Dandelion and Mouse Creative Writing Prompt: An adorable mouse holds and blows on a dandelion, watching the seeds carried away by the wind.


Dandelion and Mouse Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you are the mouse in the picture, holding onto the dandelion and watching the seeds float away. Write a narrative about where you think the seeds might go and what adventures they might have. Don’t forget to include your thoughts and feelings about the experience. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Surreal Landscape Descriptive Writing Prompt: A massive face made from a rock resembling a man's head with green vegetation growing on it.


Surreal Landscape Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are an explorer who has stumbled upon this landscape in your travels. As you approach and explore the massive face, write a detailed description of what you see, hear, and feel. What kind of emotions does this surreal landscape evoke for you? Use vivid sensory details to transport

Jungle Descriptive Writing prompt: Explorer walking through a lush jungle with vibrant bioluminescent plants, mesmerizing alien flora, and captivating extraterrestrial fauna.


Jungle Descriptive Writing prompt Imagine you are the explorer in this jungle. Write a detailed journal entry about your journey through this ethereal landscape. Describe the sights, sounds, and feelings you experience, as well as any challenges you face along the way. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of sounds might you hear while walking through

eyeglasses sitting in the middle of the road. The distance of a long country road is in focus through the glasses. Everything around the glasses - woods towering over the road is out of focus.


Road to Adventure Story Starter Continue this narrative: As I put on my glasses and looked down the road, I knew that what lay ahead was both exciting and uncertain. The source of light at the end of the road was calling to me, beckoning me forward with its promise of adventure and discovery. Warm-Up

Dream Big Descriptive Writing Prompt: Girl sitting in front of a computer, creating a photorealistic universe on the screen, with planets, stars, and comets flying around the room as the universe comes to life and is projected all around her.


Dream Big Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are in a room with a computer and you create an amazing universe on the screen. Planets start flying through the room and the universe is projected all around you. Write a detailed description of what you see and how you feel as you explore this incredible universe.

Persuasive Writing Prompt: An inspiring image of a girl in a red dress traveling the world with a flashlight, captivated by the breathtaking night sky full of stars and shooting stars.


Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive letter to your school principal, convincing them to create an astronomy club at your school. Use the image of the girl in the red dress traveling the world with a flashlight as inspiration for why stargazing is important and how it can be an enriching experience for students. Be

Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt: A beautiful 12-year-old girl with long blonde hair, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood, encounters a big white wolf in a vibrant fall forest.


Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt Write a story about a young girl who sets off on a journey through a colorful forest dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. Along the way, she encounters a big white wolf. Use your imagination to describe the girl’s feelings, the wolf’s behavior, and the beauty of the

Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt: The legendary Excalibur sword wedged into a stone in a mystical forest with sunbeams spotlighting the sword.


Sword in the Stone Writing Prompt Visualize a mystical sword embedded in a stone, set amidst a magical forest. Use lively and colorful language to portray this captivating scene to your reader. Pay special attention to details that are remarkable about the sword, the stone, and the enchanting forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Can you imagine

Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas: A young girl walking alongside her small herbivore dinosaur friend in a suburban backyard, sharing a friendly and relaxed connection as they look at each other.


Dinosaur Friend Short Story Ideas Imagine that you have a dinosaur friend who lives in your backyard.Write a letter or email to your best friend describing your adventures with your dinosaur friend. Include details about what you and your dinosaur friend like to do together, how you communicate with each other, and any challenges you

Mysterious Creative Writing Prompt: A surreal scene of a giant soap bubble containing a cloud, mysteriously appearing on a quiet suburban street in an affluent neighborhood.


Mysterious Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you woke up one morning to find a big bubble with clouds inside it on your street. Write a narrative about what happens next. Who discovers the bubble? How do people react to it? Does the bubble stay or go away? What is inside the bubble? Use descriptive language to

Superpower Teen Picture Prompt: Teen ready for action in a futuristic cityscape. She has bright pink neon lines of light swirling around her. She is focused and powerful.


