Design Your Dream Car Writing Prompt: Futuristic car driving on a coastal highway, showcasing advanced features and sleek design.


Design Your Dream Car Writing Prompt Imagine you are an automotive engineer of the future! Create a blueprint of your own futuristic car, showcasing its unique features and innovative technology. Describe how it moves, its energy source, and any other advanced capabilities you can imagine. Add its impact on the environment in your explanation. Warm-Up

Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt: An image of a futuristic Martian habitat designed for sustainable living, featuring a family and a large silvery moon.


Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt Imagine this is your new home on Mars. Recount a typical day living in this strange land. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the climate is like? What would it be like to live here? What would you need to survive? What does this image remind you of? What

Spaceship Adventure Story Prompt: A high-angle view of a large spaceship in space, with a large Earth-like planet in the background. There are many lights on the spaceship.


Spaceship Adventure Story Prompt Imagine you are onboard a spaceship in space with a team of astronauts. Your mission is to explore new worlds and discover new life forms. Describe what you see as you look out the window of the spaceship. Use your imagination to take your readers on an adventure through the vastness

Space Training Picture Prompt: A 12-year-old red-haired girl with freckles wearing a space helmet underwater, her face displaying a mix of emotions, surrounded by blues and cyans.


Space Training Picture Prompt It’s the first day of training in your new job and you’ve just had your picture taken. Describe what is happening in this moment. Include details such as: Use your imagination, and remember, there’s no limit to the possibilities of your new job description!

Spaceship Mission Writing Prompt: A focused boy intently examines the complex controls on a futuristic spaceship's panel, preparing to embark on an important mission.


Spaceship Mission Writing Prompt Imagine you are the boy at the control panel of a futuristic spaceship. Explain your mission and the complex controls and buttons you have to navigate to achieve your goal. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is your mission? How do you feel as you work to complete your mission with concentration and

Mars Writing Prompt: A team of astronauts explores the surface of a remote planet, their space suits reflecting the light from a distant sun.


Mars Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of one of the astronauts, imagining their experiences and emotions as they navigate the challenges and wonders of space exploration. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who are these people? How did they end up in this difficult situation? What kind of hopes and dreams might they have for

Space Story Starter: Realistic photo of a young astronaut walking with purpose through a city street, looking curiously at something out of shot.


Space Story Starter As the young astronaut walks through the bustling city street, she suddenly receives a message from mission control. They tell her that there’s been a catastrophic event on the space station she was stationed on, and she’s the only one who can fix it. She must use all of her astronaut training

Astronaut Adventure Writing: Realistic photo of a 14-year-old female astronaut with a determined expression, walking through a city street on an important mission.


Astronaut Adventure Writing As the young astronaut walks through a busy city street, she notices something strange happening in the sky. She sees a bright light and a strange shape flying towards her. The people around her are oblivious to what’s happening, but she knows she’s the only one who can save the city from

Alien Meeting Narrative Writing Prompt image: A realistic photo of an astronaut and an alien meeting in space, gazing at each other with curiosity in a happy, uplifting encounter. Alien has a white leather suit on with a headphone-shaped attachment.


Alien Meeting Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of either the astronaut, the alien, or even planet Earth itself, imagining their experiences and emotions in this incredible moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is the astronaut, and what kind of mission are they on? What kind of alien is this? How are they

Astronaut Narrative Writing Prompt: Determined female astronaut strides purposefully down a street, displaying a focused and concerned expression, with smoke billowing behind her.


Astronaut Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the astronaut’s perspective, imagining her experiences and emotions as she carries out her mission. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is she? How did she end up here? What is her mission? Examine her facial expression. What do you think she is thinking and feeling? Why?

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