Miniature Sloth Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: photo the smallest sloth in the world, hyper - realistic. being held in a person's hand.


Imagine a super tiny sloth, so small it could sit on a pencil! It must have lots of fun hanging from little branches and slowly exploring its world. With every slow step, it probably finds cool things to see and do. Write a narrative about a fun adventure the miniature sloth has.

Miniature Hippo Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: photo the smallest hippo in the world, hyper - realistic. being held in a person's hand.


Meet the world’s tiniest hippo, snugly resting in someone’s hand. This little hippo might come from a special place where everything is tiny, or maybe it’s the only one of its kind. Write a narrative about a fun adventure the miniature hippo has.

Magical Bear Guardian Picture Prompt: The giant magical brown bear god of the forest, scenting the air. Fireflies everywhere. A spring of water. Warm summer day. Photorealism, cinematic shot, cinematic lighting.


Magical Bear Guardian Picture Prompt Choose your story starter: Warm-Up Discussion Questions What does this picture remind you of? How do you imagine a ‘giant magical bear’ to look and behave? If you were in the forest and saw the bear god, how would you react? Would you approach it or hide? Why?

The Day in Song Picture Prompt: Bird, singing into a microphone, cute, morning, daytime, bright, happy, city, summer, sunny, pink. Animated. Window behind bird, with an out-of-focus town in the background.


The Day in Song Picture Prompt The singing bird has a remarkable ability – it can predict the weather for the day through its songs! Write a weather forecast song as if you were the singing bird. Include fun lyrics about the weather and consider including details about: Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does the singing

Eagle Writing Prompt: Close-up photo of a majestic golden eagle diving through the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo at night, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature in motion.


Eagle Writing Prompt Pretend you are a reporter capturing the moment when the golden eagle dives through the streets of your town or city. Write a news article detailing this extraordinary event, including eyewitness accounts and interviews with amazed onlookers. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How would you describe the eagle? What do you think the people

Royal Cat Writing Prompt: A regal cat wearing a crown sitting on a plush red cushion on a throne inside Westminster Cathedral.


Royal Cat Writing Prompt Imagine you are a special cat who has been crowned the ruler of a kingdom. Write a speech to address the citizens of your kingdom. What important messages would you share with them? How would you encourage everyone to work together and be happy? Think about what makes a good leader

Riding a Dragon Picture Prompt: Photo of three ecstatic children riding a dragon in a vibrant sky, evoking a sense of magic and adventure.


Riding a Dragon Picture Prompt Imagine you are one of the children in the photograph. Write a letter to a friend, describing the incredible experience of riding a dragon. Include details about the dragon’s appearance, the exhilarating feeling of flight, and the special bond you formed with the mythical creature. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How do

Horse Writing Prompts: Two Icelandic horses with a rainbow in the background, engaging in non-verbal communication.


Horse Writing Prompts Meet Stormrider, the adventurous Icelandic horse with a fiery spirit and a heart full of wanderlust. Imagine being in the enchanting grasslands of Iceland, where Stormrider roams freely with his companion, Misty. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Which horse do you think is Stormrider? What do you think a typical day could look like

Raccoon Reader Dialogue Writing Prompt: A realistic portrayal of a clever raccoon reading a newspaper on a park bench, surrounded by a serene city park.


Raccoon Reader Dialogue Writing Prompt Create a dialogue between the clever raccoon and one of its animal friends in the park. What do they talk about? Write a conversation that highlights the raccoon’s intelligence and the bond it shares with its park companions. Warm-Up Discussion Questions Why do you think the raccoon is reading a

Hedgehog Picture Prompt: Intricate and vibrant image of a layered newspaper hedgehog, crafted from vintage manuscript pages, set amidst the blades of a grassy meadow in a paper quilling and book carving art style.


Hedgehog Picture Prompt Write a narrative about a day in the life of the paper hedgehog in the grassy meadow. What adventures does it have? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the hedgehog in the picture? How is it different from a real hedgehog? Why do you think the artist chose a grassy

Magical Forest Creatures Picture Prompt: A giant magical deer guardian bathed in moonlight, standing in a mystical forest filled with fireflies and draped with long hanging moss, offering a serene yet surreal vista.


