Owl Adventures Creative Writing Prompt: An extreme close-up, hyper-detailed 3D rendering of a fantasy girl snuggling a small owl amidst a backdrop of vibrant green leaves. The image, rich in textures and detail, presents a dreamy and intimate moment between the girl and the owl, evoking a sense of comfort and serene connection to nature. The girl's expressions of joy and the owl's peaceful demeanour contribute to the image's overall warmth and enchantment.


Owl Adventures Creative Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a magical adventure with a girl and her small owl companion. Use descriptive language to bring the fantasy world to life and make it feel real. Don’t forget to include the bond between the girl and the owl and any obstacles or challenges they may face

Friends Descriptive Writing Prompt: A boy and his dog, best friends, snuggling together in front of the television, sharing a warm and loving moment, with smiles on their faces.


Friends Descriptive Writing Prompt Describe a special moment you had with a loved one or pet. Use sensory details to describe the sights, sounds, and feelings of being close and connected with someone or something that you love. Remember to include how this moment made you feel and why it was important to you. Warm-Up

Cute Dogs Creative Writing Prompt: Two happy French bulldogs playing together in the rain, chasing raindrops and puddles with delight, their fur damp but eyes bright and curious.


Cute Dogs Creative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of one of the puppies as they play in the rain. What sights, sounds, and smells do they encounter? How do they feel as they play with their companion? What unexpected events might occur during their rainy day adventure? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might

Lion Writing Prompt: A lion intensely walking across the savannah, with stunning details of African grasses and a backdrop of blue sky and sea.


Lion Writing Prompt Imagine you are on a safari in the African savannah and you come across a lion walking in the distance. Write a description of your encounter with the lion, create a picture in the reader’s mind of the surroundings and the emotions you feel as you observe the powerful animal. Warm-Up Discussion

Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt: large grey elephant flying against the backdrop of a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Sunbeams of light are highlighting the elephant.


Flying Elephant Creative Writing Prompt Ella, a flying elephant, soars through the air, her ears flapping like wings. She looks happy and excited, ready for a day of fun and adventure. Imagine you are a young child who has just spotted Ella in the sky. Write a story about the amazing day you spend with

Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt: A realistic pencil drawing of a panda coming to life, emerging from the white page and sitting up.


Panda Coming to Life Picture Prompt Imagine that you are a character in a story and you have the ability to bring your drawings to life. One day, while you are drawing a picture of a panda, you suddenly notice that the panda is coming to life and sitting up from the white paper. What

Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt: Realistic wallpaper depicting a beautiful tropical sea with coral and coconut trees, showcasing calming, bright colors and ultra-detailed visuals.


Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt Use a Venn diagram to compare the tropical world in this image to your school. 1. Label one circle ‘Tropical Sea’ and the other circle ‘School’ 2. In the overlapping area of the circles, write down the similarities between the two environments e.g., both on Earth 3. In the areas

Cat Detective Story Prompt: An adorable cat dressed as a detective, named Sherlock Paws, wearing glasses, a tie, and a cap with a feather, sitting in an office with a concentrated look and sharp focus.


Cat Detective Story Prompt In a whimsical world, a detective cat named Sherlock Paws is on the case! Dressed in a stylish suit with a cap and feather, he’s hard at work in his office, surrounded by clues and evidence. Using his keen senses and sharp focus, he’s determined to solve the mystery and catch

Garden Adventures Fun Writing Prompts: A close-up, ultra-detailed image of a tiny ladybug on a daisy, surrounded by a field of daisies under a bright blue sky with white puffy clouds, capturing the vivid beauty of nature.


Garden Adventures Fun Writing Prompts Write a narrative about your adventure as a ladybug exploring this beautiful world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Describe what you might see, hear, and feel as you crawl around the flowers. What might bring joy to an insect like a ladybug? What might scare a ladybug? What challenges could a ladybug

Dog Short Story Ideas: Striking close-up portrait of a Labrador Retriever underwater, captured with a fisheye lens, enthusiastically chasing a tennis ball.


Dog Short Story Ideas The Underwater Quest: Write a story from the perspective of the Labrador Retriever as it dives into the water to chase the tennis ball. Describe the sensation of the water, the excitement of the chase, and the determination to catch the ball. What thoughts and emotions does the dog experience during

Shark Creative Writing Prompt: A scuba diver underwater takes a selfie, eyes wide with shock and fear, as a massive great white shark with numerous sharp teeth lurks menacingly behind him.


Shark Creative Writing Prompt Write a description of this moment from the perspective of the scuba diver. Describe his thoughts and emotions as he encounters this fearsome creature. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the scuba diver might be thinking and feeling? How would you describe what the shark looks like?

Smallest Dog in the World Short Story Ideas: A charming photo of the world's smallest dog, cradled delicately on a hand, showcasing its incredible tininess.


Smallest Dog in the World Short Story Ideas Imagine you are the world’s smallest dog. Write a recount about your day in this huge world! Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine what it would be like to have a pet that is so tiny. What challenges and joys might having such a small dog bring? List a

Squirrel Creative Writing Prompt: A wide-view image of a curious squirrel peeking out from behind a tree trunk in a beautiful forest, with sunlight streaming through the trees.


Squirrel Creative Writing Prompt Write a narrative about the squirrel’s adventures in the forest. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might this squirrel be watching? What could be going on in its world? How would you describe a forest like this?

Snail Writing Prompt: A determined, focused tiny snail perseveres in climbing a towering stalk of grass, embodying a growth mindset, happiness, and positivity.


Snail Writing Prompt Write a narrative about the snail’s journey. Imagine the obstacles it must overcome and the characters that it meets along the way. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of adventure might this little snail be on? What other characters might it meet on this journey? Describe the snail.

