Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt: An anthropomorphic slice of pizza character wearing sunglasses, walking confidently down a city street.


Pete The Pizza Slice Picture Prompt In a world where food and people are one, a slice of pizza named Pete steps out to find the missing ingredient that makes him complete. Join Pete on his cheesy adventure through the town. What ingredient is he looking for, and who does he meet along the way?

Knight's Quest Picture Prompt: Illustration of a young knight in armor looking pensively to the side, with meadows in the background.


Knight’s Quest Picture Prompt Once a peaceful protector of the realm, a knight finds himself amid an ancient prophecy. In the quiet fields of his homeland, he must uncover hidden symbols in the landscape that guide him to a legendary artifact. Can he find it before dark forces do? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you

Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt: A young individual controlling and shaping water around them, illustrating a connection with the sea.


Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt You’ve always felt a special connection to the sea, and something extraordinary happens during a trip to the beach. As you wade into the water, the waves respond to your presence, and you discover you can shape and guide them. As you explore this newfound bond with the

Rock's Adventure Picture Prompt: a cute grey rock with a warm expression (human face) in a field. cartoon style.


Rock’s Adventure Picture Prompt Despite being just a rock, you have big dreams. One night, under the starry sky, you wish to travel and see the world. The following day, something magical begins to happen. Write about your adventures as you start moving around the world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What would be the first place

Crystal Snail Writing Prompt: A highly detailed and colorful image of a snail with a glowing shell that contains a miniature fairy-tale kingdom, complete with tiny buildings and lights.


Crystal Snail Writing Prompt Imagine you’ve found a magical microscope in your schoolyard. This isn’t just any microscope—it shows you incredible, hidden worlds that are invisible to the naked eye! Your Mission: Write a narrative about the amazing things you find in this tiny world. Here’s a fun idea to start your adventure: The Crystal

Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt: A person sitting on a winged horse at the edge of a mountain cliff under a starry sky.


Winged Horse Adventure Writing Prompt High atop a mountain under a blanket of stars, you and your winged horse prepare for an incredible journey. Where will you fly to, and what mythical creatures will you encounter along the way? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What special abilities does your winged horse have that can help you during

Light Fairy Picture Prompt: A young child with fairy wings in a whimsical forest environment, illuminated by a magical glow. FAQ


Light Fairy Picture Prompt You’re a light fairy whose sparkle can make anyone smile. On a peaceful night in the forest, you come across a child. What enchanted gift would you share with them using your light, and how does it unexpectedly help them? Write about the adventures that unfold. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What is

Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt: A digitally created image of a colorful, soap bubble-like structure floating in a starry space setting, possibly representing an alien planet.


Mysterious Planet Writing Prompt You’re an interstellar explorer who has just landed on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to describe what this world is like. What does the ground feel like under your feet? Is it soft like bubblegum, or is it something completely different? Think about what the water might look like.

Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt: A creative depiction of a soft, furry blue monster seamlessly integrated with a traditional sofa, smiling warmly and invitingly.


Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt Step into the role of a furniture salesperson and get ready to introduce customers to the most extraordinary couch they’ve ever seen! It’s not just any couch. It’s big, blue, with friendly eyes and a mischievous grin complete with horns. Your task is to persuade customers to buy this one-of-a-kind

Magical Headphones Picture Prompt: Joyful young child with curly hair wearing glasses and headphones, with a vibrant spiral of colors in the background.


Magical Headphones Picture Prompt Imagine that you discover a pair of magical headphones in your pocket during recess. When you put them on, every sound around you changes into a beautiful sensation. The bounce of a basketball might feel like a gentle tap on your shoulder, and the teacher’s whistle might look like a rainbow

Turtle's Trick Writing Prompt: An animated turtle with a captivating expression performing a fiery trick in a forest.