Magical Forest Creatures Picture Prompt Create your own magical creature that could exist in the same forest as the giant deer guardian. Describe its appearance, special powers, and role in the forest ecosystem. How does it interact with other creatures and contribute to the balance of nature? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the

Scaled Creature Writing Prompt: An ultraviolet close-up image showcasing the intricate patterns and textures on the skin of a mysterious scaled creature, which could be a reptile or a fantasy animal.


Scaled Creature Writing Prompt Imagine you are a scientist studying this creature’s scales. Write an information report describing what makes their scales unique and how they help this creature. In your report, think about: Use your imagination and scientific thinking to explore the fascinating world of scaly creatures!

Spider Web Story Starter: Spider Web Story Starter: An enchanting sunrise illuminating an ancient, dense forest, revealing a hidden world of lush greenery. Delicate dew-drenched spider webs are woven between the branches, shimmering in the soft golden light.


Spider Web Story Starter The journey begins at dawn, as the first rays of sunlight pierce through the dense canopy of the ancient forest. The soft, golden light bathes the towering trunks, revealing a hidden world of lush greenery and enchanting beauty. Dew-drenched spider webs glisten like delicate strings of pearls, delicately woven between the

Phone Persuasive Writing Prompt: Girl whale watching on a boat. Holding up a camera to take a photo of a whale breaching.


Phone Persuasive Writing Prompt Imagine you are the teenager in the image. Write a persuasive letter to yourself, convincing yourself that the breaching whale is more interesting and exciting than what’s on your phone. Use strong reasons and persuasive language to explain why you should put down your phone and fully enjoy the amazing experience

Breaching Whale Descriptive Writing Prompt: Majestic whale breaching close to the coast during golden hour. Barnacles visible on it's body.


Breaching Whale Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are a marine biologist studying whales. Write a journal entry describing your observations of the breaching whale in the image. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice about the whale? Why do you think whales breach (jump out of the water)? What might be some reasons for this

Theme Park Adventures Picture Prompt: An image featuring a delighted boy with his unusual pet, a raptor, posing in front of a vibrant roller coaster at a bustling theme park.


Theme Park Adventures Picture Prompt Write a recount about the adventures of the boy and his pet raptor at the theme park yesterday. What exciting activities do they participate in? Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the boy and his pet raptor might be doing at the theme park? How do you think the

Hybrid Animal Descriptive Writing Prompt: An image showcasing a whimsical, realistically rendered creature that's half duck, half pineapple, swimming serenely in a pond.


Hybrid Animal Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine a world where animals and fruits/vegetables can combine to form unique creatures. Your task is to create your own half animal-half fruit or vegetable creature. Describe your creation! What is its name? Where does it live? What special powers or talents does it have? Let your imagination run wild

Falcon Delivery Writing Prompt: A peregrine falcon, with a small package wrapped in cloth, soars over a mountainous landscape.


Falcon Delivery Writing Prompt Imagine the falcon has a very important job to do with the package it’s carrying. What could that job be? Write a short story about the falcon’s adventure and the surprise inside the package. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What might be inside the package? How do you think the falcon feels as

Habitat Informative Writing Prompt: A koala appears vulnerable as it sits beside an Australian road, with a eucalyptus forest, its natural habitat, visible in the background.


Habitat Informative Writing Prompt Research and write an informative essay about the importance of preserving the natural habitat of koalas (or any other animal). Discuss the threats they face and propose solutions for ensuring their survival. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you notice? What do you think are some reasons why koalas are often found

Computer Monkey Short Story Ideas: A monkey is sitting at a computer, looking at the screen. The monkey is wearing a pair of sunglasses, and there is a sunbeam shining through the window.


Computer Monkey Short Story Ideas Write a narrative about a mischievous monkey who discovers a computer and starts using it to create chaos and hilarity in a quiet neighbourhood. Describe the monkey’s interactions with the computer, the unexpected consequences of its actions, and the reactions of the people in the neighbourhood. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What

Rhino Picture Prompt: A rhinoceros walking down a city street in the rain.


