Surreal Landscape Descriptive Writing Prompt: A massive face made from a rock resembling a man's head with green vegetation growing on it.


Surreal Landscape Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are an explorer who has stumbled upon this landscape in your travels. As you approach and explore the massive face, write a detailed description of what you see, hear, and feel. What kind of emotions does this surreal landscape evoke for you? Use vivid sensory details to transport

Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt: A realistic pencil drawing of a panda coming to life, emerging from the white page and sitting up.


Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt Imagine that you are a character in a story and you have the ability to bring your drawings to life. One day, while you are drawing a picture of a panda, you suddenly notice that the panda is coming to life and sitting up from the white paper. What

Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt: Cartoon boy doing homework with a friendly dinosaur sitting beside him, creating a fun and supportive learning environment.


Friendly Dinosaur Writing Prompt Imagine you are a student who has a special friend to help you with your homework. But this friend is not an ordinary tutor, it’s a friendly dinosaur! Write a recount about your experience studying with your dino-friend. What subjects did you study together? Did you encounter any challenges? How did

Cat Detective Story Prompt: An adorable cat dressed as a detective, named Sherlock Paws, wearing glasses, a tie, and a cap with a feather, sitting in an office with a concentrated look and sharp focus.


Cat Detective Story Prompt In a whimsical world, a detective cat named Sherlock Paws is on the case! Dressed in a stylish suit with a cap and feather, he’s hard at work in his office, surrounded by clues and evidence. Using his keen senses and sharp focus, he’s determined to solve the mystery and catch

Animated Friends: A photo of a real man meeting a cartoon character, in the style of hyper-realistic sci-fi. The scene captures the surreal blend of reality and the cartoon world with a cinematic storytelling approach and photo-realistic techniques.


Animated Friends You are a real person who has just met an animated character, describe your experience: How did you feel when you saw the animated character come to life? What did you say? Did you take a picture together? Write a description of your exciting encounter!

Animated Writing: Hyper-realistic sci-fi style image of a boy meeting a cartoon character in a detailed, cinematic scene.


Animated Writing A boy gets transported into a cartoon world where he meets his favourite character. Write a narrative describing their adventure together, and the challenges they face as they navigate this new and unfamiliar world.

Persuasive Writing Prompt: The lion is riding on a surfboard staring at the camera as the wave goes by. Water spray from the wave is glistening in the sunlight.


Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive text, arguing why animals should or should not be allowed to participate in human sports and activities. Use examples from the image of the lion riding a surfboard and any other experiences or knowledge you have about animals and sports. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the lion

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