Superpower Teen Picture Prompt In the picture, a futuristic-looking teenage girl is jumping across tall buildings in a neon-lit city. She is shooting a bright pink light from her hand, which looks like a superpower. Imagine you are the teen leaping across the futuristic cityscape, shooting a bright pink light from your hand. What is

Cupcake Farm Creative Writing Prompt: A cupcake farm where delicious, brightly iced cupcakes are grown and harvested in fields, like regular crops. The image showcases a fun, pastel environment.


Cupcake Farm Creative Writing Prompt Write a recipe for the most delicious cupcakes in the world! Include the steps for harvesting and preparing the ingredients, as well as the instructions for baking and decorating the cupcakes. Make sure to describe the flavours and textures of the cupcake and the decorations. Be as detailed as possible

Flying Writing Prompt: A radiant, floating child gracefully hovers above a peaceful morning landscape, evoking awe and the boundless possibilities of the spirit.


Flying Writing Prompt Describe the sensation of flying and the details of the scenery below you, using most of your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) to bring the experience to life. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might this child be feeling or thinking as they float above the landscape? Imagine you could fly! Where

Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt: large grey elephant flying against the backdrop of a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Sunbeams of light are highlighting the elephant.


Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt Ella, a flying elephant, soars through the air, her ears flapping like wings. She looks happy and excited, ready for a day of fun and adventure. Imagine you are a young child who has just spotted Ella in the sky. Write a story about the amazing day you spend with

Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt: An image of a futuristic Martian habitat designed for sustainable living, featuring a family and a large silvery moon.


Martian Life Creative Writing Prompt Imagine this is your new home on Mars. Recount a typical day living in this strange land. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the climate is like? What would it be like to live here? What would you need to survive? What does this image remind you of? What

Floating Castle Writing Prompt: A majestic floating castle on a cloud in dark outer space, surrounded by stars and with a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Floating Castle Writing Prompt Describe a character that lives in this magical and enchanting world. Make sure to include what they look like, how they spend their time, who they live with and what daily life is like for them. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does this image remind you of? What would it be like

Wizard Creative Writing Prompt: A powerful wizard stands on a rocky precipice, staff glowing with arcane energy, in a mystical and captivating scene.


Wizard Creative Writing Prompt 1. Persuasive writing: Give reasons why it is important to nurture children’s creativity and believe in their ability to make the impossible possible. 2. Write a narrative about the wizard’s next adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of spells might this wizard cast? Why is it important to believe in the

Enchanted Unicorn Writing Prompt: A majestic unicorn drinking from a crystal-clear stream in a vibrant, enchanted forest, its horn glistening in sunbeams.


Enchanted Unicorn Writing Prompt Describe what it is like in the forest from the perspective of the unicorn. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine the world this unicorn inhabits. What does it look like, feel like and sound like? What does the unicorn like about this forest? What other creatures might live there? What kind of adventures

Enchanted Forest Adventure: A mischievous fairy is speaking to a small cute fairy with large semi-transparent wings in a magical bioluminescent forest.


Enchanted Forest Adventure Will these two characters go on a quest together, or will they each continue on their own magical journeys? Pick one as your main character. Write a narrative about a challenge they face and how they solve it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe this setting? Who are they, and what

Strange World Creative Writing Prompts: A full moon rising over a misty, otherworldly landscape. The lights of a distant town on a hill dimly glimmer. In the foreground is a still waterway with the moon reflecting off the surface.


Strange World Creative Writing Prompts What kind of creatures might inhabit this strange and beautiful world? Would you want to visit this place in your dreams?  Why or Why not? 1. Describe a creature that lives in this mysterious place. or 2. Write a narrative from the perspective of a traveler or explorer, imagining their

Board Game Creative Writing: a close-up, life-like, average kid, as a game token on a magical board game. standing. This game token is designed to be a real human— a miniature child of European descent.


Board Game Creative Writing Imagine you’re a toy game piece that has just come to life on a magical game board. What kind of game are you in, and what will be your first move? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would it feel like to come to life as a game piece suddenly? What special abilities

Persuasive Writing Prompt: The lion is riding on a surfboard staring at the camera as the wave goes by. Water spray from the wave is glistening in the sunlight.


Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive text, arguing why animals should or should not be allowed to participate in human sports and activities. Use examples from the image of the lion riding a surfboard and any other experiences or knowledge you have about animals and sports. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the lion

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