Turtle’s Trick Writing Prompt The forest is having a talent show, and this friendly turtle has a fiery trick up its sleeve. What is the trick, and how does it surprise and delight all the other animals? Tell the story of how the turtle prepares for the big show and the friends it makes along

Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt: A magical schoolbag with cosmic designs sitting on a desk in a classroom, radiating a bright, fantastical light with celestial objects.


Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt In a quiet classroom, there sits a schoolbag unlike any other. It’s filled with more than just books and pencils; it’s a portal to the universe! Write a story about a student who discovers this bag and the cosmic adventures that await them each time they reach inside. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Genie Lamp Writing Prompt: a beautiful golden, old genie lamp that is glowing. It has wisps of blue smoke coming from the spout.


Genie Lamp Writing Prompt As the New Year approaches, a mystical lamp is discovered in the attic. When a group of friends polishes it, a genie appears, offering to grant each of them a wish for the coming year. But there’s a twist: their wishes must truly reflect their hopes for personal growth and the

Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt: Illustration of a friendly elf holding a lantern and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose in a snowy, enchanted forest with a cozy cottage in the background under a moonlit night.


Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt In a snowy, enchanted forest, you meet a friendly elf and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose. Tonight, they are on a very special mission to find the lost stars that make the winter nights sparkle. They need your help! Write a narrative about your adventure with the

Puppy's Literary Journey Picture Prompt: A sleepy puppy with glasses dozing off on an open book


Puppy’s Literary Journey Picture Prompt As the puppy in the picture dozes off on his book, he suddenly leaps into the pages and embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Describe the new world he explores within the story. Who are the characters he encounters, and what exciting events unfold during his literary journey? Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Toy's Night Adventure Picture Prompt: A fluffy purple animated toy character exploring a store


Toy’s Night Adventure Picture Prompt A fluffy purple toy sits on a shelf in a department store, its eyes wide with wonder. This toy has never had a home; it’s been waiting for someone special to pick it up and take it on grand adventures. But tonight, something magical stirs, and the toy comes to

Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt: An imaginative depiction of a child with antlers looking out upon a snowy Christmas village at night.


Child Reindeer Adventure Writing Prompt Imagine you are a child who turns into a reindeer at Christmas. What magical adventures do you have? Do you help Santa deliver presents, or do you discover a hidden winter wonderland? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How did you first discover your ability to turn into a reindeer? What special powers

Christmas Celebration Creative Writing Prompt: A vibrant illustration of various animals gathering around a decorated Christmas tree in a snowy forest clearing.


Christmas Celebration Creative Writing Prompt On a snowy Christmas Eve, a group of adventurous animals in the forest organize their Christmas celebration. They gather around a beautifully decorated tree in the forest clearing, each bringing a special gift or talent to share. As they celebrate, they discover a mysterious, glowing present under the tree, left

High-tech Armor Writing Prompt: A young girl in a futuristic high-tech armor suit, looking confident and ready for adventure.


High-tech Armor Writing Prompt Imagine you are a young inventor who has created a fantastic suit of high-tech armor. What inspired you to make it, and what exciting adventure do you go on once you put the suit on? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of materials would you imagine using to construct your high-tech armor

The Leafy Musicians Writing Prompt: Three whimsical leaf characters with smiling faces, each holding a miniature guitar, standing on a forest floor covered with autumn leaves.


The Leafy Musicians Writing Prompt Imagine a band of leaves that come to life in the forest and discover musical instruments. Write a story about their first concert. Who comes to watch, and what magical things happen when they start to play? Warm-Up Discussion Questions If leaves could come to life, what personalities would each

Origin Story Writing Prompt: A person in a dynamic pose wearing a golden superhero costume with a mask, suggesting the theme of secret identities and superpowers.