Rhino Picture Prompt Imagine you are a journalist reporting on the sighting of a rhinoceros in the city streets. Write an article describing the scene, the reactions of the people, and the efforts taken to ensure the safety of both the rhinoceros and the residents. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does the presence of a rhinoceros

Disco Cat Writing Prompt: An anthropomorphic cat in a glitter leather jacket is disco dancing.


Disco Cat Writing Prompt Imagine you are a reporter attending the famous Disco Cat’s dance performance. Write a description of the scene, capturing the energy and excitement of the disco and the mesmerising moves of the cat. Use descriptive language to bring the disco and the cat’s performance to life. Warm-Up Discussion Questions How does

Sparklypuff Creative Writing Prompt: An adorable, colorful cartoon bird named Sparklypuff, radiating happiness and friendliness in its charming world.


Sparklypuff Creative Writing Prompt Describe a day in the life of Sparklypuff, the cute cartoon bird. From waking up in their cozy nest to flying around with their friends and helping others, capture the charm and personality of this beloved character. Use sensory details and vivid language to bring the world of Sparklypuff to life.

Creature Soccer Narrative Writing Prompt: A cute, fluffy creature with big eyes playing soccer, showcasing its adorable features while enjoying the game.


Creature Soccer Narrative Writing Prompt Write a narrative about a fluffy, adorable creature who loves playing soccer. Use descriptive language to bring the scene to life and create an engaging story about the creature’s adventures on the field. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What kind of creature do you think the fluffy soccer player is? Would you

Skydiving Persuasive Writing Prompt: A hyper-detailed, photorealistic 8k image of a Yorkshire Terrier in mid-skydive. The brave little dog is captured in a selfie-style shot from a GoPro, parachute visible behind him against the expanse of the sky. His expressive face conveys pure joy and excitement, embodying the unique thrill of the free-falling adventure.


Skydiving Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a set of convincing arguments for or against the idea of skydiving with your pet. Use the image of the Yorkshire Terrier skydiving as a starting point for your discussion, and consider the safety, ethical, and emotional aspects of such an adventure. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What do you think the

Dandelion and Mouse Creative Writing Prompt: An adorable mouse holds and blows on a dandelion, watching the seeds carried away by the wind.


Dandelion and Mouse Creative Writing Prompt Imagine you are the mouse in the picture, holding onto the dandelion and watching the seeds float away. Write a narrative about where you think the seeds might go and what adventures they might have. Don’t forget to include your thoughts and feelings about the experience. Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Kitten Persuasive Writing Prompt: Adorable kitten experiencing a strongly emotional, happy moment.


Kitten Persuasive Writing Prompt Write a persuasive text arguing why it’s important to treat animals with kindness and make sure that they are happy and healthy. Use specific examples to support your argument. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What emotions do you think the kitten is feeling in this photo? Do you think animals can have the

Fox Adventure Writing prompt: Tiny cute fox cub playing and jumping in a beautiful flowery field with lens flare and radiant glow.


Fox Adventure Writing prompt As the tiny fox cub played and jumped through the gorgeous flowery field, it couldn’t help but wonder what lay beyond the boundaries of its home. Write a narrative about one of this little fox’s adventures. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What emotions do you feel when looking at this image? What do

Hummingbird Descriptive Writing Prompt: A stunning photo capturing a beautiful hummingbird resting in the vibrant petal of a brightly colored flower.


Hummingbird Descriptive Writing Prompt Imagine you are a hummingbird resting in the petal of a bright flower. Write a descriptive paragraph about your experience. Use your senses to describe what you see, hear, and feel around you. Be sure to include details about the flower and how it makes you feel. Warm-Up Discussion Questions What

Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt: A beautiful 12-year-old girl with long blonde hair, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood, encounters a big white wolf in a vibrant fall forest.


Wolf and Little Red Creative Writing Prompt Write a story about a young girl who sets off on a journey through a colorful forest dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. Along the way, she encounters a big white wolf. Use your imagination to describe the girl’s feelings, the wolf’s behaviour, and the beauty of the

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