A child on a bmx bike mid-air jumping on a summer day. They have a helmet on. Flowers and grass are in the foreground.


Helmet securely fastened, you stand at the start of the suburban neighborhood BMX track. As you pedal hard, the jump looms. You commit, lift off, soaring through the air. Describe the exhilaration of the jump, the moments of suspension, and the landing that awaits.

Point of view of a young girl bike rider on a summer day. Cycling along a dirt path with the view of the ocean in the distance. Flowers and green grass border the sides of the bike track.


You’re leisurely cruising along a seaside trail on a bright, sunny day. The scent of flowers fills the air, and the sea breeze gently cools your face. You feel at ease and filled with a sense of exploration. Write a peaceful narrative about your journey along this beautiful coast.

A canoe journeying through a serene waterway within a lush, dense rainforest.


Your checkpoint lies downstream, but the jungle waterway is not without its challenges. What wildlife do you encounter, and how does the jungle feel from this serene vantage point? Write about this tranquil yet demanding segment of your journey.

A rugged 4WD traversing a challenging trail through a stunning, lush rainforest.


In your sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicle, you must navigate the rough and muddy jungle roads to reach your checkpoint. What obstacles do you encounter, and how do you overcome them? Write a narrative of this challenging leg of your adventure.

Jungle Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: Child on a thrilling zip line adventure gliding high above the lush rainforest canopy.


With your destination in sight, you buckle onto the zipline, which will take you partway through your journey. As you glide high above the jungle canopy, what do you see? How does it feel? Write a narrative about this segment of your exciting journey.

Basketball Writing Prompt: A dynamic shot of a basketball in mid-air, heading towards the hoop, set against the blurred backdrop of a buzzing basketball arena.


Basketball Writing Prompt Describe the winning moment of a basketball game. What do you see, hear, and feel? How does the excitement of the game make you feel? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does this picture make you feel? Does it make you excited or happy? Why? How do you think the players and the audience

Cliff Climbing Writing Prompt: A dramatic high-angle shot captures a 10 year old girl fearlessly scaling a craggy cliff face. The girl is gripping the precarious handholds tightly with her fingers. The camera catches the intense concentration in her eyes and the powerful muscles working beneath her skin.


Cliff Climbing Writing Prompt Imagine you are a brave girl climbing a cliff. Write a story about your climb, including how you feel, the obstacles you encounter, and the triumphs you experience. Share the strategies you use to overcome challenges and how it feels when you reach the top. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you

Disco Cat Writing Prompt: An anthropomorphic cat in a glitter leather jacket is disco dancing.


Disco Cat Writing Prompt Imagine you are a reporter attending the famous Disco Cat’s dance performance. Write a description of the scene, capturing the energy and excitement of the disco and the mesmerising moves of the cat. Use descriptive language to bring the disco and the cat’s performance to life. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does

Creature Soccer Narrative Writing Prompt: A cute, fluffy creature with big eyes playing soccer, showcasing its adorable features while enjoying the game.


Creature Soccer Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a fluffy, adorable creature who loves playing soccer. Use descriptive language to bring the scene to life and create an engaging story about the creature’s adventures on the field. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of creature do you think the fluffy soccer player is? Would you

Skydiving Persuasive Writing Prompt: A hyper-detailed, photorealistic 8k image of a Yorkshire Terrier in mid-skydive. The brave little dog is captured in a selfie-style shot from a GoPro, parachute visible behind him against the expanse of the sky. His expressive face conveys pure joy and excitement, embodying the unique thrill of the free-falling adventure.


Skydiving Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a set of convincing arguments for or against the idea of skydiving with your pet. Use the image of the Yorkshire Terrier skydiving as a starting point for your discussion, and consider the safety, ethical, and emotional aspects of such an adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the

Football at the Park Writing Prompt: A boy in action, kicking a football at the park during a lively game with friends, surrounded by sunbeams filtering through the trees.


Football at the Park Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a child who is playing football with friends. Use descriptive language to bring the scene to life and make the reader feel like they are part of the game. Be sure to include details about the sunbeams shining down through the trees and the strategies

Water Park Fun Writing Prompts: A breathtaking image of the world's most amazing inflatable play structure, featuring an extremely long and large slide, multi-levelled areas, a high diving board, water guns, an obstacle course, a climbing area, and water canons, all set on a beautiful lake.


