yours, even if it’s a different playful outdoor activity.

Jumping into Fall

As the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, amber, and crimson, you notice a young child, wrapped warmly in a cozy, red hoodie, looking up with wide-eyed wonder.

Fall Adventure

Crystal Ball Writing Prompt

In a park painted with the colours of fall and a soft blanket of leaves, a small child finds something magical.

In a sunlit corner of a secret garden, a table with a bowl of pumpkin soup surrounded by fresh pumpkins of various sizes.


Gazing into the vast expanse of the night sky, your eyes are drawn to a spellbinding vision – a radiant heart composed of twinkling stars, each gleaming more brightly than the last, set against a backdrop of swirling, colourful galaxies. This cosmic display stirs deep feelings of appreciation and awe within you.


Imagine you are a pie detective, and your mission is to taste and review a slice of pumpkin pie. Remember, details are key to being a top detective!

Pie Detective

Take a Moment...

As Thanksgiving approaches, three friends find a serene spot surrounded by peace and beauty. Taking a moment to reflect, they begin to share what they are thankful for this year.