Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts: Exploring Friendship, Kindness, and Generosity

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with heart-shaped candies and cards, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore deeper, universal themes of friendship, kindness, and generosity at school. At Kids Think Wide, we recognize that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, but the spirit of compassion and care it represents is something we can all appreciate.

Themes and Prompts

  1. Valentine’s Day Themed Writing

2. Everyday Moments with Friends

3. Sporting Moments

2. Exciting Moments

3. Special Moments with Family

3. Exploring Themes of Friendship with Animals

4. Wild and Wonderful Friends

5. Choose Your Own Adventure Group Writing

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Here is how easy it is to create, edit and access your own personalised writing prompts (watch gif or follow written instructions – whatever is easier!)

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Remember, these prompts are just starting points. Encourage your young writers to take these ideas and make them their own. Let’s use Valentine’s Day not just to celebrate love in the traditional sense, but to foster a spirit of empathy, kindness, and generosity in our writing and our lives.

Happy Writing!


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