Water Park Informative Writing Prompt Write an information report on the most epic water park ever! What cool slides and attractions does it have? Describe the fun activities kids can dive into and share what makes this water park the ultimate splash-tastic adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What sorts of activities might be at this water

Girls in Sport Writing Prompt: Image of girls playing football, running and focusing on the game with athleticism and determination.


Girls in Sport Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a group of girls who love to play sport (you can pick the game!). Describe the game they are playing, the emotions they feel while playing, and the teamwork involved in their victory. Use sensory details to make the reader feel as though they are right

Skateboarding Grandma Writing Prompt: Energetic old lady joyfully skateboarding through the bustling streets of New York City, capturing the attention of onlookers


Skateboarding Grandma Writing Prompt In the bustling streets of a city, a fearless and happy 80-year-old woman is skateboarding, surrounded by the dynamic energy of the city. As she glides through the crowd, she draws the attention of people around her. Some are impressed, some concerned, and others simply amazed. You have two exciting choices

Antarctic Expedition Creative Writing Prompt: Three futuristic young hikers traversing an icy crevasse in Antarctica, displaying emotions of fear, determination, and excitement.


Antarctic Expedition Creative Writing Prompt Three brave young explorers are on a thrilling adventure in Antarctica. They are traversing an icy crevasse, facing a variety of emotions – fear, determination, and excitement. Most of the time, the wind is howling and the snow is falling, but they push on through the treacherous terrain, eager to

Hang Glider Picture Prompt: A thrilling action shot of a daring child adventurer soaring through the sky on a hang glider, hair flowing in the wind, and a panoramic view of the stunning landscape of mountains, forests, and a sparkling river below.


Hang Glider Picture Prompt As a daring adventurer, you have always been curious about the world and what it has to offer. Today, you are taking your adventure to the skies! You are strapped onto a hang glider, soaring high above the earth. You feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your

Hiking Narrative Prompt: A breathtaking photo of a group of friends hiking up a steep mountain trail, taking in the stunning views around them.


Hiking Narrative Prompt Write a narrative about a group of friends as they hike to the summit of a mountain. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of challenges might they face? What positives could come from completing a challenging hike? What might they learn along the way? How might they be feeling at the beginning, middle

Skydiving Adventure Writing: Happy kid with a huge smile, standing with a parachute billowing behind him, having just landed from a thrilling skydiving experience.


Skydiving Adventure Writing The boy had just landed from skydiving and was filled with a rush of adrenaline. As he walked away from the landing spot with his parachute billowing behind him, he couldn’t wait to tell his friends all about the amazing experience. Describe the boy’s skydiving adventure and how it made him feel.

Volcano Bike Riding Adventure: bike rider racing down the side of a volcano with lava chasing after him. Flames, heat.


Volcano Bike Riding Adventure Write a thrilling narrative about a BMX rider who discovers a mysterious and dangerous new track on an active volcano. The rider must navigate through the treacherous terrain of lava and steam while performing daring tricks and stunts to stay ahead of the molten flow. Will they make it to the

Racing the Wind Writing Prompt: a boy is in a wheelchair with absolute joy on his face. The wind is wooshing by and the background is a blur. He's racing quickly. Helmet on.


Racing the Wind Writing Prompt Create a dialogue between the child in the wheelchair and the wind as they race each other down the hill. What would the wind say about the child’s speed and excitement? How does the child respond, and what do they learn from each other during their playful competition? Warm-Up Discussion

Football Surprise Creative Writing Prompt: Many butterflies are fluttering above teenage boys playing football. There is surprise on their faces as they look up at the butterflies surrounding them. There is a close-up of one boy's face as he is looking up with shock.


Football Surprise Creative Writing Prompt Describe this moment! Include: what it looks like, sounds like, feels like (emotions and thoughts) as well as the actions of both the humans and animals involved. How would you describe a butterfly? What do you think they are thinking and feeling? What problems or challenges might the footballers be

Brave Kayaker Narrative Writing Prompt Image: 12-year-old Indian girl confidently kayaking down rapids in a stunning wild river on a beautiful sunny day, displaying her strength and power.


Brave Kayaker Narrative Writing Prompt As the group kayaks down the wild river, the leader notices something out of the corner of their eye that fills them with worry. Write a narrative about their journey down the river, including what they see, how they react, and how the team overcomes the obstacle. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

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