Origin Story Writing Prompt Every superhero has a secret. What is the secret of the hero in the golden mask? Write a story about how they got their powers and why they decided to become a superhero. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What superpower does this hero possess? How does the hero’s golden armor contribute to their

Robo-Bird Design Challenge: a toucan with a vibrant, multicolored beak and a mechanical eye set against a black background. Its feathers are a blend of natural and electronic elements, with metallic and blue tones, creating a fusion of organic and robotic aesthetics.


Robo-Bird Design Challenge Objective: Draw and describe your own robotic bird. Think about how it looks (appearance), how it acts (behavior) and where it lives (habitat). Instructions Draw Your Robo-Bird: Using the image of the half-robotic toucan as inspiration, create your version of a robo-bird. You can choose any bird you like, from sparrows to

The Power Within Picture Prompt: A young girl stands in awe in the center of a room as colorful streams of light and electricity swirl around her.


The Power Within Picture Prompt Imagine you suddenly discover that you can control energy with your hands. Write a narrative about the first time you find out your abilities. What can you do with your new powers, and how do you decide to use them? Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you feel if you suddenly

Mystical Smartphone Garden Picture Prompt: A small world full of green plants, stream in a beautiful garden is growing out of a smartphone


Mystical Smartphone Garden Picture Prompt Jamie discovered something incredible one morning: their smartphone had become a gateway to a tiny, vibrant garden. Green plants and a shimmering stream were growing right out of the screen! Jamie couldn’t believe their eyes. As they leaned in closer, they heard the faint sounds of nature coming from the

Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt: Microscopy, wasp wing viewed under a microscope, beautiful, shimmering array of colours.


Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine looking at a picture taken with a powerful camera that can zoom in very close, showing you a macro image of something. The photo reveals fragile shimmering plates with intricate designs layered over one another. As the light glints off them, you see a kaleidoscope of colours, making it

Autumn Leaf Dragon Adventure: Cinematic photo new born baby dragon, cute, adorable, outside in the fall. Autumn colors


Autumn Leaf Dragon Adventure Writing Prompt Once upon an autumn morning, a tiny Leaf Dragon with big, sparkly eyes woke to a tranquil forest. The usual chirping of birds wasn’t there. Feeling brave, the little dragon decided to become a detective and figure out where the bird songs had gone. Your Adventure: Write a narrative

The Silent Thank You Writing Prompt: a soldier out of focus in the distance, amidst a field of poppies with sunlight streaming.


UFO Pumpkin Patch Writing Prompt In the heart of a vast pumpkin patch, an unexpected visitor from the stars arrives: a hovering UFO. It zeroes in on a single pumpkin with its brilliant light. But why? What could be so unique about that one pumpkin among so many? Write a narrative that unravels the mystery.

Halloween Potion Writing Prompt: Halloween Writing Ideas... the most amazing magic potion, Purple and red mixture swirling inside an ancient glass bottle.


Halloween Potion Writing Prompt You discover an ancient glass bottle in a hidden corner of an old room. Inside, a mesmerizing potion swirls with shades of purple and red, shimmering like a Halloween twilight. Imagine you decide to use just one drop of this fantastic magic potion. What happens next? Write a tale about your

Dive into the Crystal Ball Writing Prompt! Spark creativity with tales of a magical fall day and a mysterious levitating lensball in the park for young writers: levitating lensball in the park with child watching it. Fall day. Fallen leaves.


Crystal Ball Writing Prompt In a park painted with the colours of fall and a soft blanket of leaves, a small child finds something magical: a crystal ball floating gently in the air. The crystal ball shows delightful and enchanting images as the child gazes at it. What playful scenes or friendly creatures does the

Emotional Day Writing Prompt: double exposure image. Half are warm colours and half are cool colours with a side profile of a girl. In the background is a sunrise with the silhouette of trees in without leaves.


Emotional Day Writing Prompt Create a character who experiences a range of emotions throughout the day. From the moment they wake up until bedtime, their feelings change, just like the colours of a chameleon. Write a recount of your character’s day, detailing the various emotions they experience. For example, they may start with the fiery

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