Bird of Prey Writing Prompt: A magnificent hawk is perched on a rocky crag, scanning the horizon for danger. Rocky cliffs surround the bird in what looks like a harsh landscape with low cloud cover.


Bird of Prey Writing Prompt Describe the world this creature lives in. Warm-Up Discussion Questions This image shows a magnificent bird of prey perched on a rocky crag, its head scanning the horizon for danger. How does this bird spend it time? What kind of challenges might it face?

Garden Short Story Ideas: A butterfly perched on a pastel flower in an English country garden, with iridescent wings shimmering in the warm light, and a young girl is out of focus in the background.


Garden Short Story Ideas Write a narrative about the thoughts and adventures of this tiny creature. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is the girl and what might she be doing? What could this butterfly be thinking as it takes in the beauty of its surroundings? How would you describe this garden, the weather and the time

Enchanted Unicorn Writing Prompt: A majestic unicorn drinking from a crystal-clear stream in a vibrant, enchanted forest, its horn glistening in sunbeams.


Enchanted Unicorn Writing Prompt Describe what it is like in the forest from the perspective of the unicorn. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Imagine the world this unicorn inhabits. What does it look like, feel like and sound like? What does the unicorn like about this forest? What other creatures might live there? What kind of adventures

Horse Writing Prompt: Magical high-definition photograph of a horse drinking from a clear stream in a lush, enchanted forest with soft sunlight streaming through the canopy.


Horse Writing Prompt Choose a local nature area or park. Write a persuasive letter to a local leader about the importance of maintaining this nature area for future generations to enjoy. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why should we take care of our environment and the animals that live in it? Who uses your nature area or

Friends or Foes Picture Prompt: Macro photograph of two insects interacting, leaving viewers to wonder about their relationship and intentions.


Friends or Foes Picture Prompt In this intriguing photograph of two insects interacting, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Use your imagination to think about what might be happening between these two insects and decide what the outcome of their interaction might be!  Choose your text type – a description of the moment they

Happy Insect Adventures: Macro photograph of a happy insect with expressive eyes, revealing a delightful world of tiny details.


Happy Insect Adventures In this close-up macro photograph of a happy insect, we see an unexpected and delightful world of tiny details. Imagine you are that happy insect. Write a narrative about your day-to-day adventures, from exploring blades of grass to flying among flowers. What kind of things do you do and see in your

Persuasive Writing Prompt: The lion is riding on a surfboard staring at the camera as the wave goes by. Water spray from the wave is glistening in the sunlight.


Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive text, arguing why animals should or should not be allowed to participate in human sports and activities. Use examples from the image of the lion riding a surfboard and any other experiences or knowledge you have about animals and sports. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the lion

Tiger Picture Prompt: a child is speaking to a tiger. The tiger has a very gentle loving expression. They are sharing a special moment. Faces in sharp focus.


Tiger Picture Prompt Imagine what it would be like to be the tiger in this scene. Describe your thoughts and feelings as you interact with this child. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think the child and the tiger are feeling? Where might they be? What might they say to each other?

Football Surprise Creative Writing Prompt: Many butterflies are fluttering above teenage boys playing football. There is surprise on their faces as they look up at the butterflies surrounding them. There is a close-up of one boy's face as he is looking up with shock.


Football Surprise Creative Writing Prompt Describe this moment! Include: what it looks like, sounds like, feels like (emotions and thoughts) as well as the actions of both the humans and animals involved. How would you describe a butterfly? What do you think they are thinking and feeling? What problems or challenges might the footballers be

Cat Creative Writing Prompt: A cute black and white cat in sharp focus, curiously looking at something behind a mysterious brown paper bag.


Cat Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you are a toy maker creating fun and engaging toys for pets. Design a toy that cats would love to play with! Make sure you clearly describe what it looks like, how it works and why a pet would like it. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What toys do pets like to

Bird Descriptive Writing Prompt: Teenager's hand holding a phone as a beautiful vibrant green hummingbird is emerging from the phone and looks like it is about to fly away. There are a few shards of glass flying out too.


Bird Descriptive Writing Prompt Describe the moment the hummingbird begins to fly out of the phone. Consider what this moment might look like, feel like and sound like. Don’t forget to include the thoughts and feelings of the person holding the phone at this moment. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might have happened in the last

Underwater Descriptive Writing Prompt image: a young girl swimming towards a sea turtle with a fascinated expression, surrounded by a sunny, bright, and uplifting underwater world.


Underwater Descriptive Writing Prompt Describe this scene, from the perspective of the child or the sea turtle, imagining their experiences and emotions in this magical underwater world. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Where could they be? What is around them? How would you describe the turtle and underwater scene? What games could they play together?

Dragon Narrative Writing Prompt: Strong and wise female wizard with piercing blue eyes bravely confronts a large, fire-breathing red dragon in a dynamic composition.


Dragon Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative from the perspective of the wizard, imagining her experiences and emotions as she overcomes a problem. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Who is she and where does she come from? What is her relationship with the dragon? What problems could they face? What kind of strategies might she use to

Adventure Picture Prompt Writing Image: A photorealistic underwater image of a boy riding a whale, with opaline bubbles, shimmering ripples, and a magical summer atmosphere. Sunlight is streaming through the aqua-blue water and the boy is relaxed and looking casually around.


Adventure Picture Prompt Writing Imagine you are a child on a grand adventure in the ocean. You have an unusual friend with you! Write a narrative about your journey, describing the incredible things you see and the feelings you experience as you explore the deep blue sea together. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do you think

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